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January 31, 2011

Mama always said...: Mama Always Said 100th Follower Giveway

Mama always said...: Mama Always Said 100th Follower Giveway: "Okay, okay. I don't have 100 followers yet but I'm getting there so I wanted to show you all how much I appreciate you following me. :) Priz..."

January 26, 2011

We are heading to Idaho

So now we can make the big announcement: We are heading to Idaho!!

How do I start this...
Well back in July Jorge and I got to talking about our RV life style and well the thoughts starting happening. And then things happen and things where said that said "it's time for use to move on." Jorge and I always promised each other that if one of us becomes sad or uncomfortable that our marriage comes first. I will admit this was more my doing then Jorge's. I've always had the need to be needed and better yet wanted. My goals (and even Jorge's goals) where not meet and my heath suffered this past summer. We prayed and consulted others in the area and decided to move on. We love CLM the company no matter what anyone says. I just think we out lived our usefulness and wanted to venture on while the good was getting. We want to thank all the people who kept quiet while we battled these feelings and still supporting us through friendship even now.
So I was in search of new job in an area we never have been in. Our wonderful friend Sharen (the most giving gal ever to hit this earth - our secret little angel) found a site and so I checked it and out lord and behold the answer to our prayers. The new company Jorge will be working for is WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW one I've never encountered before. The communication is super strong and even though we haven't even gotten to the state of Idaho, Jorge's new boss and supervisor keeps constant contact with "US". The boss is super organized and even takes it a step beyond. Knowing what I do for work she set us up so that I can continue my work and giving me location of local courts and such for my work. She even sent us a travel route with recommendations of where to stop and things to see. This company cater to their employees that are just so shocking. It's important to them to have happy workers because then that's passed on to the public.
The best part of this new job is that I won't have to hear the word "TP" again (toilet paper) among other things. There is a bond that extends to want to give them our best in all areas. Jorge's supervisor has made me tear up a couple of time because of the support she provides us. I think without any doubt this is a perfect fit.
We won't announce who Jorge will be working for until after his start date!! That will be a blog to read.... I am jazzed I'll get to learn how to stain glass... But the best, best, best thing about this outside of loving the new job is.... We get to work with some of our dearest friends Sue and Bob from FL. The boss asked us if we knew of anyone else that would like to work for them and WAL-LA. So on top of learning a new craft Sue will help me expand my knitting skills.
I've already started networking with the town we'll be located in and have set up new charity work to be able to participate thanks to Jorge's boss... She is very, very, very huge into this herself and very important in her town. As most of my family and friends know this is the most important thing for me to do is my charity work. The library already knows who we are and we already have our Church picked out that we'll be able to start participating in worship.
I am counting the days until we call the boss who said to call her as soon as we get to town so she and her husband can meet us and escort us (I mean really how flipping nice is that) to our spot. I am so excited!! We leave California Feb 5th but we'll spend a couple of months in NV to site see and visit friends. We are blessed but also we will miss the crew from CLM. People come and go like a dime in a rift and that's part of the RV life. It's a life where we get to control our choices and our choice is to be us and we just couldn't be us. What does this mean? For some - you already know and for others it's just being true and having real smiles for real reasons.
And to the BB.... Well drinking and driving is wrong - interrupting ones marriage is also wrong - bumping into the night with the flies on the wall can only cause you grief - I-Spies best friends is not fair to others - and tall tails at dinner just to be shared has honey to my ears in which can not be washed because it sticks soooooo.... (BB's creator this passage is a code can you break it ROFL)!

To the entire camping world! Happy Camping... Have a great season CLM (Mammoth Lakes)!!

January 11, 2011

Long long month...

I am wishing for warmer weather!!
 Gosh it's been a quiet week - Jan is long month! Always has been for us. We have tonight and 3 more nights at "The Pits Campground". Any want to challenge us and give us a topic to blog about. Don't forget we can promote your store, item/s for sale... All for a $5. donation...

January 6, 2011

1984 Jamboree Motorhome 23ft asking $2000 or OBO BISHOP, CA

1984 Jamboree Motorhome 23ft asking $2000 or OBO

Things that work on it....
*Tires (90% NEW TREAD)
*Stove (never used but it does work)
*Refrigerator (stand size for RV)b
*Shower/toilet (has shower in tub)
*Propane tank
*Radio (not just up front but speakers through out motorhome works)
*Microwave oven

Things that don't work....
*Battery (the isolator - the part is about $35.00)
*Needs California Smog (did not do due to selling)
*Roof needs some maintenance done (re-seal in some areas)

This motorhome was owned by a single man and needs major, major women's attention. Shades, Color splash and those sort of things - that would be done anyways.)
This would also make a great camper for "Hunters Special" or even "Burning Man Special"
This does not have a TV.
This can be used as a full time home.... Just needs some TLC that I didn't have the time for...

