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December 31, 2010

Memory Blankets And More by Clowry02

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Clowry02's Web Store

Clowry02's Web Store

Clowry02's Web Store

Clowry02's Web Store

Clowry02's Web Store

Clowry02's Web Store

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Party Favors And More


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Party Favors And More's Web Site
Party Favors And More's Web Site

Party Favors And More Web Site

Party Favors and More

Party Favors And More's Web Site
Party Favors And More Web Site

December 30, 2010

RV Wind Power

So last night not only did we freeze our little butts off (16 degrees) but the RV was knocking like crazy due to the wind storm we had. A gust of 36 miles per hour. So as RV full timers we watched at least a hand full of tents lift and take off. And watching all the college kids chasing them all over God's creation was very entertaining to say the least... But boy it was crazy and lasted all night and most of today.

So like all of our adventures it gets us thinking. And "Wind Power" was last night topic...

Wind power
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A modern wind turbine in rural scenery.
Wind power: worldwide installed capacity 1996-2008
Wind power is the conversion of wind energy into a useful form of energy, such as using wind turbines to make electricity, wind mills for mechanical power, wind pumps for pumping water or drainage, or sails to propel ships.

Our ultimate goal is for the solar panel to power our RV up but it doesn't hurt to know other options. And our goal is to help our reader learn from our learning whether it be by experience or solid knowledge of trial or error....

Here are some great stores if your wanting to use Mother Natures elements and start saving money!!

December 29, 2010

Hairless Cats

Ok so Jorge and I rode to town the other day and we where walking our bikes downtown (because I am sorry to report most Bishop drivers are not so nice to the bikers) and so I decided to window shop. When Lord and behold here was this thing in the doorway that to me looked like an "Alien". But noooooo it was Sphynx. I so had to take a picture. My husband was laughing so hard I thought for sure he'd pee himself. You see folks back in Mammoth Lakes when Jorge worked for CLM we came across a camper that had a hairless dog "Chinese Crested" so the odds of this is the funny part. I got to thinking about this breed of cats. Is there a difference in their behavior, eating, you know cat things outside the fact they have no fur. So I got to asking question to my friend who is a major cat freak and knows more about cats then anyone I know... She sent me this email this morning on the history..

Hairless cats have spontaneously occurred in many places including the United States, Canada, Australia, and France. In 1902, Mr. Shinick in Albuquerque, New Mexico, acquired two hairless cats from local Pueblo Indians. These two cats were brother and sister, Nellie and Dick, and were never bred. In 1950, two hairless kittens were reportedly born of Siamese parents in Paris, France. On January 30, 1966, in Ontario, Canada, a normally coated domestic black and white female, Elizabeth, produced a hairless black male kitten named Prune.

She says you use baby wipes on them to clean them and that often breeder will tell you this. They are not to have cows milk and such but can drink goats milk - weird but ok...

Ok so how much can you expect to pay for such a pet? $500 without papers and up to $1500.00 ouch.... But if your a fan then expect to pay but then if your a fan you know all this already...

Sphynx Cat Clothes can be found here..

And here is the cat we came across while window shopping in Bishop,CA....

December 28, 2010


Ok I was walking my little SnowPea (remember I named her after my favorite person who was Jorge's host for CLM Joan) minding my own business when one of the campers came up to ask a weird bizarre question.  

Is my Chihuahua a dog or a mole?
and so upon initially wanting to smack the dude, I calmly answered by memory

It is a characteristic of the Chihuahua to prefer to sleep under a cloth or blanket. They will even get under pillows in order to feel snug.

If you are raising a pup, be sure to provide them with a soft towel or blanket in their sleeping area so they can burrow underneath it.

So don't be surprised if your Chihuahua scrambles under your blankets at night, even though your house or apartment may not be particularly cold. This is known as the "moley-effect."

Then I got to thinking "I really don't know much about Chihuahua's other then fact I love mine.... She is what my husband calls "in last place"... We've both agreed she is our Jim Carey of the family and it's her job to entertain us...

