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November 7, 2009

Leaving Mammoth Lakes and heading to Kernville

It's Saturday and we are pretty much packed and ready to head out tomorrow. We will head to Bishop for the night and then off to Kernville. Mammoth Lake has been a lot of fun and full of beauty.

Friday Jorge headed to Kernville with the other CLM employees who are much hirer in the company - Dean and Carla. It was a 250 mile ride each way and they all headed out at 5am. Carla owns a cute little puppy dog (I think is 10 or 11 yrs old) a golden retriever "Barkley" in which I got to pet-sit for all day. And what a blast for my JuneBug. They got along very well which I was testing JuneBug and happy to report we are getting a dog now. So "Barkley" the golden retriever and I went for a jog which was wonderful because Jorge who I love so much can be a pest about me running in areas in which we are not familiar with. And then I brushed "Barkley's"b hair which was fun and surprising easy. And then his Mum come home.

With-in the hour our friends Gwen and Dale came to stay at the campground for the night. And they have a golden retriever as well - A girl and what a beauty "Morgan" is her name and their cat is "Annie" who is a traveling out door cat. Strange but true and very neat to say the least. I freak when my JuneBug goes anywhere near the door and you can count on tears coming if he gets out - which has happened a time or two.
So Gwen, Dale, Jorge and I went to Giovanni's Pizza which was good stuff. We exchange stories and got to know each other a bit better and just had a good ole time. Then off to home and to bed. snore.........

Today Gwen, Dale and us got together and headed for some coffee and checked out the area a bit and then went off for a quick scenic drive. Gwen is very sneaky with her camera. We went and seen Mary Lake, Twin Lake, George Lake (no we didn't dump Jorge's body there - lol that's not the reason we went there). And then headed back. Then Gwen and Dale had to leave. And so sweet of Gwen she gave me a AWESOME gift potholders knitted in my favorite color - green. I was so excited - everyone knows I love homemade gifts the most. Then we said our good-byes and then I pouted for the rest of the day. Just like I'll do tomorrow when we have to say good-bye to Carla and Barkley.

It's almost time for bed soon and we're kicking back watching old classic movies (we just finished up As the Clouds Roll By). And we're now watching Made for each other that stars Henry Fonda. After this movie it's safe to say it will be lalalala land for us.

Tomorrow we have to get up early so we can empty the septic tank, pack the hose away - unplug and chores like that and then say our good-byes and give a gift that we made for Carla (who by the way does some major major major professional beading and if I can get a hold of pic for sure I will post it on my blog) and then off we go until next season. We are going to miss some of the CLM crew and I am most thankful I have their emails to keep contact with.

November 6, 2009

More picture of Saddlebag





Here are some more pictures of the Saddlebag 20 Lake Basin. Remember we where at 10,200 in elevation so there is a huge lack of oxygen.
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October 24, 2009

Here are some of our HAPPY CAMPERS





These are some of our happy campers who we love dearly and thankfully keep contact. The couple you see dancing are ballroom dancers. The knitted hats you see on anyone are the ones Evielynne made for them. And get this - I got a picture of my beautiful wife playing the guitar (a rare shot). I can't remember some of their names so I decided not to add any in fear they would be upset for me forgetting. Evielynne sure remembers but it's my turn to do the blogger. I will host Saddlebag just one more year and then we'll move on. I think 2 years at one location is more then enough - for after that it will feel like work and we're retired.

We're still in June Lake and I'm tired because my wife all she wants to do is hike and she's getting more and more into shape. We had our blood work and all that and she has runner numbers - whatever that means. I have a week to go at Oh Ridge and then we move on to Mammoth for a 2 week vacation from vacation. After that we're still not sure - we do have 4 options but we'll see what best as we get closer to the date (Nov 15).

Well, I'm not the blogger so tune in again soon for it's my wifes turn!! Hope everyone is well.
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October 20, 2009





Ok! The people in these picture are our new friends Dee and Mike and their dog Omar (who I love dearly)..... Now what makes these people so wonderful is that they are in their 70's and can put us to shame with hiking. Such gentle and wonderful people and we are so excited to add them to our list of life time long friends. On this hike they took us to Parker Lake and it was a 6 mile hike and then afterwords we headed to the spa - in which I (Evielynne have never been to one - it was called the Double Eagle Spa and it was wonderful). We took this hike on October 10, 2009. Hope you like the pictures...
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Our last day at Saddlebag Campground - snow storm


So this was our last day at Saddlebag Campground. We got 12 inches of snow and OMG I thought we would be stranded there. Thank GOSH for Jim Q would asked me how long will it take me to pack up and my answer was 20 minutes and I think I broke the record with 10 minutes. We where on the last of our propane and was scared to use that in case we had to stay another night. I think the night before was 10 degrees.

But what an adventure..... I'm so ugly in this picture but we had a blast... It was warmer near the fire then being inside the RV.....

For what ever reason this program will only let me put a single picture at a time..... So I'll have to work out the bugs so that you can see more per post then having to go to each one by itself....

Today is Oct 20th and the weather is in the 50's.... We're going hiking again after leaving the library.... Hope to get in 9 miles. Oh yeah, going to try to put our video of one the hikes we took back at Saddlebag - hope you enjoy it!!
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October 17, 2009


Happy Birthday my dear wife!
Hello everyone! just letting you know that I fixed the picture program and that Evielynne will be on Tuesday to update and add pictures of what we've been up to.... So be sure to check in and see for yourselves on how crazy and how much fun we've been having!
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October 9, 2009

We are back!!

