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May 28, 2009

Jorge caught his first fish - He's NO Harry!!

OK I had to add a pic of me - look how white I'm getting - lol. That's my fishing hat I'm wearing. I don't wear hats well but since I am a SUNSCREEN Queen I don't take very good pictures.
Please do let Jorge know what you think of his fish in the comment section on the blog!!

First of all let me say a quick hello to our dear friends in the UK. Good-morning Jill and Harry....

OK he finally went fishing yesterday. We had to buy a one day pass for him for $13.75which is funny because that's the cost for a full fishing license in other states - oh well.

So Jorge and I headed down to the lake and sat for 3 hours and NOTHING. So we headed back to the RV and had lunch. After lunch I sent Jorge on his own so that I could get more of my granny squares done. I got a text about 2:30pm saying he caught his first fish. So he heads home and I'm waiting with the camera because I know Jorge so well that I new he wouldn't just continue to fish but run home to show off his good deed - lol. And to my surprise it's not a bad size. So now we head down to a different area of the lake with failure BUT a nice gent did give us his 2 fish (how sweet) but they weren't legal so we fed them to the birds who where more then happy to take our gift.

We were dirty from sitting on the ground but didn't care we where hungry and decided to check out the Lake Siskiyou Bar & Grill (we live about 400 yards from it - lol). Tri Tips sandwich is what we both had - I loved it but Jorge being Cuban is not a huge fan of BBQ sauce.

Now let me back track a day - on Tuesday we just stayed home and worked on our crafting. Jorge was putting together a beautiful King size quilt which was a huge challenge in our 24ft RV. Then went to local bar which was sold out on a lot of their items due to the holiday but we did manage to get a good bite to eat and WOW their beer was GOOD. I can't remember what the place was called GOAT something or other. But it's where the younger crowd hangs out and it was fun.

Now it's Thursday and it's back to work for the both of us. I need to search Craigslist and eBay for the next RV we are looking for and then head to WEED, CA and check out possible displaying some of my items in their store (and it's only $20 a month) and hope to sell some of it but better for all of it. And then I need to purchase a picnic table cover so I can sit outside and work when it's get to be to hot in the RV (I know - I know we should have AC but nothing works except the fridge and that works too well).

LOL BREAKING NEWS (and I'm not kidding) Jorge just came home and I'm going back to work BUT for only 20 hours a week. Hey I'm all in. Just extra money to invest in some fancy crafting tools that I have on my wish list. This all came about from the owner of the resort - I'm shocked, I'm Happy, and well I'm screaming in my mind OH YEAH.... I can see my new FANCY printer, and my new camera in my very near future... That means 100% of Jorge's money gets put into savings YIPEEE... All of our bills are paid till March of next year so we are still ahead of the game except for the fact WE NEED A NEW RV that is more self contained. And oh yeah we are getting Solar panels too..... I won't start till tomorrow. So I'll work 4 hours a day and then come home to do my crafting.

I'm still working on where we will be for the winter season - I would like to still work for income just to build the nest a little bit more. I would like to be able to take a full year off with no worries in about 3 years. We'll see...

Ok enough for today - I do have a lot of things to get done before tomorrow. I hope to hear from my friends and wish them all the best today and everyday!!

May 24, 2009

Sunday May 24th 2009

The picture is the wooden village I made....

Happy Birthday A.V. I will be thinking of you on your special day. I miss you and love you so much!!

Today! Wow what a beautiful day. This morning I went for a walk and was surprised to still see so many bikers. The Solution Bike gang - they are a sober and clean gang and there are a lot of them. Very friendly sort.

Today they had a minister giving a sermon but when I walked by there was only one couple - how sad is that? I did my Bible reading as I do every morning when Jorge leaves for work (then again together just before bed).
I'm missing home and the little people and that's why Mystic Pizza the movie is on in my DVD Player. Not my favorite movie but it does remind me of home.

Poor Jorge!! He's all alone today. The new girl called in sick (remember she had started this past Tuesday) on a holiday weekend. But Jorge went in with good vibes and so far somehow he's pulling it off. I think knowing the routine to things is helping big time. He said today he hopes they invite him back next season. So we'll see.

