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September 29, 2011

Monday Dreaming???

Well we are getting closer to heading back to Oregon. Every Monday brings us one week closer (the 24th).

There are so many reasons why we are excited:
- I will get to be with my friends again
- HOT standing showers
- A machine called a washer will now wash our clothes again
- Our charity work begins
- ELECTRICITY omg omg omg
- Closer to the Holidays
- and last of all my birthday movie gets released the day after we get back!!

Check it out....

Also our store is having a surprise % off sale - check it out just click the box below..

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September 20, 2011

RVing Folks what do you say about this?

Can you get around with such easy directions as this? ummmmm lol

It's all about NOT reading the signs and you thought that annoying little GPS lady was bad - think twice my friends...

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Day Off Eve

Yipster... Tomorrow is a day off. Heading down the hill on our bikes (thank gosh I am feeling a million times better) to meet friends and work on the computer together and maybe hit McD's afterwords (I know - I know yuck stuff but our budget is super low right now).

We are excited to because on Thursday one of our sort of close neighbor invited us to their home for dinner. Elk steak is what's on the menu. We said yes of course and look forward sharing pictures of our adventure there.

I am so whacked out on coffee that sleep is so far out of reach for me - it's just crazy but that's OK because I get to sleep in till 6am (as long as I get up to do my downloads before leaving the house I can work later when we get back)... Our 2nd half of the summer is a complete blast and we are so blessed and happy. Hard times are in store for us but we wouldn't change a thing (lol in general that is).

I am not sure if I have any fun pictures for today's weird strange article - so lets see what I come up with...

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September 18, 2011

Facebook Fan Pages do they work?

We've got to test this out... Starting today 9/18/11

24 Fans for Mrs ETSY STORE

9 Fans for Mr ETSY STORE


Now if you fan any of the pages - do post that "The Blog Sent You" this will test my theory out...

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September 16, 2011

Gone Crazy

Jorge was going through his phone to find a picture he had taken of a caterpillar and came across this picture... This was a day that we where out and about getting ribbon for a custom order Jorge was hired to do... I laughed so hard - I had forgotten about it!!

UPDATE: 38 days left and then we head back to full hookups - we may need to buy a TV now... ummmm not sure if it's in the budget yet or not...

What type of TV do you have???

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September 15, 2011

Deb and Jess

Deb and Jess RV Adventures: Our New Service: We like to thank one Mrs Sanchez (Evielynne) for helping us getting our blog up and running. So now that we have spilled the beans do check...

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I am ready for Christmas

Christmas Countdown 2011 - Find out how many days until Christmas 2011

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My Toes are Wet

Not really... But sounded good!

Debbie and I are at the library getting her new side line job up and running - I think the student is going to bypass the teacher here quickly. Jorge is hiding in a corner reading of course - and is enjoying the quiet although from time to time he'll glance up to see who is giggling - and then nods knowing better lol...
Ummm since we are getting FREE electricity I am able to blog in pinch - Let see what I can come up with on pictures...

I so love my blogging FANS,,,
Leave a comment to let me know your out there!!

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September 14, 2011

Busy or Lazy?

We have so much to blog about and so little electricity to do it. So please count down our days to when we get to blog daily. 40 - the magic number for today...

Tomorrow it will be much cooler and I so welcome it. For the last couple the heat had effected me bad - although it may be medical I am at that age - errrr 43 soon!!

We want to share with everyone a new blogger in town. A co-worker now turned FRIENDS... Do check out their blog it's a cool one and one that very soon will have a ton of fans!!

We have been keep busy as best as we know how to. Jorge has completed his custom order and so you'd think he'd take some time off - but nope notta. And so here is what he's been up too!!


And now your are asking what the lazy bones has been doing - Sleeping I tell you... LOL Kidding!!
I have been doing lots of mittens/hats and now coffee cozy's - SEE...



With the holiday season is coming with the fact funds are low and so our 2nd part time job is in full force!!
October 25th is my welcome back to blogging life - so if you have an article you want to post or an ad - I have time RIGHT now just email me at mr_mrs_crafty_rving@yahoo.com

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September 10, 2011

September 11th we honor you!!

I can do this. Can you?

Out of respect for all those lives lost and affected by the horrors of SEPTEMBER 11th, have no facebook/inet/cell/tv/radio activity FROM 8:46 am - 10:28 am this is so my page will be silent, NO POSTINGS OR CHAT, from the time the first plane hit until the last building fell. Do this in memory of all who perished ten years ago. ♥

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September 8, 2011

Hiawatha Trail Bike Ride

This was a super exciting day. Just watch the video - there is a comment and a like button on the youtube site!!

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September 4, 2011

Bow Hunting Season

Bow Hunting Season 2011

Working up here in Idaho we see that hunting is a way of life for most of these folks around here. And for this family it's no different.  Dakota ummmm I would guess is between the age of 17-20 years old and both Jorge and I are amazed of him. Young he is, but very independant and seems to be a "FAMILY" first kind of fellow. Always greeting us each and every time as if we've meet for the first time. And in this day and age it's not so common for the younger generation. So this speaks a lot for his up bringing.

Well Dakota had a goal set  and has done so much preparing in the form of hiking (with the help of his Dad and brother) and scouting through the course of the season - and with that came set up and hours and hours of determination of getting his first bear. We do 100% support hunting within the ground rules of the letter of the law. To just simply kill for the fun is not our way of thinking. And we are happy to report the success of Dakota's first bear. Here is a video but I must warn everyone this is a hunter doing his job and so if you do not support such things then "DO NOT WATCH THE VIDEO" and also we do need to warn young viewers the language content so again if you do not like this "DO NOT WATCH THE VIDEO".

Dakota congrats on your first bear - I have been were you where that day oh so many years ago - that feeling will never leave you. I cried so hard that day while standing next to my father who beamed with pride  not only because of being his daughter (only) but I too also provided food for my family - my rug lives in Germany with my family.

Also rude comments will not be published - this way of life is not for everyone and this story is about a young man providing for his family and there is NO shame in that!!

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September 3, 2011

A Gal and HER Weed Wacker

Hello! We are sort of close to the end of the season (52 days) here at QSI and well it's been the most interesting season yet. Past host are now flooding our emails asking if we would come back? It really took no effort to come to a solid answer: "HECK YES"... Why: The office view, the owners, the locals, the prices, the manager, the water boy (lol sorry Dennis we had to give you a label), the adventures Jorge and I have made for ourselves with our hikes, bike riding and such and saving the best for last - The Wild Life. Just today we seen 3 Moose... Amazing stuff!! So with that in mind here are some funny pictures of oh gosh me.... Yes I can do labor work and some times my husband lets me... Yes ladies I have one of those great husbands but from time to time there is need for a reminder that I can get along just fine with a tool in my hand. And on this we proved this theory...

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September 1, 2011

YouTube and our Video Making

We now make video's for etsy, artfire, ebay and private web site owners who sell their products. We do this for only $5.00... Enjoy this wonderful video of a truly BLESSED family who all work together to make their own income!!

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