Hello! It's so wonderful to be back... I've so missed my friends..... Hello to all of you!

Lets see where to begin?
Well, I'll start the day before Jorge started his job with CLM and go from there. We stayed at June Lake - Oh Ridge campground and then headed to the visitor center to weigh ourselves in. Well I got on the scale and it said I weighed 146 lbs and that just couldn't be. So Jorge hopped on in hopes I was right. Well for gosh sakes it was and I went into a full blown break down with about 30 people watching me - I so kid you not. I was crying and freaking out. So then off we went with me not happy. Well I had 2 months to get rid of the shame. And you must be asking did I - I SURE DID. I now weigh 132..... Hope you like the before and after pics...... At Saddlebag Campground the elevation is over 10,000 and nothing but hills and mountains so getting the exercise was not a problem. Jorge lost 7 lbs but he didn't need to so you can imagine how happy he is to be on flat land again. I did not change my eating patterns because that was not the problem. I think from being in Mount Shasta and sad as can be and major depressed because of what went on there it was no brainer where the weight stemmed from.

And so I had to share that first with all my family and friends....

I had the best time up in Saddlebag Campground and meet a lot of great wonderful people that I will forever hold in my heart.... I do need to thank so wonderful people for taking great care of Jorge and I and if it weren't for these people we would of gone nuts.

Carmen and Richard the owner of the Saddlebag Resort who have the best workers of any business I've ever encountered. They adopted us and took the best care of us and step in to help me when a certain camper got in my face and the police needed to be brought in. These wonderful people really stepped up to help us. They where great to Jorge in helping Jorge understand the area and how things worked. I will miss our dinners and drives with them - hope the year fly by so we can see them once again..... Thank you guys!!

Kristin the 19 year old who worked at the resort. This little girl took us on some great hikes - hikes I never dreamed of Jorge and I going on in a life time. This 19 year old set a standard for us and we so look forward seeing where this young lady goes in life. She is amazing person who we have so much respect for....

Jim Q - Jorge's supervisor/boss. The one person who was most concerned about how I was doing when this awful camper got in my face and the other crap he pulled on me. He has been one super great guy - always the leader but also with a caring ear and eager to help Jorge do a better job. Because of him Jorge will stay with CLM....

I have so many adventures to tell you about during our stay at Saddlebag and about certain wonderful camper that will be our life friends..... But you'll have to check back to get these stories because we just got down the hill and still trying to catch up on things....

I was asked who I missed the most. And you'd think it was family (which they are fine so there was no need to worry) but it wasn't. It was Jill and Harry and their family (OMG Ruth is following this blog - I'm most honored). I so wanted to call or scream out to them during our good times and bad at Saddlebag.... So glad to have contact again with this most wonderful family.....

Chat soon!

July 25, 2009

Garmin foretex 101 GPS Treasure we found...

Holly Be-Goosey…. Soon Jorge will be starting his new job and he’ll be wearing a uniform that will stir me crazy. Well because we don’t get access to Internet signal I won’t be able to blog as much (even more so after this Thursday till Oct 15 unless we head down the mountain which I don’t think we’ll be able to) so I’ll have to compile all of adventures to a single post.

It’s been wonderful here in June Lake. The weather has been beautiful in the 80’s and no rain since we’ve been here. Jorge and I walk all the time, which is great for me on the account I still need to loose some weight. And our walks are not simple walks but hikes in which we do 6-8 miles each time and in the area we are in it’s a lot of hills.

Just the other day when we headed into June Lake town we seen a coyote cross the road not even 300 yards from where we where and that was a sight. And of course the very day I forgot to take my camera. Needless to say we bought that day new walking sticks in case we need to vend off some of God’s creature that may want to eat us.

And then today we decided to hike and headed to town to use the Internet and then took a complete different route home but decided to check out a road we’ve never walked on. And by doing this we found a great treasure – a GPS and a Garmin at it worth about $200-300 and after Jorge research the database on it he was able to tell it was only used twice. Holly heck we are so jazzed and it was an item on our wish list and it’s in NEW condition too with out any scratches or any form of damage. Jorge hasn’t stopped playing with it. The funny part to this story is that we where talking about asking God to help us find a bag of money – something we always joke about and not even 2 minutes later we find the GPS. Boy you should be careful for what you ask for lol.

Well today’s date is July 21, 2009 already and soon we’ll be heading into Bishop to load on some items we are not going to be able to live with out. Like a heater and propane bottles and stuff like that will help us survive better in the woods. Oh and my new hobby is buying stickers to put on the RV. Which is covering the damage and scratches from the last owners. So far 3 of stickers from towns we visited.

So ok I’ve put on Johnny Cash movie Walk the Line in which just started so I need to stop so that I can concentrate on drooling of Mr. Phoenix a very good looking actor. Shhhhh don’t tell Jorge lol….

July 15, 2009

June Lake Loop Campground - the best workers EVER

I am breathing a sigh of relief. I am breathing in the wonderful scents of sage bush. I am so thankful of for the new company Jorge will be working for. I’ll explain in details as I move along in this blog.

