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October 24, 2009

Here are some of our HAPPY CAMPERS





These are some of our happy campers who we love dearly and thankfully keep contact. The couple you see dancing are ballroom dancers. The knitted hats you see on anyone are the ones Evielynne made for them. And get this - I got a picture of my beautiful wife playing the guitar (a rare shot). I can't remember some of their names so I decided not to add any in fear they would be upset for me forgetting. Evielynne sure remembers but it's my turn to do the blogger. I will host Saddlebag just one more year and then we'll move on. I think 2 years at one location is more then enough - for after that it will feel like work and we're retired.

We're still in June Lake and I'm tired because my wife all she wants to do is hike and she's getting more and more into shape. We had our blood work and all that and she has runner numbers - whatever that means. I have a week to go at Oh Ridge and then we move on to Mammoth for a 2 week vacation from vacation. After that we're still not sure - we do have 4 options but we'll see what best as we get closer to the date (Nov 15).

Well, I'm not the blogger so tune in again soon for it's my wifes turn!! Hope everyone is well.
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October 20, 2009





Ok! The people in these picture are our new friends Dee and Mike and their dog Omar (who I love dearly)..... Now what makes these people so wonderful is that they are in their 70's and can put us to shame with hiking. Such gentle and wonderful people and we are so excited to add them to our list of life time long friends. On this hike they took us to Parker Lake and it was a 6 mile hike and then afterwords we headed to the spa - in which I (Evielynne have never been to one - it was called the Double Eagle Spa and it was wonderful). We took this hike on October 10, 2009. Hope you like the pictures...
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Our last day at Saddlebag Campground - snow storm


So this was our last day at Saddlebag Campground. We got 12 inches of snow and OMG I thought we would be stranded there. Thank GOSH for Jim Q would asked me how long will it take me to pack up and my answer was 20 minutes and I think I broke the record with 10 minutes. We where on the last of our propane and was scared to use that in case we had to stay another night. I think the night before was 10 degrees.

But what an adventure..... I'm so ugly in this picture but we had a blast... It was warmer near the fire then being inside the RV.....

For what ever reason this program will only let me put a single picture at a time..... So I'll have to work out the bugs so that you can see more per post then having to go to each one by itself....

Today is Oct 20th and the weather is in the 50's.... We're going hiking again after leaving the library.... Hope to get in 9 miles. Oh yeah, going to try to put our video of one the hikes we took back at Saddlebag - hope you enjoy it!!
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October 17, 2009


Happy Birthday my dear wife!
Hello everyone! just letting you know that I fixed the picture program and that Evielynne will be on Tuesday to update and add pictures of what we've been up to.... So be sure to check in and see for yourselves on how crazy and how much fun we've been having!
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October 9, 2009

We are back!!

Hello! It's so wonderful to be back... I've so missed my friends..... Hello to all of you!

Lets see where to begin?
Well, I'll start the day before Jorge started his job with CLM and go from there. We stayed at June Lake - Oh Ridge campground and then headed to the visitor center to weigh ourselves in. Well I got on the scale and it said I weighed 146 lbs and that just couldn't be. So Jorge hopped on in hopes I was right. Well for gosh sakes it was and I went into a full blown break down with about 30 people watching me - I so kid you not. I was crying and freaking out. So then off we went with me not happy. Well I had 2 months to get rid of the shame. And you must be asking did I - I SURE DID. I now weigh 132..... Hope you like the before and after pics...... At Saddlebag Campground the elevation is over 10,000 and nothing but hills and mountains so getting the exercise was not a problem. Jorge lost 7 lbs but he didn't need to so you can imagine how happy he is to be on flat land again. I did not change my eating patterns because that was not the problem. I think from being in Mount Shasta and sad as can be and major depressed because of what went on there it was no brainer where the weight stemmed from.

And so I had to share that first with all my family and friends....

I had the best time up in Saddlebag Campground and meet a lot of great wonderful people that I will forever hold in my heart.... I do need to thank so wonderful people for taking great care of Jorge and I and if it weren't for these people we would of gone nuts.

Carmen and Richard the owner of the Saddlebag Resort who have the best workers of any business I've ever encountered. They adopted us and took the best care of us and step in to help me when a certain camper got in my face and the police needed to be brought in. These wonderful people really stepped up to help us. They where great to Jorge in helping Jorge understand the area and how things worked. I will miss our dinners and drives with them - hope the year fly by so we can see them once again..... Thank you guys!!

Kristin the 19 year old who worked at the resort. This little girl took us on some great hikes - hikes I never dreamed of Jorge and I going on in a life time. This 19 year old set a standard for us and we so look forward seeing where this young lady goes in life. She is amazing person who we have so much respect for....

Jim Q - Jorge's supervisor/boss. The one person who was most concerned about how I was doing when this awful camper got in my face and the other crap he pulled on me. He has been one super great guy - always the leader but also with a caring ear and eager to help Jorge do a better job. Because of him Jorge will stay with CLM....

I have so many adventures to tell you about during our stay at Saddlebag and about certain wonderful camper that will be our life friends..... But you'll have to check back to get these stories because we just got down the hill and still trying to catch up on things....

I was asked who I missed the most. And you'd think it was family (which they are fine so there was no need to worry) but it wasn't. It was Jill and Harry and their family (OMG Ruth is following this blog - I'm most honored). I so wanted to call or scream out to them during our good times and bad at Saddlebag.... So glad to have contact again with this most wonderful family.....

Chat soon!


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