So I research my questions and put them together for other Chihuahua owners that may be in the back seat as to what their Chihuahua do/don't do/habits and such...

My Chihuahua's shivering. Is this because s/he's cold?
Chihuahuas do shiver when they're cold, but they also shiver when they are wary, excited, unhappy, or frightened. This is a result of having a high metabolism, and is a normal characteristic of this breed.

I've heard they're nervous, high-strung dogs. Is that true?
Yes, they are high-strung dogs. I define "high-strung" as follows: barks easily, does not adapt easily to change in environment, is suspicious of strangers and will growl at them, and flips in circles and jumps around when excited (like when you come home after a five-minute absence, for instance).

However, with the person that they have bonded with (i.e., their master[s]), they do not display most of these characteristics; in fact, they display radically different personalities. Chihuahuas are truly the "Jekyll-and-Hyde" of dog breeds: your friends will see the worst side of them and never believe you when you tell them that your Chi is really a gentle, sweet-natured dog.

There is good news, though. If you socialize your Chi at an early age, they will be less stressed when new environments and people are introduced to them in adulthood. Proper socialization is critical, then, and at the earliest age possible.

These where the questions I had most about my cute Chihuahua and I found them here at http://www.k9web.com/dog-faqs/breeds/chihuahuas.html#mol

Let's see... Movies!!
Beverly Hills Chihuahua "WE LOVED IT" oh come on who doesn't love a good goofy dog movie....

Ok more... Clothes!!
My favorite is the Pink Satin & Hearts Chiffon Harness Dress, Lead & Hat
Item code: 1147UPPSDR0

LOL... Fan Club just for us Chihuahua lovers!!

So now that you know about Chihuahuas here is where you can go to rescue one and spoil like crazy!!

I really never thought in a million years I'd ever own one but I do. I am so glad and both my husband and I would adopt another one in a heart beat. Along with our Chihuahua we also have a border collie as well as a tabby cat. We love animals and they make our every day adventure grow and grow...

December 26, 2010

BLM Party

Our day started out simple... My husband sneaking some picture of me reading... yikes (LOL).... We always have our individual readings and then we share scripture reading after breakfast. On this day I read Luke and Matthew as fitting for Christmas! And we where so filled with for our Lord Jesus Christ and filled our hearts with thanks.... We kept all modern things off such as cells, inet, TV and such and it was nice.... REAL nice.....
Christmas night our neighbor had a small display of fireworks so we headed outside and started a fire and watched. As our fire died out, we decided to go for a walk into the beautiful night with open skies full of stars. Hand and hand and enjoying the cold night air and just being thankful to be able to share this together "just Jorge and I"... One of the best Christmas Day/Night ever in both of our books!

I'd like to share with you all our pictures of a BLM Campground party that the host here put together. It was so much fun! We wish to thank Bryon for doing this and for our neighbors entertainment. I can't believe we'll be leaving here in just 20 days... We leave on my husbands birthday and may never see this part of the country again but if we do we know where we always be welcomed... Our adventure list keeps growing and so does our friends list... We are grateful for that!! Enjoy...

Just a few fun pictures...

December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

When I married my wonderful husband Christmas became a huge issue for us (more like me). We spent our first Christmas in Florida. To me it meant something completely different from what I was seeing. It didn't feel special at all. Perhaps my tradition where not acknowledged perhaps I was never asked to come along shopping or even out to lunch. It goes beyond that. Charity done together as a family and looking beyond the mounts of presents and food. I am not even talking about the intermediate family but the area as a whole. My husband and I where shopping for the family and 4 times in one store I was hit by a cart/cussed at/and dirty looks - not one single "Merry Christmas" was wished. Commercialism is what I am talking about. You will find this in families as well as in communities. It was a sad time for me. And then it hit me hard. It was I who expected everything to go my way and was not even thinking of Jesus Christ who was born to wash away my sins as well as the sins of the world... It took my second Christmas in Florida to figure this out. When I brought this to my husband attention he didn't pout or insult but lovingly understanding my wanting to re-group myself and my ways of expectation of what Christmas should be about. And so we decided together to cut the "Commercialism" out 100% and concentrate on the true meaning of Christmas. It's not about "oh my look at my turkey" or "look how pretty my home is for the holiday" or even how much charity work one does (because to be honest Charity is not nearly enough done in this world by one or by all).