July 11, 2009 we left Milford, CA freshly showered and fully fed and a couple of bundles of joy knowing we made the right decision. We get to Carson City where I have my list in hand and we head into Wal-Mart for our very large shopping trip. It’s very funny to see Jorge cringe a bit. So I have budget for 3 months of food and all of our supplies we will need for Lee Vining Campground for the next 3 months. The bill at Wal-Mart totals $437 and some change and Jorge’s face turns white. Now I on the other hand am super excited because it you divide that into 3 (for the 3 months) that’s only $164.00 per month that I’ve spent and that’s a huge savings on my part – something like $600 savings. It was so cute we had a beautiful young cashier who should not be working at Wal-Mart but as a model was a trooper during the whole process, after all we had 2 large carts full and the crowd behind us where not so nice. Jorge was a little upset with them for 1 cart was full of material supplies in which is used for my charity work for MS.
And then we load the RV and stand there shocked at the fact that it even fit to begin with. After that moment passes we head for the road once again. It’s then that Jorge suggest we stop at the nearest campground so that we can rest and enjoy what’s left of the day. So 4 hours pass and we passed nearly 10 campgrounds and we didn’t get that I have to stay here for the night feeling. And then we find the campground called Mono Vista RV Park located in Lee Vining. I know, I know this was our destination. It’s a beautiful little campground in which they take the best care of their grounds. Everything was so green and full of beautiful flowers. If any of my friends ever come to this area, it’s a great place to park for the night or couple of nights. Now when we got there they had no open spots but they offered us an overflow spot for just $20.
So we park and play for the afternoon. We head into town by foot and visit the visitor center to see how many campgrounds are in the area in which Jorge will be in working in. And to our surprise a lot of camps are near by. But because California is in a financial crisis they have started to close some of the campgrounds down – 2 in our area for sure. And then of course we head for ice cream our $6.00 apiece ice cream. And then by the time we head back after our walk through town it’s time to call it a night. Jorge and I are trying to get to bed a bit earlier and awake earlier to help curve the use of our power in the RV. Seems to be working like a charm.

July 12, 2009

Now this day is full of adventure to a tee. We awake very early and head back into town for coffee. And then we head down to the local park where they are getting ready for a money tournament in softball and there are about 14 teams present. The one thing I did notice a lot with the locals is that they are not friendly. We encounter strange face expressions whenever I said hello or good-morning. It’s very sad to say the least to see this type of attitude in such a beautiful town. We head back and take our morning shower and then head off. Its only 10 miles to Jorge’s will be working. And OMG we have to climb 8% grade, which is the worst we’ve ever climbed. And the stress began. We make it to the top and decide to stay at the campground Jorge will be working at. The location spot that I choice to stay at was way to difficult to get the RV into. So we decided to head to 2 campgrounds below.

I sure wish I could remember the camp host name but I can tell you he reminded me of Uncle Jesse of the Dukes of Hazards show. The bluest eyes you’d ever seen. And so friendly too and told us since Jorge will be working that we get to stay for as long as we want for FREE. Now of course your thinking wow CLM is cool but this is nothing. I decided not to unpack a thing because I just had a funny feeling. So I manage to cook lunch of chili and re-fried beans on rolls. Yes we both paid the price much later in the day but I won’t go into those details for our followers of this blog. Wouldn’t want to embarrass us.
So about 2 hours later a simple man in a State Forest Truck pulls up and come to find out it’s Jorge’s boss. Jim is his name and he chats up a storm and offers us a place in June Loop at a campground called Oh Ridge. It has electric and water. I say oh yes when can we go? We left within 5 minutes. So back down this monstrous hill that scared us more coming down then coming up. We were so stress that we did not enjoy the spectacular view as we did coming up. I could vision our brakes burning and then going over the cliff and that my friends was FEAR. We do make it down and now we each have more gray hairs after that adventure. And we make it to the campground. And the very first person we meet is a sweet sassy gal Bonnie who I will love for life. And then we also meet Chris the wife of Jorge’s boss and you can tell that they are a team not only in marriage but in work also. Super great people who could teach Mount Shasta Campground employees a thing or two. So we chat up a storm and then within 10 minutes we are invited to a party. I was so shocked that there are really truly good people out there in this world. Mount Shasta you should be ashamed of yourselves.

This is all I had time to write and post but well update Friday!!

We are so flipping happy and know in our hearts we made the right choice. The employees are WONDERFUL and full of respect and even made time to get to know us!! We couldn't pick a better place to work for!!

July 10, 2009

Honey Lake R.V. Park and our start to a FUN Adventure!!

July 10, 2009 Friday

So it's 5am and the alarm goes off. I'm the one who gets up and is ready on a drop of a dime. However it's 6:30am when we exit our 1st workamping job. And it was not a good experience. It's just not worth going into that again and re-live the nightmares.

It's a beautiful day it's turning out to be. We are both in great moods - however I look at my husband and noticed he has very swollen bags under his eyes - always a sign of stress. That makes me mad yet again to our past working experience. Then Jorge pats me and lets me know it's going to be OK.

And all of our troubles go away the minute we step into Susanville, CA and eat at a cafe called Watson's Cafe owned by Kimberly Guimond. And holly heck it was good. I of course had the Spinach Mushroom Omelet and Jorge had the Country Style Breakfast. A cute little place with pricey food but GREAT service. After breakfast we walk into Wal-Mart that was just across the street and to both our surprise we do not make a purchase (knowing that tomorrow we'll be doing our giant shopping trip in Carson, NV).

And then back on the road again but not to far. We couldn't find the boondocking spot I had researched on-line so we decided to find the 1st campground and park for the night. It's only noon and we had decided while we were driving that we were never going to rush to a location again and enjoy ourselves for a change.

Honey Lake Campground located in Milford, Ca is the lucky campground we find to stay at. ummmm it's a little different here but hey - we get to sleep in our home so why not give it a chance. It was $17.50 for full hook-up not to bad at all and Internet access was only $3.00 for a 24 hour service.

