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November 30, 2011

RVers Christmas Wish

Email came in for me yesterday from a family in Kentucky. The email was about my Christmas Wish List. Every year I write one for the public in which I've always done with just a fun spirit. Well last year I received some cute wonderful gifts just from my blogs. And so when the request came asking when in the world am I going to publish my Christmas Wish List - I kinda went OMG really? I am honored and now excited and couldn't sleep last night because I was thinking.

I am told all the time I am hard to buy for. SO SO SO SO not true. I am the most simple person you'll ever encounter. Every year I have a theme (Jorge and I haven't exchange gifts in over 4 years and this year we are and so we are both like children and excited - don't worry Charity is still in our hearts and we've been doing our part - and we don't exchange gift for Christmas on Christmas for we reserve that day for our Lord. We exchange gifts on New Years)

So my theme this year is anything handmade.... My husband is loving this idea because I am his biggest fan and really as much as we craft we never craft for ourselves - you got it we always put ourselves last. My husband has a talent and I want it all around me and want everything handmade for me by him. But for my fans/friends/family who are looking to the blog for some help - here we go...

- Yarn (you can never go wrong there)
- Coffee (thank you so much Kentucky family for the bag you sent last year)
- Bumper Stickers (remember the faster I fill the back our rig the quicker I get a upgrade)
- Clothes Pins (lol for crafting)

that's it for me....

- Fabric (all this summer it's about Barbie Clothes)
- Patterns (he has like 6 so not much to work on)
- Sewing Machine Needles
- CANDY (men love food and this one takes the cake lol)

And there you have it... Oooops

- Treats
- Toys

It's always fun to see what will come - (I just got 2 packages from a Ornament exchange and a I am not sure why gift - but they were beautiful and handmade - I will talk about the Ornament Exchange at a later date - I have 15 of them I am sending out this week - took me longer to make but it was so much fun to be a part of)....

Address to be sent (so far we have 2 Christmas Cards - We love that)
Jorge & Evielynne Sanchez
110 E Center Street #1117
Madison, SD 57042

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November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

We like to also say to all those who shop on-line for the Black Friday Sales that we are having a 25% off in all of our stores (except http://www.etsy.com/shop/mrcraftyrving - this one is 50% off) - you can use the same coupon code for all the stores which is BLACKFRIDAYETSY.

http://www.etsy.com/shop/MrsCraftyRVing Toys, Crochet items, Art
http://www.etsy.com/shop/Christmas101 All Christmas themed items
http://www.etsy.com/shop/HatMasters summer/winter hats, mittens, scarfs
http://www.etsy.com/shop/MrCraftyRVing Jewelry

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November 21, 2011

Cheerios and Military Families and How you can Help Too

Holly has went and done it again. Read her article about Cheerios and what they are doing for the Christmas Season for our Military folks who are serving our freedom needs.... Holly you so flipping Rock - do you know that?

Mission Montana: Cheerios Cheer: Review and Giveaway: As the holidays approach, families have get-togethers and dinners. But what about those serving our country who will not make it home for th...

So get your Cherrios today!!

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November 19, 2011

Free Coffee at McDonald's?

A treat... A treat... A treat...
Our adventures took us to McDonald's were we had a 3 breakfast sandwiches off the dollar menu (2 for Jorge and one which turned out to be just a 1/2 - I am not a McDonld's fan on their food) and 2 coffee's in which our bill was for a total of $3.00. Really? I kid you not - no tax here in Oregon and the coffee was FREE... Now that was a treat!!

Hurry however - you can get your free coffee until the 20th...

Get your crayon roll for your little one today - this includes 1 crayon roll with 5 crayons and shipping is included in the price...

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November 16, 2011

Boycott Reality TV starting with the Kardashians

First I want to say that Ms Kardashians along with the rest of the female clan are very beautiful on the outside.... But today ladies you need more then that to shine... I've followed stars lives and read a lot of bios from afar just to keep up with the In's and outs of the younger generations. And wow the idols of today are more about being on the front pages then the idols of yesterday. And what gets me is that is does nothing for human kind to worship and wish to be like these sorts of idols. At least the idols of yesterday were about the characters they played like Indiana Jone saving the world mission. Today it's about SEX and how to use it...

