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June 25, 2010

Those Incredible Bears Presented by USFS June 25, 2010

This is by far the best presentation I've ever seen. Before I get into the program I have to give a shout out for some major thank-yous. I'd like to thank Daniel and Erica our 2 most wonderful Forest Service Educator (sorry I'm not sure of their correct title) that did most of the speaking at the interpretive program but also www.bear-with-us.org and it's entire support staff and Inyo Recreation Staff. Talk about being on the same page. These three separate organizations all stepping up to the plate to help educate the public and the importance of what bears are and what they are about. From the age of two and all the way up to who knows what, was all ears and eyes on what they where being told and shown. And last but most important a huge thank-you to the guests who where just so wonderful to all of our speakers and making a special point to pose for my camera. We had a total of 67 people there! It was a great turn out.
I ask that you support any links I've added to this blog article because this program holds dear to my heart.
Is a great place to find out just what Inyo Recreation is about and all and information you need to visit and enjoy the forest.
Now for camping information so that you can come see me and perhaps pose for my camera and end up here is

Now what we learned about bears is that they do come in 4 different colors of the black bear family. Brown-Black-Cinnamon-Blond. The average bear weighs in at 250 and the largest on record of the black bears is 900 lbs and this bear lived in a zoo (see you tax dollars do help animals) - they can live up to 33 years if of course some STUPID idiot doesn't shoot or feed the bear. Remember a fed bear is a dead bear - PERIOD!! And bears can run and faster then us too - 30 mph FOR REAL.... You can get some other facts about bears www.bear-with-us.org and download their Literatures (These files are all in PDF format*).
We also learned what to do when we encounter one. And you fight (in the form of making noise and not running). Again you can download all this information of the bear-with-us-org site.

We also got to see and touch the different types of furs of animals such as bear, rabbit, coyote, cougar and others. We even got to see some skulls - now how cool is that. The children certainly thought so.

I have to cut this short because we all know pictures speak more then words and I am posting more pics then I normally would. Email me if you would like me to email you any pictures. If you missed tonight's presentation you can catch a repeat at the Oh Ridge Amphitheater in June Lake, CA at 8pm - 9pm. I would recommend this to any and all two legged animals - being YOU!!

I have to share one last thing. My most favorite person there besides my husband Jorge who is so lucky to be working for Inyo Recreation - CLM as their Area Site Manager for the Mammoth Lakes and Basin area but this little girl wearing a bear jacket - her name is Jenna and I so fell in love with her. I offered to adopt this child but Mum declined - what a bummer. I dedicate this article to her JENNA!! Our little bear for a night!!

Smurfette, Cactus, Hello Kitty

So last night while watching Lethal Weapon 4 (which has way too much swearing). I went through some of my old sketches and found Smurfette. And now she is up for sale on my husbands site. I need to have matching number for sale on our sites. Once he gets a day off (IF) he'll make new bracelets and so we'll be even in number. Jorge however is beating me in sales he's at 3 and I'm at ZERO..... So if you have any suggestions as to what to put on either stores please feel free to place in the comment box.




June 24, 2010

Potty Cones

So most of you know that Jorge and I do not have children of our own because Freak of Nature decided I couldn't have one. A long and sad story that I wish not to display for the world to read. But trust me it's sad. But I do however love children which gives me the title of being the best Auntie in the world - after all I have two nieces named after me! What an honor.
So moving on....
Yesterday was my friend Chrissy's Birthday and I have to say to the world "Happy Birthday".... What's great and brave about Chrissy is that she is "A" a wonderful Mum and "B" has four children (the brave part). And so with being a Mum you become very inventive. And oh is she. I was on her eBay site (I buy my fabrics from her - she gives the best price and ships super fast and that to me is a winner.
So anyways she sells these Potty Cones and I was like Chrissy what is a potty cone? And she explained that its a cloth cone that you place on the little boys pee pee while you are changing his diaper so that this cute bundle of joy does not share his pee in your mouth and I shouted SOLD. What a great idea and she does super well with making and selling this wonderful smart Potty Cones. And she has an etsy store in which she does very well with (better then mine -:)
The reason I yelled SOLD is because you don't have to be a Mum to buy or use them. I'm always watching children and thought Heck - I should carry them in my purse for a "JUST IN CASE" situation. I think she sells them very cheap but she always thinking of other parents like herself and trying to save them money.
She does make them for baby cake makers, and daycare, and hospitals, and private organizations.
You so got to check her stores out because not only are there Potty Cones but tons of other baby item she makes - after all we all know someone this month who just had a baby. So you be helping two wonderful women out. The Mum of the new baby and my friend Chrissy who is a full time Mum to her four wonderful kids.
You can contact her through her etsy or eBay store and she's always checking her store - she stays on top of it which is what makes her an excellent seller.
Tell her I said hi and that I want a picture of her little one carrying the famous Frog Pillow I made him - WOW a year ago - lol..... My goodness, it's going to be time to make him another theme soon. I've added a picture so you can see what a potty cone is and she makes them in any theme you want.