Now the history of the lake is kind of strange but true.... It's 100% dried up. But not always so. In 1850 Peter Lassen and his expedition party discovered the lake hence giving it the name of Honey Lake for a sweet substance they found on the shrubbery. I guess in 1859 it went dry. In 1859-1860 the lake filled once again. And then it had gone dry again in 1865, 1887, 1889, 1903, 1919-1937, 1943-1947, 1961, 1976, 1979, and 1981 and 1990. The last record of the Lake drying 1992 and re-filling in 1993. As strange as it is to hear of the lakes drying spell it also did battle a flood 1867-1868 and from what I understand 2 of the 5 drowning in this part of the state was at Lake Honey. It was a popular place at one time to ice skate but because of the air pockets in the lake it was dangerous. They tried and tried with no success to stock the lake with fish and failed miserable. And there you go the history of the Lake.

We did have dinner at the restaurant and they are best well know for their Monster Burger and have a wall full of pictures with times it took too eat of men and one female (2 lb burger GROSS). I had a normal size burger and Jorge had a normal size burger a appetiser that was huge and a piece of lime pie (my piggy he is and still skinny). And oh my a walk was in need - so we head down to where a lonely horse lives and Jorge gleam is arises. We also came across a mini farm of goats and got to talk to the owner of what I counted was 25 or so goats and 1 sheep by the name of curly. It was her dream to have her own farm and working at the campground bar has helped her to buy them. Real nice people. And then off to do laundry and then call it quits for the night. So we pop a movie in and Jorge is asleep within 10 minutes.

So it was a successful day for us today and the start of great things. I don't think it's always going to be this nice but it could not be as bad as before. I took pictures and we hope that you enjoy them!!

The campground is owned and operated by Ted & Sandra Wylie. Their son handle the store part and entertains it's guest with his singing and guitar playing while Mum is the cook. A very interesting place and super quiet. This concludes our 1st day and we have 20 days left till Jorge starts his job! Most excited....

July 9, 2009

Work from Home by using your BLOG

It's no Joke... If you have a blog like I do you can get paid for what you blog!!

It's no Joke... If you have a blog like I do you can get paid for what you blog!!

It's no Joke... If you have a blog like I do you can get paid for what you blog!!

It's no Joke... If you have a blog like I do you can get paid for what you blog!!

July 7, 2009

We sold our car BUT that's not the best news of the day!!


So this wonderful guy name Ron bought our car. I really hope it works out for him and that he tinkers all the bad out of it. It's a funny story about that car. Jorge had bought it from the car dealer he worked at and his wife at the time of 25 years coned him into signing it over to her because Jorge drove a company car. And so when it was time for a D.I.V.O.R.C.E she wanted him to buy it back for $5000. I told him to tell her to jump off a bridge. So anyways without going into to much details I told him to take the car and give her everything else if he truly wanted to be free of her. And it didn't take to much for him to realize it's just material and if he really wanted a another house he could get one he'd have to just work really hard but it would be his. So it was a no brainier and she got EVERYTHING. But in the end he really won..... But to get to the point it was the only thing left from the marriage and so it was sad to see the car go because boy that car really took us places we never dreamed a car could get too (trails people, trails, gosh get your mind out of the gutter LOL).

So after the car got towed out of here, I jumped on my emails and there was an email from an MS Patient and she was requested one of my blankets - and I become very emotional and honored. And then after responding to her email I jumped onto my group and another blessing was waiting for me there. 3 new members. I did it. I'm doing something good and it feels GREAT! My brother would be so proud of me right now and I can see him smiling down!! This is the start to his dream and I get to live it out for him. I keep hitting the in-box hoping she'll write back to me today to tell me what colors she'd like so I can get started.

I had to thank my two good friends who have heard me whine, cry, shout, and just get really emotional in the last 2 months and they even signed up as crafting volunteers. I wanted this to happen so bad but wasn't sure how to begin and who to reach out to. But with patients and the Internet we are starting to reach out and now it's starting to come together. And now that I am home full time my time will be used to do wonderful blankets for all my new friends who have MS.

I'm so happy and that has not been an easy thing to be these days. I took a lot of time and just spoke to God and ponder things out and asked for forgiveness for the ill I feel in my heart and asked for strength to let go. And my answer came today. It's my will to make some smiles and I've always been known to be funny and too be there for when anyone ever asked of me. I some how lost that and I'm getting that back. There are worse things out there that people deal with then what I have been whining about. OK so I beat myself up enough. Now I must go check my in-box for the email that will allow me to help. Imagine me make a Granny Square Blanket for someone? That in itself is a miracle. Right campground_crafters? LOL

July 6, 2009

Four Days Left!!

July 6th, 2009

I’ve been beyond frustrated in regards to the Internet and find it funny that just days before heading out we are not getting signal.

Yesterday I kept my shades down and turn the company radio off and wow crashed and slept most of the day. When Jorge came home he knew something was wrong and went straight to cooking dinner and then we headed out for a walk. And it was nice and sad all in the same breath. It’s beautiful here and we’ll miss the beauty of the land but not the ugliness of the people. I know it's harsh and yet I grieve. Only 1 person from the staff gave me the biggest hug and stated that this company has no idea what they will miss. It was not sweet music to my ears but sweet knowledge that I made a true friend and so everyone, this trip was worth it. Jorge and I are doing this for a life experience and so we got it and we can go our own ways.

As Jorge was making coffee I was watching the stress develop in his face and knew what the reason was. He still has to work until we are off. And he prepares himself for battle is the best way I can explain it. Everyday he asks if the new boss has sent an email (his way of getting support) in hopes that will give him some hope to get through the day. And the boss does send an email and the day is bearable for a little while.

