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March 29, 2012

Winter Blues

Say it ain't so??? Yes, its us... For real??? Right now I am battling the winter blues... Get me the heck out of here already!! I am so ready for summer fun.

So where have we been hiding ourselves? Well, some would say our rig. And they would be right - but busting our butts working. Yep some say or would like to think we hide for fun - it ain't so but oh well, let them think the way they want. I have a goal and so does my husband and it just so happens to be the same goal. And by golly we did it... Our business and I repeat "OUR BUSINESS" has grown "BIG TIME" and we can now move to plan B of our adventure. A bigger rig. That brings us back to my winter blues... All I see is cardboard boxes piled high and bins full of inventory and supplies in almost every corner of our rig, taunting me to madness. Just a couple more weeks, my husband says, just a couple more weeks. And then for a moment I feel joy....

Mr Crafty (our 24ft motorhome) is being given to a very sweet young man, who is planning on his own new adventures with the RV. And OMG he's keeping the name. We are so excited to see what becomes of Mr Crafty and the new upgrades and all the adventure our Darien will have with Mr Crafty. I think he is going to do wonders with Mr Crafty... Also to boot we will spend this summer working for the same company and we'll get to learn more about him (jazzed about that big time - it will be like having a little brother again - ummmmm maybe he'll let me tap him in the head to really feel like family lol).

Well, we had our last fun adventures (not that we had many this winter, because we had a goal and well we did everything in our power to follow through) today. And figures it rained today and so it had to be about fun inside. And so we went to the Maryhill Museum. WOW,WOW,WOW,WOW,WOW,WOW.WOW,WOW we loved it. But lets take a step back a bit. We side tracked to a cemetery and eeeeeeeeeek it was weird and creepy... Look at pics and guess...

They had a small section of graves and then way over in the corner it looked like a pet cemetery so we headed over there and it was full of weird stuff just everywhere on top of graves, and they were mounted piles of dirt. I'd say 90% were children graves. Check out the picture by clicking on them and it will go bigger - it's just creepy... Not sure of the history of the stuff everywhere or what....

And then we headed to the museum and it was awesome. Clean, huge and friendly. And we were interviewed by a news reporter from WA. It was so weird.... So we may end up in the paper - she even wrote our etsy info down and was in awwwwww of our life.... Finally a fan - I kept saying...

http://www.maryhillmuseum.org/ the web site really is nothing compared to the visit in person. It was $9.00 a person and it's 3-4 floors... We stayed for about 3 hours and still didn't read everything... It was a lot of fun... We love the theater room the best... It's a must visit!!

Then we had dinner with friends Travis and Carol (Carol noticed I was having some issues with winter blues and did wonders pulling me out of my funk - God love her for it). LOL it was awesome to hang out and just be silly and chat about anything and everything. We can't thank them enough - Happy Birthday to the both of them as well!! And there you have the end our winter. In just 2 weeks and a couple of days we head out for some much need vacation time BUT until then it's back to work.. WORK WORK WORK so we can have a fun filled summer. So how are your winter blues??

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