I'm reading this book by Wally Lamb and it's called I know this much is true. The writer is from my home town but beyond that the book was on the Oprah's Book Club and it's a great book, not that I need Oprah to tell me that. If you get a chance do pick up a copy it's a great book.

Now we avoid the news as much as possible but couldn't escape all the talk about Jon and Kate plus 8. And I have to say it's so sad. The only ones that are being hurt by this will be the children. I hope they wise up and do what's best for the kids. And then Miami has been making the news with abuse to a man in a wheel chair - and the scary thing is we know the area of where this happen a little too well. Thank gosh we are out of that city. Anyway, I hate TV for this reason it's more about bad then good.

Well what ever part of the country you are in - please be safe and be happy. Drop a word of what's up and we'll be thinking of you. So until maybe tomorrow Good day to ya...

May 22, 2009


It's 3:30 pm and my fingers hurt. I've been working on a new granny square blanket afghan. Black and Lime Green are the colors I picked. So I thought I'd stop by real quick and update my blog.
Well, it's beyond beautiful up here today - not too hot and not cold at all. I haven't seen the local deer in a while. But they know where to hang out to get the most food they can muster. They hang around the RV camping section of the park.

I've been researching Churches up here in Mount Shasta and hope to find one for the season by this Sunday.

My cat June Bug is loving life again. He flops on the floor now where before he couldn't due to Kricket Bee. Speaking of Kricket Bee - Nancy her new Mum emailed me this morning to give me an update on how she is doing. And she's being very well behaved which makes me very happy.

Jorge is still at work right now and is feeling much better with what is being done with the housekeeping - everything is falling into place. Oh, the great news the restaurant is now open which explains why I haven't seen our neighbor much. We hope that Jorge gets to fish next Tuesday on his day off - how ever I really don't want to go with him. But we'll see. Lake Siskiyou has the best boats and Jorge and I are still wondering if we'll rent one or not - have to see how the budget works. I sure hope we can it would be a lot of fun as long as the sunscreen comes along.

I should check out the movie house to see what's playing. It's been over 2 1/2 years since Jorge and I went to a movie. LOL also they show movies here at the resort - but I'm afraid it's going to be more cartoons. Although I do love Hoodwink (I think it's called that).

I noticed in the last hour the park has been filling up which will be the most we've seen since starting work. Exciting!! I hope they have a successful year.

Well, again friends Happy Memorial Day!! Let me know in the comment section what your plans are!!


May 21, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

Well, it's the calming of the storm before the storm. My poor husband is going nuts right now. He's trying to catch up with the work or lack of work being done on the cabins. The new girl started Tuesday on Jorge's day off. And not a good thing. Today Allison and Jorge are re-doing the work that was done on those days to get them to what standards I taught him (I'm so proud of him). The new girls is very respectful to Jorge and is eager to please him. I know the girls probably felt the need to speed clean when we are about the quality of the work and not the quantity of work. But all in all it will all pan out. Jorge still loves his job although he still worries like any good manager would.
Now me on the other hand. Well, I've done my first piece of art work for the season and will add the picture to this post. I LOVE MOOSE. You'll see what I mean in the picture.

I have sad news for all my friends who love us dearly. We had to give Kricket Bee away. She almost killed June Bug with her ruff play nearly 3-4 weeks ago and we've been training her to not do this - nothing we did worked. And we where guided by a trainer. June Bug won't defend himself and that's the main reason we made the decision. A women name Nancey who I will forever love has taken her. Her 2 dogs of age 10 and 14 passed away just months apart and when she heard of me she wanted to meet Kricket Bee. She has no cats and no children (although Kricket Bee loves children and pets). An older lady who has a lot of love. It broke my heart yesterday and I had to pull on the side of the road to compose myself. I know it's for the best and Kricket Bee is already proving that. Jorge and I decide an older dog would be a better fit for me. But I will stay with the smaller breed side because I love lap dogs. But I'm in no rush to seek one out yet.

Today I need to still search Craigslist for a pull trailer and see whats out there. I'm ready to make the change but again taking my sweet time this time to make the right choice. I will be picking the trailer and Jorge will pick the truck out. Now that seems fair - lol....