As I sit here knowing I have gray hair and wrinkles I can almost hear the laughter of some women saying aw it's a jealousy thing going on... A twinge yes but in reality "NO" it's about know what's right and what wrong with the simple fact that a bride would be soooo  selfish to spend 10+ million dollars on a wedding - on a flipping wedding. I understand with her status it could get expensive but the act was not with God but with the public - the contract she sign forever and for-always was for the public not to her husband or to God. That money could of helped thousand of poor people in her town.

We as a society are as much to blame as she - because she would not of been so pron to such selfish behavior if we didn't watch her show, buy her products, or give a damn on what brand of clothes she fills out. We need to get back to what's important in life - life value - human compassion, doing good for others... Of course some would say but heck now your making her more famous by trying to make her un-famous. It's not my wanting... It's seeing a young lady who has acne scars and can't afford to have it fixed and seeing that men/women/society would look down on her and look up to shallow beauty. The term beauty is the word I hope to see change in our future. Beauty being an act and not a look.

We don't watch TV any more because it has NO value - we watch hulu because we can watch all the old shows that didn't have the smut and language of today - were men wore their pants correctly (I can't tell you how often my husband want to walk up to men and pull their pants up) and women didn't have the I am better then a man get the heck out of my way because my world is about me period. I know I am being a dork with my whining - it's just wow have we become so blind to the fact that we are allowing our world to change and to put up with such lack of respect for one another for 5 minutes of fame.... What a price tag to pay?

Each of us can make a difference, we can turn off everything Kardashian on TV. Stop buying all there cheap stuff from China with a Kardashian label glued on it, and tell your friends and family to do the same.

It's not funny anymore whats going on with society nowadays. It's time to wake up and stop idolizing this family. They really only care about money and have proven this time and time again....

Head over to any of the Kardashian pages on Facebook, you will see posts that are just sad. Some of these kids are infatuated with the Kardashians. They think that family has descended from heaven or something it's just weird how the fans are over there. They post there real phone numbers and email addresses, ON THE WEB, for everyone to see in hopes that they get a call. This is the stuff that is so upsetting to see.

Boycott The Kardashians!
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November 15, 2011

Public Transportation - RV folks it's Worth it

We own a 24 ft motorhome. And we don't have a toad car. And boy do we get the rudest remarks about it. But here's the thing. That's one less bill we have to worry about all together. We count our pennies unlike a lot of RV folks. Are we embarrassed by that? No because quality of life means more to us then being tied down by more bills.

*We have mountain bikes that get used alot - and so the benefit from that is, we are not over weight  - and it's a lot of fun to do...
*We enjoy the adventures that come along without having a car - like walking... No walks anymore except for when it's a hiking trail...
*We enjoy getting to meet strangers from riding the public transportation - and I am so sick of people saying "but buses are dirty" so not true and we yet to see one.

Being far from the city it can get pretty hard at times - for us it's about the fabric store... eeek thankful most of it I can order on-line if need be. But there are times when you need something on a drop of dime. And so the bus system is our answer... Where we are wintering where my husband cleans for spot it's about a 40 minute ride to the big town of "The Dalles" and so the local postal guy looked up the number for us and we made the call. The call was simple and wonderful - a spunky VERY friendly lady more then set us up. She gave us hints and locations to what we could do... Hang on it gets better!

We set up our ride (they only ride out of here twice a week Mondays & Thursdays) for a Monday.

Monday morning comes and here comes our bus (yes we have backpacks on and ready for school lol) and off we go.... OMG what an adventure - we not only got to meet some of the locals of our surronding areas but made fast friends too. No hobo's or scum sucking people - but real down to earth people who just happen to support such service because hell yes we are not the only ones counting pennies....