I on the other hand got to chat with Gwen who has become a huge importance in my life with her beautiful words filled with God and beauty. I truly couldn’t imagine life with out her. My other dear friends are Jill and Sue both too many miles away but yet are so close with love. Sue would be my butt kicker and gives me my motivation to be productive and Jill is my family across the seas (I so envy her she has a wonderful family of every character) that will always be on my side. Don’t get me wrong I have other great friends that I get to talk to from time to time but during this time of my life these women stick out like a sore thumb and I can’t thank them enough. I hope they know when there time of need comes that I will be honored to return the favor.

I am writing this while watching the icon on my computer trying to connect and I have my shade down again that is facing our neighbor who works here and I just don’t want to be reminded so I hide yet again. But we only have four more days. I wish for the days to hurry so that I can be with my best friend and we get to hang out and have a good time. I hope tonight we end of playing cards – it’s been awhile since Jorge had a good butt kicking but hey tonight might be his night to win. Either way it will be fun.

I don’t know if I’ll get any computer time today so I apologize for the delay of however long it takes me to post this on my blog.

I noticed that every time someone clicks on my ad listing I get paid for. And the last time I was on-line I got a notice of payment put in my paypal. So thank you everyone for clicking on the links to help support us. Now we are a one-paycheck family so I depend on the Internet world to help make up the lost income we are losing. That’s why Tupperware and Pet Walking are so important. Cross your fingers for us. Ok long enough blog and I will chat you all soon – this I am sure of!! Thinking of you and hoping you’re all doing well? Drop us a line to let us know you read this. Often I wonder just who reads this blog lol….

Oh here are some pics from the 4th!!

July 4, 2009

A little American has a Voice and saying HAPPY 4TH OF JULY my friends and my fellow Americans...

From the history channel:

Independence Day in the U.S., is an annual holiday commemorating the formal adoption by the Continental Congress of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, in Philadelphia. Although the signing of the Declaration was not completed until August, the Fourth of July holiday has been accepted as the official anniversary of U.S. independence and is celebrated in all states and territories of the U.S.

The holiday was first observed in Philadelphia on July 8, 1776, at which time the Declaration of Independence was read aloud, city bells rang, and bands played. It was not declared a legal holiday, however, until 1941. The Fourth is traditionally celebrated publicly with parades and pageants, patriotic speeches, and organized firing of guns and cannons and displays of fireworks; early in the 20th century public concern for a "safe and sane" holiday resulted in restrictions on general use of fireworks. Family picnics and outings are a feature of private Fourth of July celebrations.

Now for me:

I am the 1st American born Grandchild and it rings a pride bell in my heart. This is from my Mother's side of the family. And having been in many countries and even having my family living in Germany I choose America to live and travel in. There is so much beauty here that a life time is just not enough to see it all.

And for Jorge having a father who faught against Castro and then being in his prision while watching his soldiers (he was a Major) being shot down in front of him and escaping to come to this great country with American's open arms and in return he gave America his life with his knowledge in flying and trained our soldiers to fly in the Air Force.

Still in this modern time the beauty of what it means to be American still rings true from young to old. It's something that no one can take from us. Are we a great nation? We are because I feel and live it. We come with the good and we come with the bad. We have heros and we have haters but still we stand before all in the hope that our freedom will ring forever.

As I get ready for my moment of silence my hand will find it's way to my heart in remberance to all those who faught for it so long ago and for those who still fight for it. I wish for other countries the peace that I find within myself knowing that my neighbor would fight for my freedom with out even knowing me and that I would do the same.

And the winning of my rights to say GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

July 1, 2009

It's offical.... We are leaving Mount Shasta

Today is the start to a new beginning. Jorge had FINALLY had a chance to sit down with the General Manager and Facility Manager to hand in his 2 week notice (well week and 1/2 notice).

I can now say out loud that we will be heading to our new job location - where Jorge will be in charge of 2 campgrounds in the Lee Vining area. We love the new boss a lot and has EXCELLENT communication skills and has said to Jorge already a number of times that he (Jorge) does not work for him but with him. And the amount of respect that he has for Jorge puts a huge smile on my face which has been missing for some time now.

I have alopecia which is a hair loss due stress and I have been losing a great deal of hair and my sugar level have been going stir crazy. Being a diabetic type 1 I normally run on the high side but when in stressed it can be 43 one minute and shoot sky high. Safety zones for levels are 70-120 and I haven't been in this safety zone for awhile. Well my husband has decided enough is enough.

I'm excited about leaving but I am also very sad - sad because I had hope to make a difference in working there but we are walking away beaten but more knowledgeable of the do's and don'ts. There are a couple of people I will really miss. Like Linda and Ray locals who have been the sweetest people of all time. I will miss just a handful of people from the campground like Shirley, Van, Lenard, Rodney and Yvette. The rest I wish them farewell and best of luck with their life long decision to be who they are. They are true STARS (personal pun).

Where we are going is beautiful and more in my old stomping ground (I use to live in Oakhurst). It's a more reserve area and less attractions but the great news for us is we'll save more money for we were always heading the restaurant and the store located on the campground at Siskiyou spending money that we so had worked hard for.

I've started a couple of on-line business ventures to make some extra cash seeing I won't be working with Jorge. And I am proud of Jorge he thought of the whole Tupperware thing on his own - and has a already wish list of Tupperware he wants. Too funny.

