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July 29, 2010

Drunken Sailer A.K.A. Evielynne

Well two out of three packages came in. Check out the photos.... My movies came in - I am trying to get as many Christmas movies as I can because we celebrate Christmas a little different. We make blankets and sneak them to peoples front doors and run off. We pick the poorest houses or the sweetest elderly houses instead of spending tons of money on ourselves. We believe that people at this time of year forget the true meaning of giving and receiving. Last year was our first year doing this and the both of us where in tears for the joy we where able to share with complete strangers. We leave no name but a card stating our love for them and that we hope to put a smile on their faces and that human kindness does exist in the world. Then we have a our Christmas dinner and watch movies!

My yarns came in - well some of them. Jorge just nods and laughs and continues to call me the DRUNKEN SAILOR - I'm just a smart shopper that's all. I always go for free shipping and buy everything on clearance - cha ching.....
I bought a book my friend Stephanie told me I must read - Stephanie is the author of a knitting comic book - check out her link: http://www.comicknits.com/
a brilliant young women who's got more energy in the business world then anyone I've ever meet. I'm a bit sad because the last time I seen Stephanie and John was in Lake Siskiyou http://www.reynoldsresorts.com/LakeSiskiyou.html where we had a blast and I learned how to spin yarn - although I do need a re-cap on the lessons....

And oh my popcorn fabric for the couch cushions and table bench cushions...
www.jofabrics.com The foam did not arrive and hope that it will be here tomorrow. So that leaves us with nothing to do on Jorge's day off. ummmm what to do? Most likely head to the library and get some more free DVD rentals.... We love the Mammoth Library and they seem to spoil Jorge big time - lol..... I do have some hats to finish up and get some other things done. Tonight I have to work for my boss and that will be the bulk of my night so I'll be doing caffeine big time.

I so forgot my glasses also came in - gotta know what you think of the picture - do leave a comment!

Hope you all have a great time and sure hope you enjoy the blog!

July 27, 2010

Yesterday, I got to go see a lot of Jorge's host. It's always great to see Joan - I love her so much. It was great to finally get to meet John and Judy's babies - oh my flipping gosh they are cute and I think what John and Judy do is GREAT!! Truly my heroes.... And you've got to see Judy's toes - I've never had pedicure and they did a number on her toes - the art work is just so girly - I think I'm still too much of a tom-boy to go down that road. Plain Jane I am - looks have never been my strong point - lol.... But Judy looks good considering that she broke her wrist, shoulder and femur. And when we got there she was working - crazy women she is but you got to want that spirit to survive what she did. Then we got to see Pat who I think is crazier then I am and is striving to be my favorite - how funny and cute is that. Mel of course is Mel and Don is nothing but trouble but don't let him fool you he knows it and Barb-Bell his wife and I both have Mum issues which is nice to compare and even invited me for lunch some time in the future. And Jorge lectures me about the amount of time spending with Joan because you get us together and it's non-stop chatter. Karlene is hoot and Kenny is just a doll thanks to his wife Marylou (still not sure on her name) and we agreed to learn Braille together (shopping for cards tonight) another one where you get us together and non-stop chatter - I'll be bloggin about her daughter who makes extreme wonderful looking cakes as well as yummy tasting - they go for big bucks because they are so outrages - I'm looking forward to that blog. All the other host I didn't get to see because they where off. Jorge 2 1/2 is funny and a super great guy and then there is the instant gator Don who calls me the agitator - love his humor even if most people don't - you've got to learn to take as well as dish and things become less stress. That was my day yesterday so I had fun....

Today I spent my entire morning with Kenny and Marylou working on the computer - everyone seems to think I'm a computer geek - and in this case I was - lol. Oh I found my glasses after ordering a new pair - located in a strange place too. Then I went to lunch with my wonderful husband Jorge at the stove and now I feel fat - lol. I had the tacos and I didn't care for it and left half of it sitting on my plate. Jorge had the chimi changa which was the daily special and that was yummy. Then came home and finished my hat - oh my today I sold 3 items on my Etsy store which puts me ahead of Jorge by 3 sales - FINALLY. Jorge's boss bought all the villages on Jorge's store which put him in the lead for the longest time and now I'm on top... Gotta work hard to stay there...

