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August 30, 2010


Good-Morning Folks!! Another sample of a wonderful product has landed on my desk. My first reaction was "OMG how tiny and cute." Then when I pulled the website store up I fell in love.... I am a button freak and have a collection I use on my snowmen which I'll include of picture of in this blog entry (also up for sale HINT, HINT).

This store is called:

Fern's Curiosities is a curated mix of the curiously wonderful. You will find vintage treasures and supplies, and my own handmade pieces. Everything at Fern's Curiosities is chosen to delight and inspire. The vintage odds and ends come from my personal collections and travels. The handmade pieces are each carefully made by me, often with vintage materials. I design all the cards.

Everything vintage is identified as such in the title to help you know what is antique and what is newly made. While the shop's selection many vary, I maintain the highest standard of quality and greatest amount of love for everything I sell.

Become a fan of Fern's Curiosities on facebook:

Take a look at the gorgeous treasury we have been featured in!
http://www.etsy.com/treasury/4c33ae1f6eb88eef267a2077/subtle-beautyI am also a very proud member of the Esty Maine Team. Check out the website : www.etsymaineteam.com

This shop is trade friendly!


Recently finished up my schooling, getting a degree in graphic design from Parsons and another in writing. I lived in New York City for five years but just came home to Maine for a breath of fresh air.

Now I'm enjoying working on freelance graphic design projects and spending my free time working on my sweet Etsy store!

I love to create: to design, crochet, knit, rework vintage pieces into new jewelry and hair accessories, make note cards and journals, sew, any and everything!

I also love to collect, and have amassed great collections of vintage buttons and watch parts. I was a watchmakers apprentice and have lots of great watch parts. I love sharing my vintage pieces with other people.

I'm just a curious person just looking for the next wonderful thing.


I'd like to thank this FERNCURIOSITIES owner for hiring me to blog about their store and sending a sample for me to try out.... The very top picture of a blue stationary thank-you cards with flamingo's is what I received and it's just beautiful.... A bit on the small side but I like that because it's more intimate...

You can send sample to:

110 E. CENTER STREET #1117

please include your business cards and all websites and other networks you belong to and email me at mr_mrs_crafty_rving@yahoo.com for suggested donation questions....

I do have 3 blogs that I can post on!! It's worth it!!

August 28, 2010


From time to time I'll get a request to blog about a particular product for a donation. My answer is always "SURE" only if I have it in hand and have used it/ate it/tried it. So when this product came across my desk - I had to take on the project and blog.... And most excited to!

I don't have children and my step-sons are a little too old to be coloring - however I've never asked them lol. These samples I received will be heading to Miami to my wonderful nephews William and Alexander who I miss dearly.

PARTY FAVORS AND MORE is a fairly new company (Opened on Jul 13, 2010) and is already blooming in sales. Handmade crayons made from recycled crayons and that is what got my attention. Being green these days is so easy and if it isn't for you then a company like this is the right store to shop at. I'll add a couple of pictures but you must stroll into their store that is also employed by the owners children who are eager to design and create new items all the time. So you'd be supporting and becoming a fan of their children who are learning all about the business world at such a young age - which is setting their future right. Anything from Spongebob, Dora, Dinosaur, Animals, Disney Characters, and many of the top things kids go nuts over....

Almost 90% of their business is in custom orders so don't be afraid to ask or request your shopping list - they can handle it easy.... What makes this store such a early success is the fact that they do custom make their orders to meet your needs.

PARTY FAVORS AND MORE is still at its new peek and will soon being setting up a direct web site - so request to be place on their email list and as soon as that's set up they'll send an email (clowry02@yahoo.com) with a direct link to their new web store. But for now you can make all your purchases and custom order request at:


The store has a rate of 54 and out of the 54 they are all positive comments...
Now here are some comment on her store I'd like to share with you....
Sweetbrooks says: This was a big hit with my 3-year-old daughter! Super fast shipping. Thank you

Spiceberrycottage says: Thanks so much for your spashin' summer fabric order! Us girls (Mom and daughter team) appreciate your business!
their orders to meet your needs.

