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May 13, 2010

California Land Management here Jorge comes!!


The picture is of Jorge and I when we where at the "The Pit Campground" which is run by BLM and it was only $2.00 a night. Next year it will only be a $1.00 a night because it's the year Jorge will qualify for the ole fart pass - lol. This was a very interesting campground that was full of boulder climbers and I'm so pouting because I won't be able to do until I get the doctors clear. This is about the time I was getting sick. I can't go into details about my medical because of the family gossip issues we have. We hear my husband is a Gypsy. WHATEVER!! Don't worry Jorge my Dad think you ROCK as do I. We'll if your a real close friend of ours you know what we are talking about. And for those who have no clue. Well, just know that we love our lives and have made more friends then ever imagined with all this traveling. I thought I was going to die but came too close that even I saw an image and cling to the good book more to give thanks!!
Any who - back on to the topic. The camp host was Bryan (see Bryan got your spelling correct) and let me tell you - the hardest working chap we've ever encounter and super helpful and beyond friendly. We've meet his evil twin brother Dave who I just so adore and will miss and so easy to pick on and then there is activist also know as Steve who really gave us some great advice on where to hike and where not to hike which saved my life. There was also a gal we really made good friends with Anica who is from Germany and was on a 90 day vacation in USA before heading back to Canada till August and then heading back to her home country - thank you for the sweet email - gosh we miss you.
In the time we spent at the "The Pits Campground" we went to Lone Pine or Big Pine to adopt our newest member of the family a 4-yr old boarder collie name Militia. They said they don't adopt to RVers because in that area they tend to be homeless bums and abuse the animals. But Kate liked us a lot and really worked with us. ICARE adoption program is really a great agency to help find these wonderful pets a new home. They even write emails to us and support our RV adventure life and enjoy any and all up-dates on our wonderful new baby.
Now it's about 2 weeks before CLM start off there season and oh my now Jorge has a new site manager boss and a new operations manager boss and we are now chewing our nails because we're thinking after last year it's only going to get worse. I cried - and I kid you not that Jim and Chris are not coming back. So Jorge gets asked to meet all the crew and the new boss at Denny's and you know me - I'm staring and listening to everyone chat and filter all the info into what Jorge calls "ARE WE STAYING OR ARE WE LEAVING". I give in and say lets give it a chance. And now just 3 weeks later and I'm thinking I love ALL the new changes for CLM. I know Jorge will be stress free and will enjoy his camp hosting season. However we begged to stay off the hill due to my medical and so Jorge was given Gull Lake and Reserved Creek which are really cool little camp grounds. Don and Jean are the area site managers and I have the most up-most respect for them both and love them dearly. Don treats both Jorge and I very well and to top that so does Wayne and Kathy in which we are both most grateful and love them equally.


It's moving day for us yet again because Jorge was asked to become a site manager for the Mammoth Lake area and he said yes. We really thought because of the hellish demon of a camper who I still think should be in jail for what he did last season would haunt Jorge. But true to there professionalism they put that a-side and took Jorge for what he is - A GREAT GUY who I am so in awhhhh about. Never participates in company gossip, a super friendly guy and very helpful and truly loves this work environment and loves all the camp host in this area. So yet another notch to our adventures.

I will have INET for the next 7 month for sure and we'll update on here more often now that I have the chance and the time. I am still working for the same judge and have about a year and 1/2 on my contract and then I'll freelance again for my next contract. So being home and working from the RV will give me time to reflect and share with my dear friends. Thank you for all the get well cards.

I hope you enjoy the pics!! If there is anything you want to know about Mammoth Lakes or want me to post a picture of a certain area PLEASE let me know - I'll get it done!!


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