I was thinking about Randy and Leila today (who I do talk to often) and Betty and Weldon and hope they are doing well. I hate seeing people leave - it leaves a void feeling in my heart. But I do think of them often and wish them well. Leila sent me some really gorgeous pics today - and she shouldn't be a camp host by far but using her major talent of photography - but then it would be work for her and not a hobby.... If I get her permission I'll post some of the pics so I can't share until she says OK.... I could sit for hours looking at her photos and I have - lol. With Betty gone there is no body to pick on about OCD... That was our thing towards each other - yepper one nut gets along with another nut - and we love it...

I'd like to give a shout out to my friend Harry and Jill. Hey you two? You must be getting into a lot of adventures there in England it's been awhile since chatting with you - I'll text you tomorrow. Carol is a complete hoot and I love chatting with her. And Ruth needs some down time.... Do give your girls a hug for me - I love them dearly.... And I ask the same from Carol and Ruth to give you hug from me to you.... How's your sister?

I guess that's the lot folks.... I'll be doing product and event blogs soon and not so much about my life but my thought and theory on things... We have some cool things going on in Mammoth Lakes and the season is coming to close on us soon and I want to see and do things here in Mammoth Lakes and make the most of our time here. Memory making. I hope you enjoyed today's blog and your always welcomed to email me if your looking for a special topic to blog about!!

July 23, 2010

T.G.I.F. we wish for everyone!

Hello it's Friday T.G.I.F. and we're back in our RV. Today was a busy busy day between doing work for my boss (ha ha deary you didn't think I get it done - but next time you'll believe me). And charity work and getting my research done today and getting another hat finished - I should be tired.... Amazingly I'm not! My poor husband is but he's too busy stuffing his face with cake and milk... We hung out with the BIG boss and the Mrs. which we don't get to do very often because everyone is working so hard. So it's nice to take time away and get to know each other all over again.... And it's good for the soul! It occurred to me that the season is half over which is sad but also very exciting. Time sure flies when your having fun (Jorge is shaking his head) - I can't help it I like challenges and my work is full of it.
Bad news for the day is that I popped my ankle and I'm hurting real bad - should of gone to the doctor but it's not swollen (well the toes are) so I'm waiting till tomorrow to see how it feels. Yes Mums of the world - I put ice on it and elevated my leg... Geeze not my first rodeo...
Haven't done a lot around town because of my work - it's kept me on the INET for 8-10 hours a day but it should ease up for me for the next couple of weeks - we'll see...
Oh the couch is in and the table is in but everything still needs to be painted and again we're waiting on the foam and fabric - after Jorge gets it together then I'm taking 3 days off for myself to learn how to really knit - things like sweaters and socks (I can do hats/scarfs/washcloths) - that was my bucket list for this summer and by gone I will learn...
LOL - guess what movie we are watching? The people who really know me will guess a comic book flick - and they would be so right. Spider-man (last night we watched Fantastic Four the 2nd one..... I love comic book movies. Can't wait till the Ironman 2 comes out on DVD. Can't help myself it's from being in male dominate household. And my husband is so great he got part 2 for us to watch.
Ok, Ok, Ok enough of me already.... It's been an overall good day and I hope that everyone else had a great one too!! Jorge and I both are so blessed and we are happy!!

July 20, 2010

And what else can I say?

So it's Tuesday and the eve of Jorge's day off - yippee.... Today I had to work over time for my boss and then I finished up my hat and placed it on my etsy store and I'm happy to report Jorge and I are finally tied in sales. Yeppers that's right I sold some items. Then Jorge bought a new jig saw and some black paint for me to paint the wall and benches (well I got one fully painted - Jorge still needs to install the other bench). Now we are watching North to Alaska - and if you ever get the chance to visit the Alabama Hills you should. So far on our RV adventure the Alabama Hills has been my most favorite spot yet. Not much more to report. Oh I did get a visit from the interpretive gal Angie and I have to give a shout out of thanks - what a sweetie she offered us to use her floater. I so wish we could but my husband does not know how to swim and we have no life jackets (it's on our wish list for the RV life).
And our prayers go out to John and Judy - Jorge's host for Coldwater Campground. Judy had taken a pretty bad fall out of the RV and broke her shoulder, leg and wrist. OUCH is right and what a feisty lady - she wants to get back to work asap.... But if you could dear friends and family do add her to your prayers - it's going to take a long time to recover and plenty of rehab.
Tomorrow our friend Marge from Saddlebag Resort is coming down to visit, Jorge and I are thrilled. We miss the entire staff who took the best care of us last year and we would do anything for!! Well, I need to call it a night - I need to get working on my doll hat so everyone have a good night!!

