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March 31, 2011

A Walk To Remember

A walk among friends is always a good thing. And finding treasures along the way is also a treat. I found a wine cork, while Jorge found this... Can you find him???
No sun but it had made its visit earlier this day... And it was wonderful!! We came across this house in which I clicked a picture but it wasn't for the house. It was for the those yellow things that only come when Spring it here... Remember these??

And so I hope to see these days grow more as we get closer to summer - A Walk To Remember!!

Check out these crazy happy kids...
What is the correct term of those yellow things found in picture two??
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Handmade Crafts Done While RVing: MISS TANAKA GIVEAWAY

Handmade Crafts Done While RVing: MISS TANAKA GIVEAWAY: "First the history of the Tanaka. Then the GiveAway Rules are below... Good Luck!! Legend says Miss Tanaka is a dragonfly found on mountain..."


March 30, 2011


I just received word my boss in the hospital a couple of hours ago and I am sitting on needles and praying she is OK. I am seeing my job flash before my eyes and in a bit a panic. She is one of the kindest person I know... So I am just here to fill in my time with almost empty words...
Asking for prayers!!

A great little blog to do some dream shopping for our future RV.. Don't worry - I just peaked but a little drool was found..

Have you ever had your job rely on
your bosses health?
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March 29, 2011

I Was Bored Today

I was bored today...

Not really... I had enough work to keep me busy and loved hanging out with my husband who sat and watch the Gilmore Girls with me (doesn't he just rock?)...

Oh... I changed out facebook pictures and crochet and chatted with my family. And there you have the bulk of my day... LOL still watch the Gilmore Girls and Jorge is in for the night after his cleaning the laundry room and stuff... He's on the computer doing his whole on-line crossword puzzle..

So here is what I did today...

Evielynne's Facebook Page

Jorge's Facebook Page

Lynn's Facebook Page aka ME

My first hat using this type of flower that I just learned
how to make today!!

I love this hat!!


Airplanes, Indians, & Aliens
omg this was a good read - right up my husbands alley. I liked there reviews and had to giggle because Jorge loves this type of stuff but you would never guessed.

What did you do today?
Leave your comment I'd like to hear
what you have to say...


March 28, 2011

How To Do A Campground Review

How to do a Campground Review.

This can be a sore spot on so many levels. Reviews written out in spite, because you didn't get your way or didn't step up to the plate to try to fix the problem - using your voice is a form of trying to fix the problem/issues you may have in a RV Park location - not all RV Park owners/workers are mind readers and I'm sorry no body is perfect not even you. If your offended by this then I'm guess you are part of the problem I am talking about. But if you have written a review that, you took yourself out of the picture and wrote the review from your heart in effort to help the RV Park that you stayed at - then by all means this does not pertain to you and you should be applauded for your love/professionalism or however you may want to word it. Because its those reviews that I look for and base my personal opinion on. After all peoples reputation are on the line here.

Complaining about a dog barking for instance and not telling the Park Owner as the problem is live in action - is your problem - just maybe the owners/workers can't hear the dang dog barking. And a real good helpful RV folk would fixed the problem by knocking on the door to see if they can help - who knows maybe the person with the barking dog is in a wheel chair and is waiting for the dog walker to show up. Or maybe its a medical trained dog trained to park until help comes. It often blows my mind that we put ourselves first and think last. Always the victim and the hero last, it seems. Again if your are the type to jump to help first and think last this does not pertain to you and again you should be applauded for your wonderful human nature.

OMG what a dirty bathroom... I see this one a lot on reviews. I find that most people who write these have very bad timing. Now I am sorry if you shower when every one else is showering the proof is in the pudding - it's gonna get messy. I personally have caught on to this and always, always, always ask any and every RV Park we've ever stayed at "WHAT TIME DO YOU CLEAN YOUR BATHROOMS?" And then I wait a half hour after they've cleaned to take my showers. If I can't then I keep my anger to none because its a no brainer that things just get messy. Now a proper review would be if I went in after the cleaning and the cleaning was done to the point that I can't take my shower and then I'd storm to the manager to "voice my attempt to fix the problem". If you use this theory with every avenue of your life - then your taking control of your drama and negative way of thinking. It's easy avoid the bad and embraces the good.

