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September 22, 2010

Autumn is here!

It's getting closer to Nov 15 and we are seeing host leave set by set.... The last set both Jorge and I pouted all night... Real good people, super friendly and super honest - something you just don't see that often in life. I want to thank Jackie and Bob for sharing their testimony to us - we've learn a lot from that!
Not a whole lot to report other then getting into the charity groove and getting the hats done... People don't realize how much time it take to make them and how sore your fingers get. But I will tell you it's all worth it because our hearts grow bigger and bigger for being able to do it... We are blessed...
The weather is starting to get colder and with the cold the benefit to that is seeing the aspens tree change color..... It makes great pictures!
So enjoy the pictures and hope that you are all well and safe.... To our camp host who follow this - thank you for the great emails and wonderful chats we've had this year! You know who you are....

September 17, 2010

Crandall Hinton an AMAZING TEEN business owner

I've am all hats off to this hard working YOUNG business owner.... I loved Crandall's Bio that I have full permission to copy and paste....

And here it goes......
I'm a female teenager who loves to make things! I always have to be doing something with my hands to keep them occupied.

About 5 years ago, I learned how to make friendship bracelets. I just knew how to make this one, simple design. The Chinese Staircase! I sold these for next to nothing, and made them just for fun. I learned how to make more designs soon, like the Candy Stripes. A few months back, a friend of mine told me about Etsy, and I jumped on it. Since then, I decided to start making other jewelry like earrings and pieces with beads.

The making of friendship bracelets originated in Central America. The weaving and knotting design is a form of macramé, which is a textile-making form using knotting rather than weaving or knitting. They were first seen in the US in the early 1970s.

According to tradition, the recipient of the bracelet must wear it until the cords wear out and fall off naturally to honor the friendship between you and the giver of the friendship bracelet.

NOTE: My name is not Crandalian! This is my nickname- my real name is Crandall.:)
(it's such a unique name that many people think it's old school male - but I am a strong minded girl all the way down the line)

So get this... 333 SALES crap if ONLY - lol a total of 435 great comment in which is way to many to place on here but take it from me they are all good - puts this seller at #1 for customer service....

This seller sent me the butterflies cut outs which will be used for my scrap-booking and I'm eyeing the lavender stone bracelet....

What I am getting at after chatting with this brilliant young Crandall is that the youth need our support and in this case it just happens to be close enough to the holidays that you can say SCREW Walmart and shop from someone who's making an honest living and who give back to their community

So get your reading glasses on and stop by and check out this wonderful store that has items for both male, female, old, young and best of all for you....

September 16, 2010

Interpretive Program

We where invited to attend a meeting with the USFS to help put input on what's happening in the town of Mammoth Lakes. For starters they are putting in new bike paths (almost complete) up in the basin area. To make things even more inviting up there is the new interpretive program in the making. They are going to place educational boards for all to stop and read and learn and just add to the memories of their stay here in Mammoth Lakes. I don't want to say what happen or what ideas the entire group came up with because when they are in place next summer I hope that you are in the area to go see for yourself how a great group got together thinking of only one thing - YOU!! I am so excited....

September 15, 2010

Coming to Mammoth Lakes Sept 16......


Location: The Tap (Jorge and I just love it here)
Time: 9:00pm Thursday, Set 16, 2010

Radiance an Alien Tom DJ Mix featuring 18 techno songs by artists including, Umek, Daniel Portman, Glitter and more

673 like Alien Tom on Facebook

So not only can you find Alien on Facebook but also:
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Ummmmm he's networked in more place then I am - I'm going to have to have a little chat with him on how he does it..... Not only has or is doing Mammoth Lakes, Cali but you can find him all over Cali - boy sure loves his job and hell he's great at it to boot.... A must go and shake your bottom till it drops kind of fun and Tap will help you rejuvenate with their huge selections of all my favorites - what are my favorites you ask? Well get your little butts there and see for yourself!!

September 11, 2010

Inyo Recreation - CLM end of season Party!!

Thursday Sept 9th we all headed up to Poconobe Resort for some tri-tips, salad, beans and cornbread and for dessert cake... Good food!

It was super great to see everyone together and getting a lot of chats in and seeing smiles everywhere. I need to set the record straight "I do not work for CLM but consider myself their cheerleader" - stating that for the crazy camper we had last year that still haunts my dreams.. ERRRR

I have to point out one person - Colleen. She is a host for Bob Lowrie down in Reds Meadow. I've never seen anyone as excited as she was to talk to me - I just love her. Very polite and takes GREAT pride in her campground and campers. And she knows her history of the area (which to me is the most important part to being a great camp host - campers depend on that and thrive off of it). She was so cute about being so worried about getting the blog research sheet done for me. Because she has so much to share about herself, her campground and the information she has to share about events that went on there this season.

Starting in October I'll be bloggin each day about each and every campground in the June Lake area - Mammoth Lakes area and Reds Meadow area. That's a total of about 30 campgrounds - this is my tribute to CLM for all the wonderful things we've seen, heard and have been a part of.... A must read!

OK so back to the party! I think for the most part I knew everyone because my husband worked for a different department last year. But there where some new faces and a great joy getting to meet them. Meeting the new host for Saddlebag was fun and always great to compare stories.... But we agree it's a beautiful area!

Oh and the host of Coldwater Judy is now walking - it was a great sight seeing her out of her wheel chair. Geeze Almighty the women is a fighter.... Does what she's told in her physical therapy and the outcome is great - So congrats to you Judy on your major accomplishments.... Brave, Brave, Brave!!!

My husband and I sat with Kenny and Debbie from Silver Lakes (they are the company's golden child because holly heck while the rest of the campgrounds are slowing down theirs is still going super strong). What a hoot they are. Debbie is the quiet one while her husband is the nut.... The stories he tells - my tum still hurts from laughing.... I always joke with Kenny about him being in the dog house and so when the company put in a huge storage up in Oh Ridge - I told Kenny Welcome home.... Just before dessert George 2 1/2 and Karlene came and joined us and here we go again more laughing.... Just a blast...

We didn't get to meet Eric Mart or even speak to him - all the host hogged him up so maybe next year we'll get to chat with him. Red and his wife Gloria was there as well and so we did get to chat with Red for a few minutes...

Let's see I got hugs from Marylou (Kenny's wife), Kathy (Howard's wife), Joan (aka SnowPea) and Bonnie (our Dolly Parton look alike - however no offense to Dolly buy Bonnie is much prettier).... These all great women who really took an interest in my well being this year. They have share personal stories with me that I am honor to know about. Thank you ladies... I love you all so much...

It has been an interesting year full of laughs, smiles, tears and frowns... Some growing pains but to really be good at your job these are all musts... We've lost some people and some people have moved on but no matter what they all lay in my heart and have my warmest regards and best wishes.

Some of my picture will be out of sort but I wanted you to see what we got to share this year... The top pictures of course will be of the party - I am so sorry for that - I was having so much fun and put Jorge in charge of taking pictures and well it's not his forte... Enjoy and I sure hope to get to see everyone again next year! Be well and travel safe my new and old friends...

Wayne and Kathy thank you for this season - because of you two we learned a lot! Enjoy the album as much as I enjoyed making it - next year it will be much better.


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