I think what got to my heart was watching the bus driver Larry go to town on customer service - he really did a supreme job talking to each of us on the bus and for every pick-up or drop off he either escorted the ladies down or helped load the amount of items people were buying. I was shocked!! I've had friendly bus drivers "YES" but never a mircle worker for one. From Larry's way of handling everything it was more then just a job - it was him being human in which we could all use a lesson from. He made you want to be a better person. And it's been sitting on mind ever since....

But back to the point... The public transportation supports town and it's job security too. It's way cheap - $5.00 per person each way... The more people ride the better the roads are for traveling - and sorry having someone else drive is freedom in my book. And the best yet - you find out about the area (the hidden secrets) about the best stores to go to - the best prices - food - events - even what areas need charity work done....

Take a day and just try out the bus system... It's not bad!!

I am not smiling because I get car sick easy... I need to get patches for sure!!

Grab Bag Crayon Roll (includes 1 crayon roll and crayons

November 12, 2011

Saturday Blog Linky Party for Helpful Hints "How To"

Have a helpful article on "How To" well get on board and submit and spread the wealth of teaching....

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November 11, 2011

Grab Bag Crayon Roll with Crayons

No more Donation Button on our Blog - we've flopped in that area bad. And so now you can make a purchase of our most popular item "Our Crayon Rolls"... You get to pick either a boy or girl and they will get 1 crayon roll with 5 crayons - we have a choice if you have more then one child too - the price also included USA shipping (anyone outside the USA will have to email us first if you wish to make a purchase). Shipping is done through paypal which mean you'll get a confirmation number to track your order. We use only Crayola brand crayons PERIOD not the cheap crayons....
Pictures are sample of our crayon rolls.... Just click on the arrow above the "BUY NOW" make your choice pick and then follow direction from there on - we ship daily.... We have over 100 theme crayon rolls.... Great for RV folks who want to send their grandkids a gift - teachers - blog fans!!

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Who is our 100th Blog Follower

Hi Evielynne! I'm Snoodles from the Bible Study blog!
I also blog at http://lilypadquilting.blogspot.com,
and I have a web site for quilters at http://olefrogeyes.com too.

At the web site, quilters can post up to six quilts at a time, that they are working on, and all of their buddies can come and look at them....you can click on "Gallery" and then on the letter J to see Joy Denise -- she has lots going on. If you go to "S" and click on Snoodles, you will see my quilts and projects.

I don't know why it is not growing. The people who use it just love it, but we are not getting many new quilters. I think that pretty soon I will put a survey on my blog, and see what people think. Maybe it's too expensive, or maybe they are kinda scared of it being too hard to use.
I think it is really cool - our daughter created it, and I was hoping it would help create a stream of income for her over the long term.

And of course, I'm a real person:) My hubby is a little apprehensive about the internet, and that "all those people" can see and read my blog! LOL So, out of respect for him, I use my nickname. When I get to know people, I write to them with my real name, but on the web, I'd rather use Snoodles. I'm pretty old fashioned, I guess. Of course, if you have read my posts on the study, you already knew that! LOL

I hope that you have a wonderful evening, and I'm glad to know where your blog is now. I'll be checking out your etsy stores http://www.etsy.com/shop/mrscraftyrving when I get a break from work! :)
Hugs to you,

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November 10, 2011

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November 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

How much should I offer for this dream house (Mount Shasta 09")???

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November 7, 2011

Time Change

Normally I don't have issues with it - but wow this year I am just having a hard time with it - since the change I feel like I am dragging...
Am I the only one going through this? It's 7:30pm and I felt like 2 hours ago I needed to go to bed already.... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ's and I still have at least 4 hours left - ugggggg

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November 5, 2011

Saturday and My RV Nose

I was just looking at the calendar and in awe of how fast already this month is going. Just 19 days till the big feast. I for one am looking forward to it. A must do that day will be to walk the entire RV park with my nose in the air and smell...

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November 3, 2011

Linky Post Share

It's real easy to add your blog to the linky (Click "Enter Here" and follow the direction) then others will see your blog and click to follow. Just either follow 3 of the blogs already listed or leave comments on their article...

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November 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Guess what I am?

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