"What the Hell?" "A dumpster in my back yard?" again ask those questions because I'll bet there is a perfect reason for that dumpster being parked in your view and just ruining your view. Like in this case a fire. Lives where saved the night of the fire for smart thinking and fast reaction. Remember the whole possibility  of your neighbor being in a wheel chair? Well try someone who was dying of "Cancer" in this case. You don't know your neighbors unless you make it a point to open your hearts.


I am not saying sugar coat a review but use a calm collective common sense and really think - where you in any danger? where you really that neglected? Was the problem addressed and you where violated by ignorance and intentionally ignored. Is the complaint worth someone losing their job over - because in all honestly someone could loose their job over YOUR anger and you better make it worth it.

So I hope that my article helps even if it's just a little and most people do have common sense when it comes to writing reviews but there are those few who think the world is here to serve them. Newbies to RVing if you don't like the RV Park - here is the best tip I can give you. Leave!! Just get up and leave it's really that simple. When we where in Kervnville, CA I made the mistake of having my husband pay for the month before checking things out. It turned out the manager of the park was on the Megan's Law List https://www.meganslaw.com/ in which I made a promise to my family I would check no matter where we where.

Not only was the manager on the list but 6 other sick predators (who I do pray for - if anyone needs it - it would be the sickest sinners of the earth) and then we high tailed it out of there. But here is how we found out... A police officer crusied in the RV Park looking for someone and stopped my husband and asking for his ID - OK no problem we support the law to the fullest. It's what he said that pissed me off and I made it a point to let them know. They stated they where looking for someone who fits Jorge discription and had to make sure it wasn't him (the person they where looking for). My husband is 6 feet tall 180 lbs and BALD 100% - the guy they where looking for was 5'8 and a little over 200 lbs with long hair. I went off the handle and went on-line to look at what this town was all about. SICK!! I was so upset - that my husband was lied to by an officer of the law BULLIED big time.
(this was not the town of Kernville but in Mount Mesa, CA)
OK so you get the point...


This blog is very fitting to my blog topic for today - these wonderful people get around... The Byrnes have taken great pain to get their reviews on line and I thank them....

Have you ever given a review?
Was it bad or good or even both?
Leave your comment - it helps newbie RVers


March 27, 2011

Oh Boy RV people

Working from home can be so much fun for me - except for when it's raining. Today I worked on my blog buttons, work files, inventory list (for the RV) and oh yeah something fun coming up on the blog later this week. My first GIVEAWAY.  There will be some rules but not like all those other GIVEAWAYS. This will also be RV themed too... So keep checking back!
My body hurts from my back to my neck from sitting too long!! Hey don't forget I am in a 24 ft little box and not much walking room. I can't wait to get some yoga in soon when the weather clears up...
For the most part I have been reading tons of RVer blogs... I see their pretty rigs and then I want to hide in a corner and cry... Well not really! As small and ugly as this thing is. It's brought us so much joy and we are almost 100% debt free. Just a $600 hospital bill hanging over us but that will soon be paid off. LOL we where there for just a half hour and they gave him a pill and said go see your dentist. Of course with the whole new patient fees RV folks are getting hit hard with this one. I can't go all the way back to FL to see my family doc every 6 months so we search for clinics and free check-ups and all sorts of things to keep healthy without breaking the bank.
Gosh I am a cry baby tonight - how sad is that...? Enough, enough and I am sorry for that. The rain blues are singing a tune and I can't shake it.. Soon though we'll be able to play outside and things will pick up in the fun department again.
Jorge is off to do laundry and I won't see him for at least an hour and half and so it's down time for me... OH MY GOODNESS... Look at what Jorge left behind....
Baking soda is not just for laundry http://www.armhammer.com/
omg just check it out...

Sitting on the counter no less - well I should hear the key entering to the lock here shortly... Is it an age thing? Nope not this go around. He probably thought he needed to race through the rain so he wouldn't get so wet... Next time we'll go with the whole age thing. 


I couldn't get over how many times I have seen this blog site on other RVers blogs. I think by far the most popular one of all. Gosh I wonder what his secret is? I know I know - write more about RV things. And I am trying but kind of at a stand still because we're not traveling at the moment - nothing needs to be fixed and we can't afford new toys yet... I will I will - I promise lol... Heck there blog is so much experience and well thought out adventures. I'm still a newbie at all of this. but I am learning.. Which brings me to my question of the day...