Artsychica says: fantastic crayon rolls! thanks for being so helpful! Will be sending my friends your way!!

And there is just so many more comments... The point is if you have children or have nieces and nephews, god children, daycare children, church group children - they are a perfect reason to shop at this wonderful store....

Don't take my word but see for yourself. Do me a favor do tell PARTY FAVORS AND MORE that I sent you - that way they know they paid for the ad and received business from it (this would be helping them - thanks).

The first two picture are the items PARTY FAVORS AND MORE sent me to test their products out - all the rest are from their etsy store.....

Please leave a comment on this blog so that the PARTY FAVORS AND MORE knows that it was read

August 27, 2010

Site Area Manager Appreciation Dinner at Tom's Place

What a treat! What great company and what a meal.... Wayne and Kathy took all the site area managers out to dinner. And so they decided to take the managers to Tom's Place. Jorge was excited because we've never been there but heard from everyone how good their food is - And it was....

However I have to be honest - their service on this night SUCKED with a capital T. The waitress spoke to everyone like a child and even spilled gravy on poor Bob (I don't blame him for being upset) who sat next to me. The way she'd slam the plates down, we all had wondered who was to be next and it was close to being Wayne - the next victim that is.... My husband who knows how I am about the quality of service told me to keep my mouth quiet. My husband is not known for giving me orders so when he does I so take this into account - that yes I did keep my mouth shut. But now that I am bloggin this girl should not be serving people with out a lesson on how to serve correctly...

It was a fun night but very hard to hear everyone speak because of the volume of noise surrounding us (locals - lol - we sat next to the bar - need I say more).

I would like to thank Wayne and Kathy for the evening out and thanking everyone for their hard work. It so nice to hear and really motivates you to do better.

Here's some pictures and hope you enjoy! I will say the food was excellent... So obviously go for the food and hope you don't end up with the same waitress we where stuck with.... (on a note - we've heard good things about the other servers, just wished we had them instead).

August 26, 2010

Heart Lake Hike

From the Lake Mary Junction (waypoint LMRJCT) drive 0.6 miles around the west side of Lake Mary, to the signed left turn into Cold Water Campground (waypoint CLDCMP). Drive through the campground, three quarters of a mile more, until you come to several non-campsite parking loops up-canyon from the campsites.

The western parking loop is the trailhead for Emerald Lake (waypoint EMERLD), the eastern parking loop has separate trailheads for Duck Pass and Heart Lake (waypoint DCKHRT) and a tourist walk to an old mine.

So we did this.... We took the FREE trolley (which caters to all residents and visitors year round for FREE thanks to the local businesses and the Home Owners Association) from our campground up to Coldwater Campground and then walked about 1/4 of a mile to the trailhead. First however we ate lunch in which we got at http://www.oldnewyork.com/ which has GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT food but the worst customer service - we've been there twice and the twit that served us was a flipping SNOT BAG with tons of RUDENESS to go with it... Then got our coffee of course at http://www.starbucksstore.com/... The hike was about 2 miles straight UP.... It was great (hot for sure)... Not a soul in sight and with plenty of peace and quiet. We manage to make it there and the first thing I did was take my shoes off so I can step into the water.... COLD but it felt great... We sat for the longest time just enjoying the surroundings and the quiet. We could of stayed there forever but we packed up and took a walk around the area and then headed back. The funny thing is we passed at least 18 people heading up - so our timing was beyond perfect.... And down, down, down we went back to the real world - oh wait Mammoth Lakes is heaven - lol.... Enjoy the pictures and hope one day soon you'll come to visit the very place I am honored to blog about!! Enjoy....

August 21, 2010

Mammoth Consolidated GOLD MINE visit

The Mahan family was responsible for the Mammoth Consolidated, and donated the buildings and equipment that you see on the interpretive trail where remnants of buildings and machinery still stand. In 1927, A.G. Mahan Sr., his son Arch, and several partners purchased the claims under the full name of Mammoth Consolidated Mining Company. Samples taken early on indicated six tenths of an ounce of gold and one fifth of an ounce of silver per ton of rock. At 1927 prices that would be approximately $12.70 per ton. The mining company was located at the top of Red Mountain, which got it's name from the reddish orange iron sulphides in the rock. The iron sulphides made extraction of the gold ore more expensive, but the investors and owners were determined to keep the mine in operation as long as they could. About $100,000 of gold was pulled out, but it is doubtful that paid their expenses.

