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November 7, 2009

Leaving Mammoth Lakes and heading to Kernville

It's Saturday and we are pretty much packed and ready to head out tomorrow. We will head to Bishop for the night and then off to Kernville. Mammoth Lake has been a lot of fun and full of beauty.

Friday Jorge headed to Kernville with the other CLM employees who are much hirer in the company - Dean and Carla. It was a 250 mile ride each way and they all headed out at 5am. Carla owns a cute little puppy dog (I think is 10 or 11 yrs old) a golden retriever "Barkley" in which I got to pet-sit for all day. And what a blast for my JuneBug. They got along very well which I was testing JuneBug and happy to report we are getting a dog now. So "Barkley" the golden retriever and I went for a jog which was wonderful because Jorge who I love so much can be a pest about me running in areas in which we are not familiar with. And then I brushed "Barkley's"b hair which was fun and surprising easy. And then his Mum come home.

With-in the hour our friends Gwen and Dale came to stay at the campground for the night. And they have a golden retriever as well - A girl and what a beauty "Morgan" is her name and their cat is "Annie" who is a traveling out door cat. Strange but true and very neat to say the least. I freak when my JuneBug goes anywhere near the door and you can count on tears coming if he gets out - which has happened a time or two.
So Gwen, Dale, Jorge and I went to Giovanni's Pizza which was good stuff. We exchange stories and got to know each other a bit better and just had a good ole time. Then off to home and to bed. snore.........

Today Gwen, Dale and us got together and headed for some coffee and checked out the area a bit and then went off for a quick scenic drive. Gwen is very sneaky with her camera. We went and seen Mary Lake, Twin Lake, George Lake (no we didn't dump Jorge's body there - lol that's not the reason we went there). And then headed back. Then Gwen and Dale had to leave. And so sweet of Gwen she gave me a AWESOME gift potholders knitted in my favorite color - green. I was so excited - everyone knows I love homemade gifts the most. Then we said our good-byes and then I pouted for the rest of the day. Just like I'll do tomorrow when we have to say good-bye to Carla and Barkley.

It's almost time for bed soon and we're kicking back watching old classic movies (we just finished up As the Clouds Roll By). And we're now watching Made for each other that stars Henry Fonda. After this movie it's safe to say it will be lalalala land for us.

Tomorrow we have to get up early so we can empty the septic tank, pack the hose away - unplug and chores like that and then say our good-byes and give a gift that we made for Carla (who by the way does some major major major professional beading and if I can get a hold of pic for sure I will post it on my blog) and then off we go until next season. We are going to miss some of the CLM crew and I am most thankful I have their emails to keep contact with.

November 6, 2009

More picture of Saddlebag





Here are some more pictures of the Saddlebag 20 Lake Basin. Remember we where at 10,200 in elevation so there is a huge lack of oxygen.
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