What was the year and model of your very first RV
 (not tents silly people)
Leave comments they do help newbies like me out there in the INET world...


March 26, 2011

Hiding in the RV Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

RAIN... More coming too!!

A lot of movies are being watched in our rig. We have closed ourselves from the world, all in the name of rain... LOL it is Spring and with Spring rain is part of the program and it does make flowers and we are so ready for more flowers, leaves and greener grass and best of all romantic walks....

Speaking of movies. Today I received and email from my good friend Gwen. She is on a wonderful adventure down in Texas right now. Well yesterday Gwen and her husband Dale went to the RiverCenter Mall and came across this display and thought of me.....

I love John Wayne
 Now how cool is that. I love my friends!! The timing of the email was very funny too because with all the rain we just happen to watch a couple of his movies today. My favorite is now a tie between North to Alaska and War Wagon ... In which both where watched today.. So thank-you Gwen for the thought. I like the Monopoly game way too cool and I bet it's an arm and a leg to buy.


A must read... Nellie wrote a wonderful write-up about her adventure about her new gym. Now keep in the mind the instructor was a 71 year old women and Nellie is just a couple of years younger then me. I laughed so hard. She's got sass this girl and I love her!! That's all I am going to say - you'll have to go read for yourself. I so had to leave a comment on there to show her my support - we all need it from time to time... Thank you Nellie for making me laugh today!!

What was your weather like today?
Leave a comment - it's fun to read them folks...


March 25, 2011

RV Blog Features

In the last couple of days I have been getting so many emails from RV folks and crafting folks. I love it... Some of you know that I run two blogs. This one and http://handmadecraftsdonewhilerving.blogspot.com/ which is a blog about crafting in an RV.  Blogs have saved me in so many ways. It's real people sharing their stories of ups and downs to RV and Crafting life in which I make it a rule to learn from. I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to read about my crazy life and adventures and giving me great pointers in various things/topics. Keep them coming!

Today has been a quiet day except for the private tears of receiving my wonderful present from MY friend. check out the pictures...

Thank you LW... I just love it and I am wearing it NOW
Today has been a quiet day except for the private tears of receiving my wonderful present from MY friend. check out the pictures...

Oh and then we watched the most terrible movie ever "The Book of Eli" in which I do not recommend to anyone. This is a hard thing for me to say because I love movies....

I have made so many new friends here and wow if your new to RV way of living or your a blog surfer this is the web site to check out. The do's and don'ts. Tears, laughs, educational lesson on product, solar, cooking, drinking, shopping, camping, boondocking and all the things that come with a GREAT LIFE!!

What movie did you think was the worst ever made?
Share you comment you never know who you'll help with your answers..


March 24, 2011

RV RV RV RV in the Spring

It's here....

Today we had to stay in-doors to get a lot of projects done for our 4 etsy stores. MrCraftyRVing Jorge's bead work. MrsCraftyRVing which has kid toys, kitchen crafts and many other things. HatMasters which is full of hats, gloves, wrist bands - way cool store. And then our Christmas101 all Christmas crafts.

But as I was crocheting hats today - I looked out our window and noticed the tree next to us is fully bloomed.... Aw what a wonderful feeling. But I haven't a clue on what kind of tree it is. I am so terrible with the names of types of trees...

Flowers? What kind of flowers does Oregon have? I had to look it up... lol not all the flowers are coming up and so I got to wondering what to expect. And here is what I came up with.

Oregon State Flower

I couldn't get over the names of some of the flowers here... Like
calla lily flowers, calla lily bulbs, hydrangea,   Oregon Coastal Flowers,  sandersonia, gloriosa lilies, pieris japonica, flowering dogwood, lilac, cherry, chinese lanterns, as well as a whole range of other flowering branches/plants that thrive on the Oregon Coast.My favorite would have to this pretty lily... Orange too!!

I am just so happy that my RV is like me and loving Spring....

What type of flowers have you seen so
far this Spring?
Leave a comment and share your story...


March 23, 2011

Dedicated to Mike Bottom

Our day started out with bad news. The first was when I turned my computer on and read on yahoo that Elizabeth Taylor had died. Jorge was cleaning the bathrooms at this time and I knew what he'd be thinking as soon as I told him - "Life with Father" - his favorite movie with her in it, and although a small part but super well acted part. Mine would be "Father's Little Dividend" again a small part but one that any American girl could put herself in. Our Prayers go out to her family and her fans...

