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March 26, 2009

Leaving Miami, Florida

OK, so we started at 300 days for a count down (when we decided to become full time RVers). Our departure day was set for June 1st and it's now March 26Th the eve of our big escape). We get to leave 66 days sooner, which is why the tears are holding my eye balls in place. Miami is not the nice place we think. In fact in most areas (and I say most areas) its down right cruel and evil. People we've encounter have a communication we are not accustomed to. The swearing, the cut-throat, the lack of respect for human kind. It's also about the money, the root of all evil and boy I'm thinking this is so. We came to be with family and learned that we are not the best fit for what they call living.
So by now you must think I am a whiner. Well, I am and get to be for the next 24 hours and then my new life begins. And we're not doing this alone. There is this group I belong to called the campground_crafters where there is a bunch of women (all different I might add in every way you can imagine) who by the good grace of God get a long and care about each other. They represent what Miami should be and what family should be also. We have been guided with good advice and great advice. We've made friends not only on the group site but in person as well. Now imagine driving 5 to 6 hours just to meet total strangers. Well this little Texan gal did and what a hoot. And on this same visit some great friends living in Homestead went out of there way and did a great job setting up things for us to do as a group and served us some great food and even giving us each presents - mine was a candle that runs on battery - love it!!
And now you can say we are ready to hit the road. I would tell you where but then you may not want to read my blog. So come back and see what we've been up to and learn about who we are as people.
I'm Evie Lynne and my wonderful husband is Jorge (aka Rubio say it like Romeo). We have 2 pets June Bug our 1 year old cat and Kricket Bee our 7 week old puppy.


  1. I and the other Campground Crafters are rooting for you and your new lifestyle. Ya'll are going to make it and we get to share it with you as you go.

    Safe travels and Happy Trails!

  2. Safe travels, we look forward to meeting up with you and Jorge in the future. We can't wait to hear about your many adventures.
    Lots of Love,
    Bob and Sharon

  3. I'm going to enjoy reading through your blog. Since we're only 43 days away from being fulltimers ourselves, I'm eager to learn everything I can!


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