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February 21, 2010

We are so going to make a Solar Oven (that is each of us)..... You should do the same!!

A great video on making a solar oven.... Guess what Jorge will be making me - don't get to thinking I'm off the hook, I'll be doing a solar box but it will be done using just cardboard. I think when we are up at Saddlebag this is going to work out great. So we'll be picking up the items tomorrow and we will both be working on them while in Lone Pine and by the time I blog again I'll have either cooked a great meal or still trying to figure this all out.

What a super way fun and cheap (Free) way to start cooking. I urge you to do the same - SCREW the government and the state for taking any more money then I already give. Chaaaaaaa CHING is what I'm hearing!!


Solar Ovens: Box, panel, solar kettles and parabolic cookers

So we are stuck in Ridgecrest beacuse of the weather alert we got this morning on the dangers of the wind in the area from 12pm to 6am tomorrow. So I got to thinking since I have FREE wifi for another 24 hours I would do some research. After doing the bio's I so love to look up - I got to thinking about our RV and how to pinch every dollar out of it and I came across solar ovens. Yes that's right solar ovens in which you can cook in. There are several types of these: Box Cookers, Panel Cookers, Solar Kettles and Parabolic Cookers. After reading a ton of these page on the net I found one that has plans on making them and so Jorge will be making one when we get to Lone Pine. It will only take an hour and it will be a temp until I get my hands on a well built one only after doing more research. I mean come on, the sun is free and propane isn't. It makes too much sense. And it's just means more money in our pockets in which we will need to do more traveling with much less working. Not a bad deal.
Now I will spend the next couple of hours finding Bumper Stickers for the back side of the RV. Check back in later today...

February 20, 2010

I'm so sorry for the delay....

Hello my darlin friends. How the heck are you doing? We we've been busy and out of cell phone and wifi signal for a long while now and so I am far behind on my blogs.

First I have to tell you all Jorge was in a terrible accident BUT is doing much better. We where hiking in Wofford Heights near the famous Kern River Rafting area and Jorge took about a 20-25 foot drop off a rock and landed on some rather scary rocks. There was so much blood and you can see the evidence of it on his face for he has scars on his face to remind him of this day. Talk about luck - he should of died and thank God an angel was with him. Now I'm the bunny in the family and it took me seconds to get to him and the advance hikers we where with took 5 minutes and in the end they said I could make tons of money with my abilities with rescue hiking (no thank-you). This all happened in just short of December. Jorge is only to do easy hikes with no rock jumping. Like I said he is fine.

Then we made the HUGE mistake and went to Harbor Lights and RV Park in which we planned on staying at for a month. The only problem or the problems we encountered there was that 90% of the people are CRIMINALs. From drug deals to meghans law list violaters. I witnessed a lady beating her dog and a huge girl fight and police where in presence almost daily. We left early - no brainer.

Then we went to the Auxillary Dam and bought a Southern Sierra Pass for $50 and we camped there as well as Keyesville, and Stine Cove. I personaly hated the Auxillary Dam there where way too many homeless people and local jerks who like to do donuts all hours of the night. Keyesville was a bit nicer with tons of hiking trails in which we took grate delight in. But I have to say Stine Cove was my most favorite. Still there was garbage no thanks a little ole man with his yappy dog. Not only was the area beautiful during the day but at night you can see across the lake and see the night lights of the towns - it was so quiet there but best of all we had a wonderful volunteer Ranger by the name of Terry who took great care of us. He educated us on the area and was more then happy to invest him time enough to chat with us each and every time he came to do the bathrooms which was top notch care. He was a Camp 9 which if your ever in the area you must stay there it's a cool campsite (that is the group site side of the park). They even have an area in which a HUGE local owel has nested roped off so that she can rest quietly on her eggs. Jorge and I went there almost every day to eat lunch. We are excited that we had exchanged info with Terry and we'll get to keep up with his doings in his own adventures of RV way of life. He's a true gentleman and we hope to cross his path or even work for him one day (HINT - LOL).

Now we are at the Fair Grounds in Ridgecrest - not so pretty nor cheap for what it offers... We are heading to the Alabama Hills tomorrow in Lone Pine and we are very excited to check out the entire stompin grounds. We hope to spend a full month in the area - we'll see.

Thank you Carol & Travis, Sue & Bob for letting our friends know that we where ok. Thank-you LouAnn for the letters and emails as well as Marge. And Gwen for guiding us where to go on our next venture. And we can't forget our England family. We'll have Verizon air card in 2 weeks so we'll be able to blog more often and keep you better updated. And for all my wonderful friends who kept sending us snail mail because it was the only way to keep contact with everyone.

We'll my fingers are tapped and I should sign off. I'll blog (possible tomorrow). We love you and we are so happy to have chosen this path.

And to all my clients a huge thank-you for all the support and communication to ensure a better future...


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