July 19, 2010

July 19th, 2010

Monday noramlly a day to dreed but in the camping world it's slower and quietier. I stayed home and worked on my hats and Jorge worked like he does every day. I got to talk to my family and found out Dad won't be out till Novemeber so we'll get to meet up with him - I just hope I get to see him after the 15th when Jorge is done with the season. There is a lot going on that has stalled his coming out - and I'm pouting. I miss my family so much.
I start working for the Eastern Sierra Disable Sports every Friday and Saturday for the rest of our stay here as a volunteer. Most excited and always glad to be helping.
My fingers are about to fall off - I've worked on my two hats and placed them up for sale and they sold within a 1/2 hour.... I'm half way done with the third hat and hope to put it on-line first thing in the morning!!
The RV is still torn to shreds but tomorrow we have to buy a jig saw and so that may move things a bit faster. My fabric and foam and all my yarn was shipped today and so I'm most excited. Just need to get black paint and more wood and we'll be rocking away!!
Last night we did our laundry and meet up with the coolest people. Marge, Anna & Carmen from Saddlebag Resort also did there laundry and so we hung out. I so miss them.
Not a whole lot to report but I'll post my picture of hat that sold - I think maybe the title had something to do with it - Toupee Girly Hat.... Crazy but it sold and now my husband and I are tied in sales....

July 14, 2010

Jazz Jubilee?

Today was a fun but a quiet day. We woke-up much to early for a day off - but that's OK. We did the decaf coffee and the breakfast thing. Then we did our scripture readings and then planned our day out. Jorge had to run a employee to his post and was ready by 9:30am. However I took my time getting ready which is not like me at all. Went to get dressed and realized all my pants where in the wash and the ones I had I couldn't get into and I broke down crying. Yep I am fat - that is fat for me..... Jorge was so sweet and offered to go do the laundry but I found a pair of shorts size 6 I could get into and WA-LA life goes on. 139 is just not my thing and so I'm so glad Friday is near because thats when we plan to change our diet anyway.

We planned on visiting Joan & Art today (Joan & Art came to visit me Saturday but I was sick so I couldn't visit). And so we went to them. And I am so glad. Joan is my favorite person who works for Jorge. We visit for 4 hours and I loved every minute. She was emotional that we would visit on our (Jorge's) day off and rode the trolley (which if you ever visit Mammoth Lakes you should do)
to get there. Oh I so can't wait to get the new Rig,,,,, In Time - In Time..... Then we went out to eat at Grumpy's and I had a 1/2 sandwich and so did Jorge in which he just minutes ago ate his 2nd half and is now working on an omelet.
Skipping dinner tonight and I know you know why too - lol. Then walked around the village and found out they are showing Wizard of Oz Friday and so we'll be there to see that..... Oh yeah can't forget Starbucks.
I had to chuckle when the young lady asked how much milk and my response was milky white and we all laughed. They have the best staff here in Mammoth Lakes - they talk to you and ask you where are you from, how long are you staying - really you work for Inyo - they are such an attributive to Mammoth Lakes - and I am a loyal customer!!
We had planned to go to the Jazz Jubilee but when we found out the tickets where $80 a piece - I told Jorge I'll play him the guitar (I can play flute, clarinet and drums - I was a band geek and I did glee club as well - a real geek) when we get home. And so that's what we'll be doing.... Just a fun if not funny at all!!
I do have another blog for all those crafters or RVers.... Just ask!!

July 13, 2010

Is it Only Tuesday.

It's true folks it's only Tuesday. I've been up since 4am and feel great. Even Jorge got up (5am) early. This caffeine trade of for decaf is well worth it. Today is the first day I didn't feel like smashing my head through a wall. Honest to Betsy it was hard, but I think we're through the worse - well that's till Friday when now we have to change our eating habits. But at least we won't get pains in our heads.

Today has been a very quiet day. I had predicted that something bad was going to happen while Jorge's boss was out of town for training meetings (I think - so don't quote me). And sure enough it did yesterday but it was fixed in a jiffy. A lesson was learned - to double check your work - like duh.... But all is good and back to life we go. Although my husband almost had his first heart attack it was a lesson he won't forget.... Maybe one day laugh about - NOT.... Jorge you know I'm your biggest fan and I love you dearly....