This is also her Private Web Page Store for more direct service! This is where I go!!

June 22, 2010

His and Hers Store with etsy!!

MINE (which by the way the BOA SCARF is for sale)http://www.etsy.com/shop/MrsCraftyRVing



Let the games begin..... Yes we love each other but this is our fun game to see how well he and I do. Although he has a sale already, I can deal with the challenge. So go check the stuff and may me win!! Love you Jorge!!

June 20, 2010

Great tunes for a great purpose! (If you can't make event, feel free to leave check made out to "Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary, Inc" at the bar or mail to The Tap, PO Box 658, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546 or donate online at http://www.seabirdsanctuary.com/
This organization is directly helping with the big mess in the Gulf.

Contact Us18328 Gulf Boulevard, Indian Shores - Florida - 33785

727-391-6211 or 727-391-2473

We are located directly on the Gulf beach. Beautiful Sunsets!

Visitation: 365 days a year from 9am until sunset. FREE ADMISSION

Hospital Drop Off: 8:00am. - 8:00pm everyday.

Office/Gift Shop: 9:00am - 6:00pm everyday except for Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year's Day.

RESCUE HOTLINE: - 727-391-6211 or 727-392-4291

Founder/Director: Ralph Heath - seabird@seabirdsanctuary.com

Aviary Hospital Supervisor: Barbara Suto - sss@seabirdsanctuary.com

Marketing and Public Relations Manager: Michelle Glean Simoneau - 727-391-2473 - michelle@seabirdsanctuary.com

Operations & Personnel Manager: Micki Eslick - 727-392-4291 - micki@seabirdsanctuary.com

Volunteers: Jessica Greenert - 727-392-4291 - jessicag@seabirdsanctuary.com

Gift Shop: 727-391-6211 - Vicki Churchill or shop@seabirdsanctuary.com

Vehicle & Boat Donations: James Cortese - 727-458-8957 - donations@seabirdsanctuary.com

You know we live in a world full of mistakes - and humans are the masters of the worlds problems. And yes a certain company is at fault and should be doing more to help but they can't do it alone. Those animals need Everyone help and its up to each of us to step up and do something about. I bet if you do - you'll be so pissed off that you'll think twice before buying or using a service who has done wrong and you'll also vote for stronger laws for these companies to abide in. Well I'm pissed and I'm angry - those are my birds, fish, and people they hurt!!

June 18, 2010

Campfire Program with Derik Olson

Campfire Songs with Derik Olson 6/18/10

Tonight's program was full of giggles thanks to the San Diego family with the help of the Anderson family. The two families where super great and with a total of 6 kids between them, it really was a total blast. Now you do have to be careful with Zac and Riley who are so not shy in the slightest bit - but with parents like theirs, it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone because they themselves are very out going - I see great futures in them. Now the family from San Diego in which I never got their names because they where to busy with all that giggling even with Mum and the dancing and all there just was too much fun to be had so we just had to watch them. The little one in the gray shirt was too funny and Jorge and I have sore ribs just watching him.

Derik Olson sang really cool old campfire songs and really had the audience involved with the singing and dancing - he even told us a cowboy poem. And lets not forget the tomato song (you have to hear for yourself in which you can catch his act in Oh Ridge campground tomorrow in June Lake). He told us funny stories about his encounter with a bear and her two cubs - yeeek scary but funny.

There where crafts and my goodness these kids these days really come up with the most creative art I've ever seen. The boy with the shorts in which we called crazy because brrrrrr it was cold even with the campfire did a wonderful job on his. They all did. What a fun group of kids and I was sad to see them go - I sure hope one day they'll think about the time they had at Shady Rest Amphitheater and think of their time with much happiness - I know I will.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and hope you are able to join us next week June 25Th When "Those Incredible Bears Presented by USFS" - a presentation not to miss. Let me know what you think in the blog comment box.

2010 Monster Energy Mammoth Motocross

2010 Monster Energy Mammoth Motocross
June 17, 2010 - June 27, 2010

I wish I had pictures to post on here but you'll have to take my word for it - what a blast. A lot of these wonderful drivers are staying at our various campgrounds in the Mammoth Lakes area. As you know I am parked at Old Shady and all I see are campers with their wonderful families with their bikes. It's so cool to hear their stories.
2010 Monster Energy Mammoth Motocross is recognized as one of the top amateur national events in the motorcycle industry. Some of the top names, Ricky Carmichael, Jeremy McGrath, James Stewart, Rick Johnson, David Bailey, Travis Pastrana and others will be showing off their stuff. You just so have to check it out. This spectacular event has been going on since 1968 (shhhhhhhh it's the same age as me). Come say hello to the drivers and ask all the questions about the sport - they'll turn you into avid fans for sure - I know I'm one!!
If you go tell them Evielynne says hello from the fan box.....