Well, if I don't blog by Memorial Day - I would like to wish all my full time RVers friends safe travels and for all else a happy safe holiday!!

May 18, 2009

Like everyone said "Things will get better."

I have been getting the best support about this whole moving 3000 miles for a job that suppose to work out.

Today I got an email from my friend Jill who reminds me a lot of Sue. When her friends are hurt she jumps to their side and out pours the huge amount of support. I so needed her email this morning. After reading her email I put on a huge smile and got right to work. I did get another set of washcloths done and manage to get them on the 3 on-line stores I now have.

And then I got to thinking about a customer/seller I've debt with for almost a year on eBay. Her name is Chrissy and she is a STAY AT HOME Mother of 4. If I remember righ Abbey, Chris, Ashley, and I can't remember her last child's name. She had hired me to make a pillow and paint pictures for her children - which at that time had been a number of years since doing art. Anyway..... I've been buying fabric from her and she has good stuff and has always given me the best prices - so how could I not think of her for all the new stuff I need to make for my stores....? So I emailed her this morning and sure enough she's still going strong with her business. She does a lot of baby items which you just have to check out. Here's her link:


Isn't her stuff just the coolest.... I need her to make me some stuff for my dog (sorry closest thing I will come to a baby :(
And she'll take special orders and is very very very very great to work with - I can say this because I'll always do business with her...

It's now kind of late in the day and my spirits is still high and knowing that my husband in 2 hours will then get the next 2 days off. So tomorrow we will be shopping for more material I will need, such as paints, mesh, yarn, and stuff like that so I can get to work and plug in more items into the on-line store.

Then Wednesday Jorge will be fishing for the 1st time this year - however California sucks for charging high price just to fish $105 for the season and $18 just for a flipping day pass... But we need for Jorge to catch some as I promised to send Jill's husband Harry pictures.... Cross your fingers.... And be sure to check Chrissy's web page out..... Really I'm not kidding she's good!!

May 17, 2009

I'm now a full-time crafter and my POOR husband?

OK! So we travel 3000 miles and spent over $2000.00 to get to our 1st workamping job. We where beyond excited because we had the details worked out - so we thought. It turns out that I can't work for Lake Siskiyou as we thought. Now you all know that I'm the OCD Freak and we had to hurry to get Jorge trained - MY WAY. We tested him yesterday where he worked on a cabin all by himself and he did great.
We're not happy at all but we do need to make it worked or other wise it would be a waste. I even volunteered to work for free - but a no go. We are beyond stressed and trying to work out a plan B if all else fails. I will say the manager has been great BUT that does not ease our fear.
So I am scrambling to set up and get 3 stores on-line up and running to make the cash I would of made during my stay here for the season. Lake Sikiyou has offered a spot for me in their store to sell some of my items - but understand that can always change on a drop of dime.
The only postive thing we've gotten out of this experience is to never take anything face value thousands of miles away and to have things in writing and to have a plan B. I'm not angry anymore but disappointed. Everything does happen for a reason - how? is the thinking right now - What the hell is that reason....
I have other stuff to say about this situation but I'll reframe - But I will go on record saying Yvette has been wonderful and trying to figure out ways to make up for it. I will be grateful for her.
And thank you Sue, Pat, Gwen for encouraging us and helping us with plan B if we should have to take that route.

OK enough of that...

Today I'm working on hat that is being made with ibiza adriafil (foreign laugage - but it's like thin thin fabric - not yarn but fabric that I'm knitting into a hat). I've opened a new ebay store so far and won't open up the other 2 on-line stores till Tuesday (I'll have 4 total on-line stores).

Here's a link to my very first item:


May 12, 2009

May 12th and it's our day off...