So long as it doesn't cost a whole lot of money getting to Lee Vining I should have my new camera so I can snap pictures like crazy and post on the blog. We really haven't taken much pictures here - I think because it's been so full of drama we just don't want the memories. Although I am putting Jorge's picture of his big catch of the day from the other day - lol.... So what do you think? A family of 5 could share this fish....

Well Mount Shasta employee's if your reading this blog I might of sparked a sour face from you - but know that you did teach us something and that is to cherish the good which is in everyone and we do hold that dear to our hearts. And what goes around does come around. We do not wish harm but hope that all find peace within themselves and are able to look in the mirror and say to themselves I am a good person and who shall I smile to first today. And maybe one day it could be us!! What a blessing that would be.... Best of luck!! And best luck to the new managers that will replace us. Go get them STAR - YOU WIN!! And thank you so very much for the finger that was held up to wish us luck - such class!!


Tupperware Consultants we are now...

OK! So we now do Tupperware now!! Please check out the new products. What's really cool is that Tupperware is RV friendly. That is the sole reason why we sell it now. If anyone who reads this wants to join up with Tupperware either to make money or get Tupperware 25-35% off you can now thru my site.... You can sign up on-line and get to working asap.

Anyone who is our 1st customer will get a $15 Tupperware gift of your choice. So hurry and be our 1st customer.....


June 29, 2009

RV Traveling Pet Walkers



OK! So most of my friends know about my Kricket Bee. She was a beautiful puppy I had to give away because of the amount of hours we work. So there was no time to train her and be with her like she deserved. Because of that I had walked on her almost killing my cat. OH my!! The decision had to be made.

A week later I have a day off from work and I'm walking to the area beach here at the Lake Siskiyou Campground and I see dog owners getting their pets out just to find out they are not allowed in the area. So the wheels in my head start turning. What if I offered a walking service to walk their pets while they hang out on the beach. And then I got to thinking, now I can get a puppy and be with him/her and train like I would loved to have to begin with. This could be a great thing. I even thought about adding a store to the fore front to cover myself when I am not out there pet walking. I am crafty and so is my husband and even more so he is.

So I have my web page up and everything in order and ready to go. Of course I do need to fine tune the page but hey that's ok. I need to get more material that is pet friendly to start my work on the cool products to offer. And I am searching drop shipping companies that cater to pet friendly products to sell. I am so excited and hope to be making a paycheck soon doing this and that we are able to offer personal service to pet owners.


June 22, 2009

California Fishing

Good-Morning Folks or After-Noon for some. Today is the start of the week. My only question is… Will it be a good week? I sure hope. We could use it. Because just a couple of days ago (Saturday) we worked a ½ day so not to go over in hours and we planned on going fishing. So off to town we went and got our fishing license at $13.00 each and off we went. We went across the Lake Siskiyou just to get a break from our area and it was a major no-go. So we decided to head up to Gumbo Lake (not sure if I spelled that right) and went up 8 miles when the car decided to stall and break down. ERRRRRR I was mad. And then the bad weather starting coming in. So we walked back to our area and decided to cut through the woods not sure if we would end up any closer. We did and that was the only part of the day that was nice. We decided when we got back, to fish anyways even in the rain – for $26.00 would of gone to waste. Well it was wasted anyways. With the rain and the wind and the dropping of temp (uggg in the very low 50’s) we couldn’t bare it. So what we do is head to the restaurant here at the resort and ate there. Wow of course the food is wonderful. Renee the cook (and we laugh because every time we head there she is always the one cooking – and we never plan it that way which makes it funny) served us fish for Jorge (lol) and I had tri tips – yummy and a bowl of clam chowder.

Sunday we busted butts like no other. There was Jessica, Park, Jorge and myself working a full day and like dogs too. There were 23 checkouts and 4 turnovers. Ugggg and we still didn’t finish. Enough units were done where I don’t have to work today. We try to save the hours for the end of the week and not for the beginning of the week seeing I’m only part time. So Today I re-did the cleaning checklist for the old SUCKED bad and was out dated. The new one should make things easier but we’ll see.

And then I need to put in my time for volunteer work with MS. I’m still emailing patients to see if we can do anything for them in the form of crafting that is. I made a blanket for the very first member who joined our group. What’s really cool about this patient is that they signed up to help and I was choked up bad – because the day of sign up was 3 weeks to the day that my brother passed on and left us. It renewed my anger, which is always welcomed and gives me motivation to continue in his name.

Yippee, payday is this Friday for us and I really need to get a camera and may have to get a new printer for the new one we just bought on the last payday is no longer working and has only been used twice. I’m a bit peeved about that.

Well, I guess that will have to hold our viewers until the next time I am able to blog. Hoping everyone who reads this is happy and healthy. Please remember to do something nice for someone you know and a stranger. That’s 2 somethings….


June 15, 2009

HelpingStepByStep this KID is changing the world starting with his back yard!!

This is copied from his site and I support David Ashby who is just 14 years old, 100%. His Mum is amazing to having taught value that goes beyond the Church!!

HelpingStepByStep was founded to raise awareness of the growing problem of homelessness, here in the United States. Its main focus is centered around helping the estimated 1.35 million children who live on our streets every day, with its numbers growing at a staggering rate. Despite the wealth that our country has we are faced with an economic downturn that is affecting those most vulnerable and unable to help themselves, children.

HelpingStepByStep founder David Ashby, will be embarking on a 1100 mile trek on foot from Orlando, Florida to Washington DC.. Taking approximately two months to complete. Scheduled to start in June of 2009, David will be making stops along the way at the local homeless shelters, to meet with the children residing there. His goal is to talk with these children and give them a voice, by sharing their experiences, thoughts and fears with the world. His memoir of these events written as they unfold will be shared via the website and also in print.