The weather is just beautiful so why the hell am I inside the RV. Well, let me get to that.... Geeeze - lol. I had done my snowmen and my infant hat and they are posted for sale in my store and that took some time. And then I had to blog on my other blog and now here I am blogging on this blog - No I didn't dye my hair blond -I'm just in one of the silly moods - I guess... UMPFF

When Jorge gets home for lunch we'll do the meal thing - although my appetite is next to nothing so I have to be careful and force myself to eat. This happens a lot with me and can be bad news with my sugar levels - I HATE BEING A TYPE 1 DIABETIC..... Then after he leaves I'll pull my paints out and paint my clothespins and get them ready for sale. And then maybe start my reindeer ornaments (these ones are so cute)..... Oh and then I have a hat (a customer request) to do also..... So as you can see I have lots to do. And I maintain a working employment as well so there you have it - I'm not that lazy - I still have 2 hours I could be doing something and I wish not so nener nener nener.... Well got to go Jorge just got home either for lunch or DARS Reports..... Can you guess....


July 11, 2010

Caffeine and change

I am so proud of my husband. He's making a life change on his terms. He's decided to end all consumption of red meat (we'll only eat chicken and fish), caffeine, gluten, citrus and dairy products. His reason why? Most would say it's because of me and I would take credit for that for that's my way of life but it isn't. I didn't put a gun to his head but a flash of life hit him hard. He made this decision for himself for his own medical reasons. And I am all for it. He'll start his new life this Friday (we are already off the caffeine and have noticed the change already). There are so many medical reasons to supports his decision and I'm all for it. However, doing the research on this has lead us into so many avenues that my head is at a complete spin. Like for instance. No more wheat pancakes - it's buckwheat for now on and fruit smoothies but no orange juices. No more bread but only using rice flour and such things of that nature. My friend Gwen who really rallied for us has done half the research for me and I am most grateful. Taking myself off the caffeine was hard and I'm talking I wanted to slam my head through a wall kind of thing. Jorge did better then I thought. Being Cuban and having espressos before bedtime is a way of living for them. I can remember Clara - Jorge's Mum giving me one saying it would help me sleep and OMG I was up all night and I am so not kidding -lol CRAZY WOMEN... But he did well and we are on our 3rd day and I'm up and full of energy instead of brewing and getting the energy from the cup. Although we do still drink coffee it's just in the form of decaf in which I am loving. Depression, obesity, RA, intestinal, sluggish and all sorts of things are caused by eating the way we where. So its not about starving ourselves. But it's choosing foods that will help us live a better life and a life of quality. And we are not pill popping people (Jorge is a recovered pill addiction of 4 years now - and I am so proud of him). Pills don't cure they just hide the pain for a short time. We believe in Meds of course but if we can change from having to use them then by all means God Bless us for it. It also bothered us that in our type of living and the others who do the same are quite lazy. They don't walk or hike unless it's for a paycheck they eat like everyday is a picnic and well that's sad. This is not going to be easy by far but with people like Gwen my friend Carol from the UK (who has been giving me food recipes - I'm a curry freak as some of you know and where she lives they eat better then Americans do), Anna and Terri will help Jorge help Jorge - lol... He's was a bit overwhelmed with all the information because no more cheese, milk and all the other stuff he loves - but when he ordered his last prime rib the other night he only ate 1/2 in which is very rare for him - he stated he felt guilty and that was music to my ears because that's the start of change for him - on his term. The other morning he had a smoothie and someone said uggg healthy - get off of it!! You go Jorge..... We are both prepared that some will try to sabotage like at picnics and what not and that's a decision Jorge will have to live with. I can't be the gun to his head - but if they are his friends they'll accept his ways for he is not pushing it on them - I'd hope they'd respect that. I just wanted to share with the world one of the million of reasons why I love my husband so!! Wish him luck and pray for him!!