I bought this to convert into a full time living quarters but due to not enough time and heading back to college I just don't have the time to work on it.

You are welcomed to come see the Motorhome for yourself
- the Motorhome and I are locate at "The Pit Campground BLM" located in Bishop, California, take Highway 395 (north) towards Mammoth Lakes. At the Pleasant Valley Road intersection, turn right and proceed approximately (0.5 miles) until a gravel road is located on the left (west side of the road). Turn left and continue up a dirt road until the Pleasant Valley Pit Campground. I am the Jamboree located just after the pay feed tube near the bathroom. My name is Tim and almost everyone knows me here...

You can contact me directly for any question through email at mccaigt35@hotmail.com

I have about 20 more pictures of the inside please email me and I will be happy to send them to you!!

Tim donated money to have his ad posted on our blog. I can do the same for you just email me at mr_mrs_crafty_rving@yahoo.com  

January 4, 2011


Here is a great tip that was sent to me by email (at times I will email my friends for Blog topics)..

Cooking on the road or outdoors does not have to be a difficult task as long as the planning and organizing of a menu is done before the trip instead of on it. What food will be packed and prepared should depend on the length of the vacation, the amenities available on your RV and in the campground, and access to markets in nearby towns.
Non-Perishable Goods
Instant and dry cereals-individual cereal boxes can be purchased in a variety of brands to save space and to have different kinds for each family member. Also, this will save from opening many large boxes and possibly having them go to waste by the end of the trip.
Dried pasta and rice-boil in a bag rice is available to save the time of measuring the rice and water, you just drop the bag in a pot of pre-boiling water and cook until it's soft.
Instant mashed potatoes that only require water to cook
Pancake mix that also only requires water
All-purpose baking mix to use to top one skillet meals, make pancakes, waffles or shortcakes (an electric outlet will be needed for a small waffle maker, griddles can be electric or placed on the grill or fire pit grate, simple desserts can be made in cast iron dutch ovens or in a cast iron biscuit pan on the grill)
*Canned beef stew, chili and soup
*Peanut butter
*Beef jerky
*Breakfast grain and fruit bars and granola bars
*Trail mix, dried fruit, nuts
*Pudding, applesauce and fruit cups in individual packages
*Prepackaged crackers and cookies-individually wrapped servings with 6 or 8 in variety packs are easily thrown in a bag as a quick snack.
*Canned vegetables, fruit, and meat such as shredded chicken, roast beef and tuna
*Canned beans
*Jarred pasta sauces and gravy (I don't use the jars they are a bit heavier and have a higher risk of being broken)
*Macaroni and cheese boxes with the ready cheese sauce-the pasta will just needed to be boiled on a propane stove top or RV stovetop.
*Powdered drink mixes that are presweetened will save the space of packing large amounts of sugar, simply mix with water.
*Bottled water, juice boxes, soda in cans or bottles
*Bagged pretzels, popcorn and chip varieties in individual bags travel easily to the beach or activity
*Popcorn designed in the package to cook over the stovetop, grill or fire pit grate
*Canned pie filling to make fried pies with canned biscuits on the stove top or to make pies in a cast pie iron
*Marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate bars for s'mores
*Individually wrapped chocolates or small bags of sweet candy as treats
*Dry seasonings for cooking

Perishable Goods
Anything dairy, such as: milk, cheese, yogurt, sour cream, cream cheese
Sandwich bread, buns, rolls, muffins, bagels, tortillas, will not need to be refrigerated but may not have a long shelf life.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are, with most varieties, able to be left at room temperature but should be monitored each day and thrown out if spoiled. Potatoes, onions and tomatoes do well at room temperature as well as apples, oranges, bananas, melons before being cut up and grapefruit.
All beef, pork, chicken, hotdogs and fish should be kept refrigerated at or below 40 degrees and should be checked each day to make sure of it's freshness. Be sure to be careful handling meat when away from home as it can be easily contaminated and contaminate other surfaces.
Leftovers or meals prepared at home make a quick and easy evening dinner. Making meals ahead of time and freezing them make easy dinners or even lunches in the first few days. Put frozen foods in the cooler or RV refrigerator and serve as soon as they thaw. Easy ideas for this are homemade casseroles, lasagna, spaghetti, chili, soups and precooked meats to be chopped up into salads or sandwiches or thrown into pasta made at the campsite as well as many others. Don't be afraid to experiment with your families favorite foods and see how they do freezing and reheating them at the site.