June 16, 2010

My Knitting Class today.

I am not what you call a super talented crafter and I really do try to learn things for myself - only this time I just knew I needed help. So upon a journey one day in town we found a coffee shop called Java Joint where in the window was a sign about knitting lessons. So I thought hey I really should give this a try and see what happens. After all I've taken 3-4 months to learn how to do the dang Granny Square with about a million seperate times of throwing my hooks at poor Jorge.

So we headed inside and I land a knitting lesson with one Deb Searles. Well this was a week ago and my lesson was today. I was so scared and I tend to put way to much pressure on myself - after all most of my friends are levels I never thought I'd get to in a million years. After a little while Deb figured I was calmed down a bit and a head we went. She taught me the purl - increase - decrease and some other terms that I've already forgotten but can do. She was so patient with me and encouraged me to do my own style of knitting because I have a weird left and right handed cordnation mix up seeing I am both. It really was easy but hands where shaking so bad that I thought I was not doing well when she insisted that I learn fast. God love her.

But the also so exciting part was getting to know her and it turns out she's married to Steve Searles who is the Bear Whisper and he is doing a bit in our interpretive program through my husbands company. He getting ready to do some more filming along with his family. And it's just a hoot to even know this - but it gets better. We meet him today as well. And what a super great guy. Very down to earth just like his wife. Boy when things turn from good to great they really do. It was so much fun talking to them both and by the end of the season we'll be best buds!! I almost asked for his autograph - how funny is that. But I should of you know. I so can't wait for the east coast family and friends to hear who I meet today and what I learned.

I will add pictures of the bear whisper for sure on here. I even have his cell number - how lucky is that. But truth be told his wife is the real hero of this story she took a clumsy girl and made her into a future knitting monster and that to me is worth everything.

Now I'm at the library and I've checked out some books to encourage my new hobby and hope to make some money one day soon with my new talent. It's been a blast people.

June 15, 2010

New items for sale! Etsy

I just put these cuties up for a sale!! Trust me many more are coming. If your looking for a certain theme do let me know I can do a piece in about 2-4 hours.


Welcome to Jorge's new store. It's new and in the works and more items will be added all the time. So go check out what he's up to these days beside working!! This is what he plans on doing FULL TIME when the camping season is over. He's most excited and needs your support..... Let him know what you think. However the items for sale on there now the pictures need to be updated. New Camera coming soon!!



June 14, 2010

CashCrate making extra money

So a friend sent this to me this morning and so I thought what the heck, I work from my computer already why not try this out too. Plus my friend gets a extra amount of money for each referral she gets and I'll do anything for my friend (love you Cin). I've included a link where you can go for yourself to check it out. If you wish not to do that's more then ok, but do check out the link - I do get something for just you checking it out.

June 13, 2010

Posted by Picasa

June 11th Pat Hogan came and sang at Shady Rest Amphitheater. And I would like to thank the following people from Inyo Recreation - CLM for showing up and showing their support. I think it makes a huge difference and shows respect for the Mammoth Lakes Campgrounds that we care. Randy, Leila (who took the pictures for me - LOVE YOU DEAR), Karlene (who was really not feeling good and really showed her loyalty - thank you), Joan (who is truly my partner in crime - umph) and Art oh then there is the ever loving Jorge who just got a kick out of it all. So we had to take PAW test and I got a 60% - no surprise there. Art and Joan who are married both got a 43% and they did not cheat (I promise there answers where so different). Leila got a 80% as did Jorge (our local nerds - umph) and I forget what Randy had but it was worse then mine. We had two sets of campers come down and enjoyed the campfire as well as the entertainment as we all did. I had so much fun - oh course you have to watch out for Leila because she likes to change the lyrics (which is where most of the laughter came in). For those employees who didn't show up - I sure hope you make the next one - it's just so much fun. And if your in the area you must come - it's truly a blast. Enjoy the pics - sorry the batteries where dead so some of pics did not come out so well but promise the next set will be better!! All my fault!!

June 12, 2010

I AM A FAN OF www.fiddlinpete.com

July 2 and July 23 he's coming to our campground at Shady Rest Ampitheater! I am so excited. What a total talent and super awesome to boot and I get to call him a friend. And after seeing his show you will too!! Mammoth Lakes is lucky to have such talent. You'll see his poster up everywhere I go because I'm a huge fan.