July 10, 2010

Looney Bean Coffee


Yesterday morning I woke up in a bad mood. Not sure why but I did. I just didn't want to deal with anyone at all. So I did my work thing as I do every morning and then I switch to my crafting thing. And placed my two finished pieces on my store
(wishing I could beat my husband who has three sales and while I have just got my first late last night) and started to feel better. I then chatted with my friends from back home and my campground crafters friends (in who I worship and trust with my life) and my Dad (see you very soon) and manage to put a smile back on my face. Then I went for a walk in the campground where we are parked until Nov 15th and well I became sour again.
My husband came home for lunch and right away he knew something was wrong. He said that's it tonight NO INTERPRETIVE PROGRAM for you. It's enough and we are heading to town and have a look around. Are you nuts Jorge? Its what I said to him! And he said you think what you must but tonight we're about us. And so off we went out for dinner to Stove's (I had the seafood pasta and I so love there food but this dish was not good at all and Jorge had the prime rib and he loved it - the clam chowder was VERY VERY good). I'm always giving my blog cards away and gave one to a couple who we meet while eating (Stefanie and Curtis) - and after a while the gentleman came to my table and said I've seen your blog you do great stuff on there. And a huge smile came upon my face. It made my day. A stranger in who I never meet before had heard about me and had been given my link and liked what he saw. But that's not why I'm in a bad mood. As I would normally share I can't on this. I just want to say it's not nice to say bad things behind peoples back because not everyone thinks the way you do and they manage to relay this information to me and it hurts. I've worked my tail bone off to help ANYONE because that's what I'm about. To call me a busy body and a miss know it all - well your wrong. It's my heart that allows me to give and the common sense to care and be helpful. My husband of course has no clue what has been said nor would he tolerate it. And so I will let this one slide AS IF. I just had a bad day and my feeling where hurt. So back to our night. We went on the trolley and the gent who was driving was very cool and very helpful as to what to see and stuff. So we headed to the new village. I was shocked on how the night life there is huge and we are so going back next week. We couldn't stay all that long because neither of us had sweaters and it was getting a bit too chilly for us. But we did get a coffee from the Starbucks (my favorite sinning place - lol) and had a decaf cold coffee - the girls that work there at night rock!
Then we head back to the trolley where it dropped us off near The Bank of America,
and headed for home where we got veered into the Looney Bean Coffee parking lot because we heard some awesome music.
And there was a small band going on with a very huge voice. So we ordered more decaf coffee and took a table near the band and just listened. I was so shocked by the quality of their voices. All I know is that the female singer and the keyboard player are brother and sister. And the drum guy had such a baby face (CUTE) and was like WOW playing (I play too if you didn't know that). They had songs that they wrote - one being about their 3 Dads in which one day will be played on the radio. This little group was great. REALLY - REALLY - REALLY great. The female singing does work at Looney Bean and she deserve a hell of a raise. They played from 7pm till 9pm and take tips (in which we did because they ROCKED) and the great thing is you can check it out for yourselves TONIGHT. They'll play at the same time at the same place and if your lucky the same songs. BUT GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO really you should GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO they are that good. And dang because I was in a sour mood I didn't take my camera but we'll be there tonight - so I'll add pic to this very blog tomorrow!!

July 9, 2010

etsy update and pictures

Jorge's etsy



So I've been neglecting our store because I've been having so much fun bloggin about the things we've been doing in Mammoth Lakes. And so I'm going to take a major break and get to working on the stores so that we are up and running before this Christmas season. As many of you know we have a competition between us to see who sells more and my husband is winning "AS IF"...... So I need to get to working. But don't fret I'll still be bloggin just not in some of the areas I have been bloggin in. So here are my new items I made and there is more to come in up coming days. I do special orders and can do many things - just send me an email at mr_mrs_crafty_rving@yahoo.com and we'll work out the details.... So be sure to check out the store and help me win..... Or at least get my first sale - lol...

July 7, 2010

Southern Mono Historical Society - The Historian

The Mammoth Lakes Museum is a house in the original form of a 1920's log cabin in which Jorge and I went to today. Upon speaking to the worker there we where in awwwww of it's history and sad to learn that this wonderful piece of history is in great need of support. The location of this really rustic cabin is kind of hidden from the world and is a wonderful place to have a quite picnic along side a quiet creek in which we came across fly fishing hopefuls. The museum contains many artifacts from that periods of the 20's with lots of photographs and displays. The museum is operated under a special use permit from the Inyo National Forest and depends on local support of Mammoth Lakes business. Here is a list of upcoming events in which to partake to show your support. The log cabin was built by Emmett Hayden hence the Hayden Museum name. He was a map maker for the Eastern Sierra (my husband is a map freak - I can barely read one).

Thursday, July 15, 2010
Jazz Jubilee BBQ with Band TBA
(No host bar will be available)
Tri-tip or Chicken

Saturday, July 31, 2010
Annual Membership Meeting and Old Timer's BBQ
(at the Hayden Cabin)

Saturday, August 28, 2010
Country Western Dance and BBQ --- Jorge & I are going

If you would like to use the Cabin for special events like a wedding reception in which I did some research on and just fell in love with the pictures. Please call Dinah Craig at (760) 934-2341 and she's a total gem!!