Hello! We are watching TV on our new flat screen tellie. The cable is not all that good here but at least we get a couple of channels. The inter-net is even more worse. We can't watch Hulu because they don't give us enough band width where you can watch streamed video (which is a huge problem for my on-line classes). But these things are minor.
Work? Well my friends know how I feel about our job location which I can't share on here for reasons that well I just shouldn't. But we are working and loving the type of work for it's what we've done before only then we where making $50.00 an hour and not the pay we are now making which is good for a fun job. We still love it up here and the locals are really taking to us. In fact we're making more friends outside of work then inside of work. Strange but we hope that changes soon.
The weather today is a bit chilly but then we're use to Miami's dying hot weather - lol. By this weekend it will be in the 70's phewwww - lol....
I've been working on gifts for the employee's and hope they understand that it comes from the heart and hope they enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them for them.
Today was our day off. So this morning we just kicked back until about 11am and then went to check on the girls in housekeeping which I felt was what a manager should do. ummmmmmm? Then we chatted with the Bait and Brew manager and Jorge managed to hook a deal on a fishing pole set (which we will buy two - one for each of us). Oh we meet the cook - and I have to say he's the nicest person we've meet here at our job. Wanted to know everything about us and really took great interest in our answers and just WOW very wonderful. The best part is he's parked in the same pod. Now we have 3 of us here and we love the fact we all get along so well. I haven't meet his wife yet but I sure will soon... I'll let you know soon how wonderful she is. Then we headed out to look for wood and just check more of the mountain out. It was beautiful and fun and we came across a cat in the middle of now where. I think Kricket Bee scared it away. And now we are back at home where I am forced to listen to Jorge snoring (errrrrrr).
I have a roast in the crock pot and will count down the minutes before Biggest Loser comes on (yes I love love love the show and learned a lot of tips to lose my own 10 lb weight loss - which now I'm back to MY normal weight). I think I'll hop into my P'J's by 7pm and call it a night and just relax. I don't have many pictures so these will have to do - ENJOY.....

May 4, 2009

RAIN, RAIN please go AWAY!! May 4th,2009

May 4, 2009

Hip, Hip, Hooray!! We finally started our jobs on May 1st!! Not in house keeping (it will be a bit for that due to water and what not). Today we did beach clean up. It was, Jorge and our neighbor Leonard (who was hired as one of the cooks – a real nice guy with great Ghost stories) and myself. I was in charge of my team and let me tell you we booked butt and did more then what was expected. I even had a trick up my sleeve about an easier way of doing some of the work – AFTER ALL THIS IS NOT MY FIRST RODEO…. And I think I won the respect of both men. We started with a morning meeting with all the crew (Yvette, Bob, Gary, Sharon, Rodney, Christina, Christina – there are 2 Christina’s, Leonard, Jorge and myself) and then we all went our ways. We took our lunch at 12:30pm and back at it at 1:30pm and then had to stop for the day due to rain at 4pm. I think I can speak for all of us that we are a bit sore it was a major work out with the rakes and lifting of the driftwood, which was wet from earlier rain that morning.

Well, it’s now Monday the 4th and we have no clue when we are to work next – we had the weekend off. Sunday Jorge had to caulk like crazy while the sun was out for a short breather. We were flooded in our bedding area kind of bad. So Jorge did wash all the blankets while I cleaned house (thru the heater up on the bed so it would dry out the bedding carpet). Other then that over the weekend the only thing we did was played cards, read and eat. It’s 4:30am as I am writing this. I couldn’t sleep well last night I have many concerns, which might sound minor to most but things are bothering me. It’s been nice we’re still getting a ton of calls about working for different companies in the camping world so if it doesn’t work at Lake Siskiyou I know we’ll be fine. But I’m sure all will be sorted out soon enough!! I’m so excited that Gwen is only 75 miles from us and we’ll be able to go visit her and Dale here soon. I think we’re going to wait till at least our first check so that we can hit Wal-Mart at the same time for things are very very very expensive plus OR has no sales tax – phewwwww and top that with coupons, we’ve got our selves some savings. Well, we’re going to wait for the phone to ring today (lol we hope TODAY) to find out what’s up and where and when is the next plan for us to work or to at least hear ANYTHING – lol….
I hope all my friends are doing good, we sure miss you and the only thing we miss about Florida is Sue and Bob – Ann and Greg and all the kids who I hope are enjoying all those post cards I’ve sent and keep sending – Yippers I’ve kept my promise. I’m feeling down today – I know I know my type A personality is getting the best of me – but I must have Communication


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