You must see his web page.......

June 6, 2010

Yesterdays Clean-up Day! What a blast

I wish I hadn't forgotten my darn camera yesterday because a picture says a thousand words.

Team A
all of them are CLM employees
and then there was little ole me (who does not work for CLM but a major fan of them and a supporting wife Jorge).
Well we worked wonderful as a team because we collected 26 bags in less then 3 hours and poured our hearts into this wonderful cause.

Team B
They also work for CLM but worked by themselves in a different cleaning zone from us. They did wonderful as well 10 bags

Which gave CLM a total of 36 bags. Can you imagine? How wonderful! How not shocking but so rewarding.

And also the Interpretive Program leader for the CLM programs collected 2 bags of trash - What a super gal she is. Love her so much (sorry can't write her name on here I haven't gotten her permission as of yet - but she rocks).

Afterwards there was a town picnic for all the volunteer workers and there where a lot of them. They had wonderful food from Giovanni's - Mammoth Brewery and Angels. From Pizza to Polish Hot dogs (yummmm) and Root beer along with tons of bakery items. What a tum fest. Thank you so much Mammoth Lakes for the great entertainment and the super prizes for the raffle in which my very own husband par-took a win from.

It was pride that CLM took in this year cleaning all due to the wonderful new management team we have this year. Wayne and Kathy gave each member of the CLM staff a confidence and support and true leadership. We thank them for the wonderful changes and for the great summer each host will have. You so Rock and well so does Spanky.

I am also personally grateful for the op to help take part in the wonderful charity of giving back to good ole Mammoth Lakes. I've meet so many wonderful business owners who think I'm just a hoot and that says it all. But truly thank you for supporting our stay and making the time to get to know us! I will be posting all the wonderful companies I am referring to on the next blog - because they really deserve a shout out.

I hope that each of us reading this post remembers the importance it is to give back because the reward of accomplishment is so great. And seeing the smiles on the very faces you help out is better then anything I can even think of. God bless!

June 4, 2010

Town of Mammoth Lakes Clean up day June 5, 2010

Jorge will be working with all the other CLM employees in uniform and I will be helping too (of course I don't work for CLM but will still help out on my own free will).

Town of Mammoth Lakes Clean Up Day
June 5, 2010
Location: Town of Mammoth Lakes
Phone: 760-934-8989 ext. 266

FREE orange trash bags will be available starting on Friday, May 21, 2010 (maximum 5 at one-time) from the Town Offices and the Mammoth Lakes California Welcome Center. This year, only Town supplied orange bags will be collected free of charge by Mammoth Disposal from June 8 - 10, 2010 by appointment only. There will be no collection of loose or bulky items (refrigerators, appliances, mattresses etc.) from private properties on Saturday, June 5, 2010. The Mammoth Disposal Transfer Station will receive these items free of charge only on June 5, 2010.

Neighborhood volunteers are once again needed to coordinate the 10 designated Town clean-up areas. To recognize the communities pride in keeping our Town clean, a community picnic will be held at Mammoth Creek Park beginning at 12:00 p.m. This annual event is sponsored by the Town of Mammoth Lakes and its many community partners.

June 2, 2010

June 11th Country music Featuring Pat Hogan in Mammoth Lakes

Inyo Recreation Presents:
Campfire Program
Fridays at Shady Rest Amphitheater
8:00pm to 9:00pm

Children’s Wilderness Craft provided

June 11th Country music
Featuring Pat Hogan

June 18th Campfire Songs
With Derik Olson

June 25th Those Incredible Bears
Presented by USFS

July 2nd An Evening of Music & Entertainment
With Fiddlin' Pete Watercott (fiddlinpete.com)

July 9th Sights & Sounds of the Eastern Sierra
With Tom & Gina Schemenauer 8:30~9:30

July 16th Hug a tree Program &
USFS– Campfire Safety
With Special Guest Smokey Bear

July 23rd An Evening of Music & Entertainment
With Fiddlin' Pete Watercott (fiddlinpete.com)

July 30th Sights & Sounds of the Eastern Sierra
With Tom & Gina Schemenauer 8:30~9:30

Ok our California campers. You know I don't work for CLM but love them so much that I want to help them in any way that I can and so here I am beggin you to show your love and come by to harass us and have some fun in the same breath. I will be helping out this year so come support CLM and it's wonderful new programs. The more that come the more programs will be added. Look for more bloggin with pictures - you may just find yourself on my blog - now wouldn't that be a hoot and half. We need all the support so your welcome to copy and paste this and and help spread the word. Love you all as you know!!


Join if you have MS - Join if your a Crafter

Youth Equipped for Success Y.E.S.

Youth Equipped for Success Y.E.S.
Juvenille Support Program