We celebrate by continuing our growing relationship with our Lord. We re-organize and reflect our thoughts of what we could do to make us stronger and be cleaner/pure so as to when our time comes we'll come before him stating we've done our best. We shut out all the commercialism out of our lives this day - no TV, no cells, no modern nothings because it's not about our comfort it about this special man who was born just for us and their is no competition or distraction from our gratefulness.

In 2011 we hope to do the most growing in our communication with our Lord. We've prepared and prayed for guidance to do God's will not our families will. We prayed for strength to serve others in the best of our ability and to wake up knowing that it may be our last day here on earth but a step closer to embracing our true home "Heaven". To forgive ourselves for past sins and to help others feel our love for them no matter what walk of life we may encounter. We ask that all those we may have hurt to find in their hearts to forgive us. We ask that you pray for us as we will pray for you. And for all the brothers and sister we will meet in the near future to accept our love and embrace of our love for our Lord Jesus Christ and that we may pray together and guide each other through life and service. Wishing you all peace. Thanking all the military personnel who serve our country here and abroad. Wishing our families health and understanding.

"The Real Christmas"

Excitement and joy are filling the air;The lights add special decor.

We're shopping for Christmas gifts everywhere,

But are gifts what Christmas is for?

The wreaths and the trees and the parties

Aren't what we need to convey;

It's the birth of our Savior, Jesus,

The real reason for this holiday.

By Karl and Joanna Fuchs

December 20, 2010

BLM Campground "The Pits" $2.00 a night

I am so late posting these - in fact I so forgot I had them... We'll this was the early part of Thanksgiving days and so half the people I never got pictures of... This is the "The Pit" Campground and it's only $2.00 a night BLM land. Boondocking is called  to surviving this campground. But your only 6 miles from town (via highway that is)... A mile from water and 4 miles from Happy Boulders (rock climbers).. This is not for everyone but then I'm not writing for everyone but for ourselves. World class climbers camp here and if it's good enough for them well then it is for us... The younger folks here are super nice, helpful and over all great kids. Now the older folks we find here really like their beer. We are not big drinker AT ALL so we find ourselves chatting with the young folks more often. Jorge and I have been blessed in so many ways that our families just don't get it! But that's OK as long as we do. Life is an adventure and we play by our rules. So get your camping gear and be brave and come stay at the "The Pits"....

December 2, 2010

Bishop Inyo Hospital Charity Ride

Our day was about giving! It's 6 miles from our campground to the Bishop Inyo Hospital...
We had 8 hats for donation on this day (with 2 that where mailed the week prior)...
We had hoped to meet Lucy who is the head for the advocate program but she was out of the office on this day. But I did get a call from her today and heard nothing but excitement in her voice!! My husband of course gets dragged on these adventures but when the day is complete and we are doing our daily scripture studies he humbled by the days advents and becomes emotional. I have to give a shout out to the hospital receptionist who where so wonderful and was tickled and honored that we would ride that far to donate.

"Become doers of the word and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves with false reasoning. For if anyone is a hearer of the word, and not a doer, this one is like a man looking at his natural face in a mirror. For he looks at himself, and off he goes and immediately forgets what sort of man he is. But he who peers into the perfect law that belongs to freedom and who persists in it, this man, because he has become, not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work, will be happy in his doing it." (James 1:22-25).

God Bless all those that we can serve and that we pray that we may set a good example of charity love - as we remind ourselves each time we head to the hospital - if charity isn't work then it's not charity and that's why we pride ourselves with hard rides to humble ourselves and remind ourselves what our Lord has done for us!! 


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