Breakfast foods like eggs, bacon and sausage
Homebaked cookies, pies, cakes or other treats usually do well in an airtight container at room temperature but may not last through the whole trip at the peak of freshness or because they were eaten up too quickly!
Salad dressings or other condiments and marinades

Helpful accessories for meals outside include tablecloths for picnic tables with optional clips to keep them from blowing off in the wind and screens designed to be placed over plates to keep the bugs away. The same can be said for beverages left outside, especially anything with sugar, should be covered or they will draw flies and bees among other not welcome insects.

Our favorite RV receipe is one of my own creation...

6 eggs
1 pk of cream cheese
3 tbs sour cream
2 tsp curry
as much parsley as you like
(we also use goat cheese on top of the cream cheese)

Really simpley mix everything together and fry baby fry.... Add a side dish of bacon and home fries potatoes - that is sweet potatoes and you have a delish meal...  

January 3, 2011

Weird RV's

So as RV full timers we see more weird people then weird RV's... One came to our camp a couple of weeks ago and I just came across our pictures we took of this neat little thing... So this blog insert is short and will be mostly links where you can see for yourself just how fun it is to be weird and on the road...
"The Pit Campground" BLM $2.00 a night

Taken Nov 2010

Here are some cool links for more WEIRD RV's...



http://uniquervs.com/  (this one is really good - could you imagine?)


We are here at "The Pit Campground" BLM for another 8 days and then our last leg of California will be at the Pleasant Valley Campground and then we head to Nevada for a whole lot of fun. It will be 100% about site seeing and really getting to places to visit. We both are much excited... Well friends enjoy the links and let me know what you think.

January 1, 2011

Hang Overs

New Year

Happy New Year Blogger world!!
Well here we are Jan 1st, 2011. On the last day of the year 2010 most of the world is clinking their glasses to the good bubbly. Not us - for us it was all about the coffee. So now you must think we are alcohol recoveries? Nope!! We just wanted to take this year and be sober and watch all the other fools act silly - and you know what? They do act silly and some what crazy. And to think that was us last year (again no alcohol for we feel asleep by 10pm). We are beyond perfect - we have at one time or another been one of those crazy New
Year celebrities (not quit a Lindsay Lohan).

What ruined our adventure for the night was the neighbors ginny (RV camper generator) on till 12:30am (was on since 5pm) and so we couldn't hear all the campground drunks but just some of them where a ginny just couldn't drown out the sound. The old also ruined it for us. 16 degrees is just a little to cold for my taste to bounce around taking picture of helpless victim of willfully posing for my evil camera.

This morning was the real fun. Watching half the campground stumbling to the out house holding their head or mouth to avoid the vomit of public display. And of course our house is full of great conversations of weird topics and that brings me to today's topic. What to do for a "Hang Over"....

For me - pizza was alway my cure about 3pm of being in bed all day. For Jorge it's a bloody mary (yuck - I'm a beer girl and don't touch the hard stuff)... So with two weird ways of handling "Hang Overs" I went to INET to see what the hard core truth was... And here is what I came up with (well found).

Myth 1...
Nice try, but food has to be in your stomach before you drink to help a hangover. If you're busy digesting steak, your martini will be delivered to your bloodstream more slowly, giving it less of a chance to accumulate to the headache-worthy levels. (All food slows digestion, but fat does it best.)  Found on www.webmd.com
This site has a ton of myths.

Myth 2...
I can match my husband drink for drink.
No way! Women will always get more intoxicated on a smaller dose than men even if you weigh the same.
That's because men have a higher percentage of water in their bodies, which dilutes the alcohol.
Men also have higher levels of the enzyme that metabolizes alcohol, so they break it down better than women.
An awesome site with all kinds of myths http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/40856378/ns/today-today_health/

 Just google "Hangover Cures" and you'll find page after page after page of cures.. But I have the best one of all and we proved this theory last night. Just plain Coffee, a Good Cam Recorder, and a little Black Mail Book and a Bank account (not in that order - and of course we are very much kidding on the black mail).

We hope that your travels was safe and that the New Year will be what you make of it. For us - we have plans and of course life will through us some major curve balls and through us off track - but with our solid marriage, good friends we'll do just fine. Poor in the Bank but Rich in the Heart is what we want out of life....

The history of New Years can be found History of New Year CLICK HERE ... Gregorian calendar and for the non believers the Church is so linked to the history. Enjoy...


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