To truly get a hands on experience of what it is to be homeless, he will be living as though he were. By staying in shelters, sleeping on the streets, and begging for his next meal. You cannot fully appreciate their plight until you have walked a mile in their shoes.

HelpingStepByStep hopes to make a change in the lives of these children. Giving them a voice and most of all, hope, that they have not been forgotten.

Please join us in this effort. One person can truly make a difference, but a group of people can change the world. YES WE CAN!

If you are parent or have grandchildren please set forth this example and support these wonderful kids when they come up with solutions to help our world....

Home today

Oh my - I need to clean like a mad women today. Stephanie and John may be coming to stay at Lake Siskiyou and I need to get things ready for a visit. I sure hope they stay. They may however head up to Ashland to our other GREAT friends campground. Regardless I'll get to see both of them either way - YIPEE...

I was just looking at the calendar and can't believe it's the 15th already. It's still cold and it's still raining. Please Mother Nature bring on some happy weather (lol my kind of happy weather that is).

I am home today and I have already put in 2 hours of work into my new group doing my research and getting all my emails out and inplanting more resource numbers in our groups database. I couldn't sleep any longer due to the nightmares I was having. 3 cups of coffee later and those dreams are in the past. After cleaning this morning - and IF the weather warms up, I plan to sit outside and do some more of my blankets.

I do plan on blogging later so I shall see you later. Wish you all a happy and healthy day!!

June 13, 2009

June 12, 2009 Will it Rain???

Good-Morning All.... It's Saturday and I'm trying to pass the time before I have to leave to head to Weed, CA... I am going to set up a table that I only paid $10 for and hope to sell my items. These are items that I had on eBay and I need to get rid of them before making new items.
I'm heading off by myself and I'm hoping to see a face I may know (hint hint Linda and Ray)... We'll see. I'm not prepared at all so my table is going to look boring for the most part. So I'll have a week till the next sale to get my act together.

Last night I watched a new TV program called Mental. At first I thought ummmm not liking it because it's been done before. But I managed to get through it and found it sort of interesting. Friday nights is just not good TV nights. Normally we'd head for a walk or something but with all the rain we've been having that was a major no go. But we did get a new gazebo and Jorge did manage to get that up so now I can hang out side and serve my dinners out there. We even manage to grill our dinner last night. A good rib eye steaks and yummy - lol...

Not a whole lot to tell seeing it's still the start of the day. I hope to blog again tonight. I so wish I could add pictures but my camera has died and I'm hoping to get a new one on the next pay day trip. I hope all of you are well and that you know I am thinking of you and wishing you well.

June 12, 2009

My fight is still STRONG...


So today I am home for 2 reasons. One I need to get ready to sell my items in Weed, CA tomorrow. I will be set up at their mall from 10am to 5pm. And more important I am home working on my networks to help MS Patients. My group is growing slowly but that's fine - I want people to use this group as a help forum and a volunteer forum and we'll always be there for them.

Today is cold here in Mount Shasta and of course it's cloudy and rain is not far behind it. Ugggg it's like the 3rd or 4th day of this.

Looking forward heading to Ashland, OR next week for personal reasons which I can't say anything about until we get back. But pray for us...

I was watching the morning news this morning on my most favorite news program "The Today Show" and I was deeply sadden by the article about the teen girls who beat the day lights out of what use to be their friend over a boy and even cut her hair. I'm shocked yet again and it seems that this world is full of this behavior. I know TV has a lot to do with it but it's the lack of presence in the Church that is also the cause of this. People get back to the house of the Lord. Love thy neighbor and treat people as you would want to be treated. Time on this earth is so short and life with our heavenly father is eternal why would you ruin that one and only chance.

The picture is a sample of the blankets I will be volunteering to make for MS patients. Of course the patient will have the choice of colors but each one will be made in honor of my brother.

On that note I will close for I am having a moment and need to cry... Oh how I miss you Pea....


June 10, 2009

June 10, 2009

Today is gloomy and of course it would be on our day off - in fact it will be this way again tomorrow as well. I have a new fishing pole and all the gear (except the fishing vest which I will own one by the end of the season) and can't even use any of it because every time our day off comes it flipping rains. So now we'll be working on the store getting more inventory put in.

As many of you know I've been putting a lot of my effort into my new group (that I've neglected cleaning my home) and it's slowly getting more organized. I was contacted by my first donation by email so in the next couple of days I will have my first set of yarns by donation and can start working on my 3rd blanket. I have my first 2 ready and they just need to be whipped stitched and then we'll be able to mail off to our very 1st MS patient.

Work is going so so and that's all I can say on that....

Jorge and I are very excited about getting to see some of our dear friends within the next week. Stephanie and her husband John will be floating up here to Mount Shasta and I am so excited she'll be teaching me how to spin and then I hope to have time to pick her brain on how to knitt (I only know one stitch) and maybe learn a thing or two more about crocheting. And then next week while we are in Ashland on a VERY, VERY important meeting we'll be visiting Gwen and Dale before they hit the Blue Younder.

It's been 10 days now that my brother has joined our heavenly father and the pain is still raw. But I remain vigil on my quest to help others who has MS. It has opened my eyes even wider. Again we all know what the pink ribbon is for and I thought I'd test the grounds and ask what color is MS ribbon to the people of this area and not one person answered it correctly so there you have it. I was the same way. I think when we are at our most healthiest we don't think until it comes knocking on our door or take the ones we love. But as I am learning it's never to late to help. Doesn't matter where your help goes but we must help it's our human duties.

