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August 29, 2011

Our First Video of Our Products

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Spirit Lake Video and it's IceCream

The ONLY time I cheat on my Diabeties is on icecream and even then I test and all of that prior to eating. This was a hot bugger of a day and so cheating was just not on any of our minds. But a small was in order for the day for at least myself.... I am not huge on hard icecream - I love my soft serves... Wish I had my own machine in the RV.... ummmmm??


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You can Place your AD on my Blog

Just a reminder to all etsy, web site owners, rv parks, crafting supplies, what ever it is that you own (except adult theme, drugs, guns and those sorts of things) you can place your ad for 30 days. You can either email me or click the paypal web button I have and choose your selection. As you can see we have only limited spaces and would love to help you out. If you do not have a web button we'd be happy to design you one. $5.00 for each month that's all it is. I twitter on 4 accounts and facebook on 4 accounts as well as include my blogs on my email signature and also have business cards with this blog info on. So as you can see we are over 14,000 views.
Also if you have an article you'd like to have posted on the blog do email me and I'd be happy to post for you for FREE within reason (business related would be a $5.00 charge)... I have to ok it before posting... mr_mrs_crafty_rving@yahoo.com is the email you can use to send all articles to.

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Mission Montana Review

Mission Montana: Bella and Harry Review and Giveaway: I love reading to Sophie! It is one of the joys of being a mother. Sophie and I can sit and read for quite a while. She loves pointing to...

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August 28, 2011

Work Out Spirit

Who needs a gym? But we all need a Church...
Treat thy body as thy temple. This is one thing most of us fail in. Well sort of.... My goal this summer was to learn to knit better and lose some much needed weight. And all by myself I am exceeded my goals.
But I do my reading while working out on my log every morning (although for the last 4-5 days I haven't due to the hot weather). And yesterday I was back at it. Jorge became a bit emotional because as you can see I also do my scripture readings at the same time. I need the good book more then ever it seems. We do read together as a married couple and then I do my own studies as Jorge does and this is how I choose to do mine.
So Jorge took these shots and well maybe it may inspire you in some fashion...

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August 27, 2011

Gate for the Gate Keeper

So we where in Spirit Lake when we came upon a fence gate and we just have to show you this - now this is so cool. Be sure to check out the sign behind Jorge and not what Jorge is wearing and I swear to you "It was not planned but sure makes a major funny story to share"
This is fence not a bulding - click to enlarge

Be sure to read the sign behind Jorge WAY TOO FUNNY...

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Don't Ask Don't Tell

Jorge found this shirt at the local thrift shop
His Momma would be proud (see Clara you created a Beautiful Monster)

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August 24, 2011

Youth Equipped for Success Y.E.S. Fundraiser Pictures

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Lumber Jack Toys

It just keep getting better and better up here. We are in complete awe of the type of equipement that is brought up here on the road we are located on. Even more so with the guys who operate these form of toys. Not shy about telling us the ins and outs to these huge machines. So hats off to the guys who run these...

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Youth Equipped for Success Y.E.S.

Youth Equipped for Success Y.E.S.
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