Then came even sadder news that came in the form of an email. My poor friend reported that a past tenant of the Rufus RV Park, Mike Bottom passed away (this is the gentlemen who was pulled out of fire when his rig caught on fire almost 2 months ago) last night, and to add injury a family member of hers had a major heart attack in which she received the call first thing this morning. And so as you can imagine tears and much sadness lays on her heart. A complete wreck and needing to escape and recap her memories both good and bad of a friend passing and a family member beyond ill. She invited us to hit the falls. In honor of both these very important people in her life. So much love... A true honor to call a friend.

And so a hug was exchanged and in the car we went. We listen to some sad, funny, loving and everything else stories as she unloads her past and present memories. Still as we sit here now we wish there was something more we could do to make them feel better. Time and hugs my husband says - time and hugs...

So we headed for Horsetail Falls (Oregon) and just as we get there, the sun decides to disappear. So the photos are not super great but still tells a heck of a story. There are actually two waterfalls along the creek. The upper falls, called Upper Horsetail Falls or Ponytail Falls, can be accessed from a footpath located next to the historic Columbia River Highway. We didn't go all the way up but as far as the bridge. A sad day with beauty all around us that makes us smile for a moment for our blessings of our stories of life.

So before I get to the pictures - this blog article is dedicated to my friends the managers of Rufus RV Park and to their family. And to Mike Bottom who is now out of pain and now in the arms of our Lord Jesus Christ. Jorge and I never got the chance to meet Mike but just walking through the RV park you knew he was very liked and loved and would do anything for anyone. I do understand he has family in Florida and our prayers go out to his family as it does for our friends family. I am asking all of our readers to add our friends to their prayers.

Today I will not be posting a QUESTION OF THE DAY but ask that you leave comments for the Rufus RV Managers and for Mike Bottom.

Jorge and I would like to personally say we are so sorry for all loss today and that they may feel the power of prayer going out just for them. We want them to know if there is anything we can do - we are there in heart beat. God Bless ALL!!


March 22, 2011

The Sun has made it's way to Rufus.

I do know that in this part of the country it gets more then it's share of rain - and I don't mind rain... Honest, it's the snow I have issues with. But today was a very nice change of pace. I had to work before any fun was to be had. Don't I just look hateful of my job? NOT

After my work was complete, we decided to take the dogs on a little walk... UP, UP, UP, UP we went... And stopping every once in awhile to say hello to the local Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner friends (lol - private joke)...
is where you can come visit this cutie cow...

And still we are heading up....
And we get so close to the gate when we decided to head back - note the shoes and I didn't want to roll back down the hill... And so we head back down and start getting ready to head for town with our friends..

Me telling stories... Jorge tends to be on the quiet side when ever we are in a group setting... But as you can see he is goofy... And cute too!

 We drop RL off at the dentist (and very thankful it wasn't either one of us having to head to the big chair - eeeek). And then we head down town  for A's Sewing Shoppe & Janitorial Supplies for a light bulb for Jorge's sewing machine. And then we walked Main Street (LOL I think it was Main Street). Some really cute shops in which we only had time to enter a handful which included a cool quilt store (the apron caught our friends eye big time) and then a few doors down a yarn store in which only a rich person could afford - no thank you... A thrift store and what appeared to be a pawn store I'm not sure (over priced big time). Made it to the last thrift store when I came across this.... SORRY BUT I AM A MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR (YOU GET THE POINT) MAJOR MAJOR UCONN FAN.... HA HA THEY WON TODAY...

And then LW said "Oh my we better go get RL" and sure enough he was waiting for us in the parking lot.  And then the real fun begins... They headed on an old highway and wow it is so pretty and trees again lol...  A lot of trees... And the rest of the blog will be about just pictures but before I jump into the pics - I saved the best picture for last. It's Jorge inside of Papa Murphy's and you'll see the tellie screen behind him - OMG it was the UCONN women playing. It was about 5 minutes into the game and already they where whipping butt. 14 to 7 and then we left - turns out as I expected they won the game!! Congrats UCONN women for another great game... OK enjoy the pics and don't forget to read the question of the day at the bottom of blog....


What college team do you cheer for?
Share us your story in the comment feed...


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