Board of Trustee in who we hope to meet this season while in Mammoth Lakes:

President - Dinah Craig (760) 934-2341
Vice President - Dick Baggett (760)924-5749
Secretary & Newletter - Carol Benefiel (760) 834-3480
Treasurer - Chris Sauser (760) 934-6157

Southern Mono Historical Society
P.O. Box 65
Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546
(760) 934-6918

The Museum is open daily
10:00am to 6:00pm
Memorial Day through September

I loved going here - we walked from Old Shady Campground to here and just loved it there - there are many bike/hike trails near by and the Stove Restaurant is a great place to have lunch in which we did..... I didn't take my camera because I've filled up my SD cards from all the pictures I have been taking like crazy - Rite Aid is sold out and until they get there shipment in you'll have to read my fun in words....

The credit for the picture comes from:

July 5, 2010

Mammoth Lakes, CA PARADE....

So here we are on the 4th of July - just not knowing whether or not my darling husband will get a 1/2 day off so that we can watch the parade together. And he does and the sweet bonus of having Kathy my husband's bosses wife come along with us. But dummy me forgot my SD card and so Jorge being the greatest husband in the world trucked off to purchase a new SD card but ended up going home to fetch mine because Rite Aid had a mile long line in the entire store and I think once he'd reach the cash out cashier the parade would of been over - lol....

I am dedicating this blog entry to the couple in the picture because he did a fantastic job harassing me and I just loved it..... UCONN Huskies RULE just remember that and I'll always think of you with such admiration - lol....
There was so much happening in Mammoth Lakes and to sum it up in words is almost impossible. From the craft fair in which the vendors where wonderful EXCEPT for one who made a very rude comment to Kathy in which she picked up a piece of his art work and simply asked "How Much"? his response was overpriced and over worked and then ignored her and moved on to the next person. How flipping rude is that. I think wearing his beanie hat sucked the brains out of his head. But the other vendor where just wonderful and the food was yummy and priced wow not so bad considering what was going on. They had music, face painting (I should of gotten mine done - DANG), fireman and just all kinds of neat things. This is just part of the fun of the 4th. There will be another blog about our being in the June Lake Oh Ridge Campground Parade and that was really a blast. I couldn't put all the pics on here and as you know if you would like for me to mail them to you - I'd be happy too....

Mammoth Lakes, did a wonderful job putting this together which had a little something for everyone ranging from 5 to 95. So thank you for the memories and the entertainment of wanting to come back year after year....

July 4, 2010

Inyo Recreation - CLM Mammoth Lakes Company Picnic June 30, 2010

Welcome our newest members of the team!!
Our mini new Operations Manager "The Beautiful Twins"

June 30th Inyo Recreation - CLM had their company picnic at site number 13 in Old Shady in which I got to host. I need to be needed and I need to be able to help. And since I don't work for the company my distance is all about being a fan. And a fan I am and it helps to be married to the site area manager too. It's taking me long to blog about this day because as fun as it was to host it. It was a sad day all around. Two separate couples have moved on and I will miss them both. Some times in this job it sucks to bond with people because RV people can pick up on a drop of a dime and move on with no second guessing. I know that both couples Betty/Weldon and Leila (I'm still crying)and Randy will do well not matter where they are. This was also the day that Janet went to hospital to never return. So you see it was a bad day. BUT life goes on and things are meant to be. I made a lifer of a friend and for that I am happy all around.
The party started at 5pm and the 1st guest was there at 4:55pm and the last guest to leave was at 7ish. We even had a set of beautiful twin girls there and their Mum Lauria who by far is the sweetest enforcement officer I've ever meet and who does not look like she had any baby or babies for that matter. I liked her alot and she was great fun getting to know her - When really I should not like her at all - she wouldn't let me steal both her babies to keep - upmffff. There was a lot of food - this I know because Jorge and I are still eating it, like fruit salad, potato salad, ham/bacon sucide dish (that was my dish), bread rolls, deviled eggs, corn something dish, hotdogs, hamburgers, ramen mix salad and other stuff - lol. My mood was somber so I didn't take a whole lot of pics so enjoy and be sure to check the next blog about July 4th in both Mammoth Lakes and June Lake and I have a lot to say about that.....

The following people attended the party:
Wayne/Kathy - Jorge & Myself (Evielynne) - John/Judy - Mel - Howard/Kathy - Ken/Mrs Artist (a very very very good one) - Karlene - Shirley/Llyod - and there you have it!!


Join if you have MS - Join if your a Crafter

Youth Equipped for Success Y.E.S.

Youth Equipped for Success Y.E.S.
Juvenille Support Program