The bunk houses is what Jorge says is a dream house for today standards of a good vacation. No cell, no t.v., no electric for that matter. I myself find it as a good thinking spot.

The mine was a working mine from 1927 to about 1933. For a mine I can tell you upfront why it bankrupt - it's fancy houses and various office building where too modern for it's time and the upkeep and cost to maintain such a thought was probably one of the main reason why it failed-so, to a gold miner standards... Approximately 6 to 14 workers at a given time was employed here. Kerosene lanterns where the only luxury of its time there.

The mine shaft was pretty cool if I do say so myself. It's important to remember that a closed shaft is a closed shaft for a reason. Not only for the danger of it collapsing but for the toxic gases which is a death sentence for all.

With the Great Depression hitting in the 1930's, the Mammoth Consolidated ceased operations. By 1934, Arch Mahan found more fortune in packing tourists into Devils Postpile by horse when he purchased Reds Meadows Resorts. The mine property and equipment was leased out to various individuals over the years. In 1983 the Mahans took over the mine once again, and hired a caretaker to live at the camp. By 1989, the Mahan family donated what was left of the Mammoth Consolidated Mining Company buildings and equipment, to the town of Mammoth Lakes.

Today they use the area for sight seekers and for horse rides and hikers on nearby trails.





August 10, 2010

Saddlebag Lake Resort Cafe


People often ask me "What's the big deal about Saddlebag"? It's in the middle of
no-where with nothing to offer." And I just shake my head because until they've gone and seen for themselves I can only say - A DREAM. It's where my husband and I discovered there are good people that do exist. It's where we made some of the most interesting friends that still want to know how we are doing and what we are up to. It where we learned from right and wrong and what's really important in life. We found God up there as well (together as husband and wife). And we learned how to respect the wild and want to protect them. And to respect our bodies with better foods. Just everything we want to be is what Saddlebag is made of.

Of course we've seen places just as beautiful and in some cases more beautiful but with Saddlebag we did the most learning. The hikes, the fishing, the chatting, the work and even the problems is what we took from Saddlebag. And here we are in Mammoth Lakes with our eyes a little more open and hearts a little bigger and our friends list a little longer - we've started something and happy to see it through.

There are things that the Saddlebag Lake Resort does have to offer beside Carmen famous pies in which you'll even hear about on the local radiotalk show http://www.kmmtradio.com/krhvhome.php (sorry Carmen your pies have been ratted out with the vinegar secret).

*Boat Rentals
*Water Taxi
*Hiking Advice (where to go and where not to go)
*Fishing Advice and stories (don't believe the one about the 5ft fish)
*Store full of goodies (a Sweat Shirt and Hat is a must)
*Cafe full of yummy foods (trust me we've eaten everything on the Menu)
*And if your lucky Richards bad jokes (we maybe a few good ones)
*Best of all friendly service

When I got to see the pictures - I was in complete shock on how much the cafe has changed. Because of my husband work hours and not having a toad car (just our RV which is parked until Nov 15) we haven't had a chance to check all their remodeling they have done this season. I love it - it looks great.

If you have any question about hours, prices, fishing license and all that sort of stuff check out their web sites. *Please note* they have nothing to do with the campground up the hill nor does the campground have anything to do with the cafe. If your looking for information on the campground please visit http://www.recreation.gov/ and remember that Saddlebag campground does not take reservation but they do have a group site that you can reserve and I would recommend.

All pictures are credit to Marge Lindbeck and if your looking for a copy she'd be happy to sell you a print just contact me with the info and I'll pass it on.

Location of Saddlebag Lake Resort and Saddlebag Campground can be found here at http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=Saddlebag+Lake,+CA&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=33.626896,78.662109&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Saddlebag+Lake&z=14


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