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January 1, 2011

Hang Overs

New Year

Happy New Year Blogger world!!
Well here we are Jan 1st, 2011. On the last day of the year 2010 most of the world is clinking their glasses to the good bubbly. Not us - for us it was all about the coffee. So now you must think we are alcohol recoveries? Nope!! We just wanted to take this year and be sober and watch all the other fools act silly - and you know what? They do act silly and some what crazy. And to think that was us last year (again no alcohol for we feel asleep by 10pm). We are beyond perfect - we have at one time or another been one of those crazy New
Year celebrities (not quit a Lindsay Lohan).

What ruined our adventure for the night was the neighbors ginny (RV camper generator) on till 12:30am (was on since 5pm) and so we couldn't hear all the campground drunks but just some of them where a ginny just couldn't drown out the sound. The old also ruined it for us. 16 degrees is just a little to cold for my taste to bounce around taking picture of helpless victim of willfully posing for my evil camera.

This morning was the real fun. Watching half the campground stumbling to the out house holding their head or mouth to avoid the vomit of public display. And of course our house is full of great conversations of weird topics and that brings me to today's topic. What to do for a "Hang Over"....

For me - pizza was alway my cure about 3pm of being in bed all day. For Jorge it's a bloody mary (yuck - I'm a beer girl and don't touch the hard stuff)... So with two weird ways of handling "Hang Overs" I went to INET to see what the hard core truth was... And here is what I came up with (well found).

Myth 1...
Nice try, but food has to be in your stomach before you drink to help a hangover. If you're busy digesting steak, your martini will be delivered to your bloodstream more slowly, giving it less of a chance to accumulate to the headache-worthy levels. (All food slows digestion, but fat does it best.)  Found on www.webmd.com
This site has a ton of myths.

Myth 2...
I can match my husband drink for drink.
No way! Women will always get more intoxicated on a smaller dose than men even if you weigh the same.
That's because men have a higher percentage of water in their bodies, which dilutes the alcohol.
Men also have higher levels of the enzyme that metabolizes alcohol, so they break it down better than women.
An awesome site with all kinds of myths http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/40856378/ns/today-today_health/

 Just google "Hangover Cures" and you'll find page after page after page of cures.. But I have the best one of all and we proved this theory last night. Just plain Coffee, a Good Cam Recorder, and a little Black Mail Book and a Bank account (not in that order - and of course we are very much kidding on the black mail).

We hope that your travels was safe and that the New Year will be what you make of it. For us - we have plans and of course life will through us some major curve balls and through us off track - but with our solid marriage, good friends we'll do just fine. Poor in the Bank but Rich in the Heart is what we want out of life....

The history of New Years can be found History of New Year CLICK HERE ... Gregorian calendar and for the non believers the Church is so linked to the history. Enjoy...

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  1. Happy New Year to you both. We'll see you down the road one day.


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