We continue to check out Craigslist and eBay for our next rv only this time it will be a travel trailer. Because of the red flag we are under with our working situtation we have decided to hold off unless we see something that is just to good to pass up. We'll see....

I want to wish everyone a happy day - remember to do you one good deed for someone. And to smile at someone who's not expecting it and remember you have a life time friend right here wish you all the best. Make a call to someone you have spoken to in a long while.... Reconnect!

June 3, 2009

I am now in Fighting Progress to help man kind. I beg of you to do some fighting too!!

I've been in tears on and off ever since I got the news about my dear PEA. I am hurting and I am angry. I'm not mad at God for it was God who took my brother from earthly pain and I am most grateful for that.

I have gone to the store today with a mission.... And I bought over 50 skeins of yarn and much more in materials to start work on my volunteer work. I was on the web doing reseach for volunteer crafting for MS and didn't find a thing. I did however find this site:

style="border: 0px;"
alt="Click to join CraftingForACause"/>

Click to join CraftingForACause

And these women are the most caring and loving folks next to my friends of the campground_crafters in fact they are so much alike it's a blessing - A TRUE BLESSING.

I have to take a moment and thank Sue and Candy and Gwen who have been sending me emails to see how I am doing. The emails are so special to me that I cried and wish them many thanks and know that with friends like that I can make it.

I'm asking those that know me to please check this site out and join and be apart of the growing love there is on this site to help. My idea of man kind has changed so much in the last 24 hours. I'm begging for you to take just an hour of your time, a day, a week, a month or even a year to help people that need your help. Donate blood, donate your time, donate your talent, say a prayer, visit the sick, write a check, clip coupons, donate BOX TOPS or CAMPBELLS SOUPS points. ANYTHING you can do. Don't wait and don't question just do.

If you are a crafter and a RVer or even own an RV - this group is a group I could not live without. They are the campground_crafters be sure to check them out - not only will they guide you thru crafting but they will become your life time friends....

style="border: 0px;"
alt="Click to join campground_crafters"/>

Click to join campground_crafters

I'm still a mess so I will end this entry of blog now and pray that you will check out these two great sites. PLEASE I DO BEG YOU!!

May 28, 2009

Jorge caught his first fish - He's NO Harry!!

OK I had to add a pic of me - look how white I'm getting - lol. That's my fishing hat I'm wearing. I don't wear hats well but since I am a SUNSCREEN Queen I don't take very good pictures.
Please do let Jorge know what you think of his fish in the comment section on the blog!!

First of all let me say a quick hello to our dear friends in the UK. Good-morning Jill and Harry....

OK he finally went fishing yesterday. We had to buy a one day pass for him for $13.75which is funny because that's the cost for a full fishing license in other states - oh well.

So Jorge and I headed down to the lake and sat for 3 hours and NOTHING. So we headed back to the RV and had lunch. After lunch I sent Jorge on his own so that I could get more of my granny squares done. I got a text about 2:30pm saying he caught his first fish. So he heads home and I'm waiting with the camera because I know Jorge so well that I new he wouldn't just continue to fish but run home to show off his good deed - lol. And to my surprise it's not a bad size. So now we head down to a different area of the lake with failure BUT a nice gent did give us his 2 fish (how sweet) but they weren't legal so we fed them to the birds who where more then happy to take our gift.

We were dirty from sitting on the ground but didn't care we where hungry and decided to check out the Lake Siskiyou Bar & Grill (we live about 400 yards from it - lol). Tri Tips sandwich is what we both had - I loved it but Jorge being Cuban is not a huge fan of BBQ sauce.

Now let me back track a day - on Tuesday we just stayed home and worked on our crafting. Jorge was putting together a beautiful King size quilt which was a huge challenge in our 24ft RV. Then went to local bar which was sold out on a lot of their items due to the holiday but we did manage to get a good bite to eat and WOW their beer was GOOD. I can't remember what the place was called GOAT something or other. But it's where the younger crowd hangs out and it was fun.

Now it's Thursday and it's back to work for the both of us. I need to search Craigslist and eBay for the next RV we are looking for and then head to WEED, CA and check out possible displaying some of my items in their store (and it's only $20 a month) and hope to sell some of it but better for all of it. And then I need to purchase a picnic table cover so I can sit outside and work when it's get to be to hot in the RV (I know - I know we should have AC but nothing works except the fridge and that works too well).

LOL BREAKING NEWS (and I'm not kidding) Jorge just came home and I'm going back to work BUT for only 20 hours a week. Hey I'm all in. Just extra money to invest in some fancy crafting tools that I have on my wish list. This all came about from the owner of the resort - I'm shocked, I'm Happy, and well I'm screaming in my mind OH YEAH.... I can see my new FANCY printer, and my new camera in my very near future... That means 100% of Jorge's money gets put into savings YIPEEE... All of our bills are paid till March of next year so we are still ahead of the game except for the fact WE NEED A NEW RV that is more self contained. And oh yeah we are getting Solar panels too..... I won't start till tomorrow. So I'll work 4 hours a day and then come home to do my crafting.

I'm still working on where we will be for the winter season - I would like to still work for income just to build the nest a little bit more. I would like to be able to take a full year off with no worries in about 3 years. We'll see...

Ok enough for today - I do have a lot of things to get done before tomorrow. I hope to hear from my friends and wish them all the best today and everyday!!


Join if you have MS - Join if your a Crafter

Youth Equipped for Success Y.E.S.

Youth Equipped for Success Y.E.S.
Juvenille Support Program