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September 4, 2011

Bow Hunting Season

Bow Hunting Season 2011

Working up here in Idaho we see that hunting is a way of life for most of these folks around here. And for this family it's no different.  Dakota ummmm I would guess is between the age of 17-20 years old and both Jorge and I are amazed of him. Young he is, but very independant and seems to be a "FAMILY" first kind of fellow. Always greeting us each and every time as if we've meet for the first time. And in this day and age it's not so common for the younger generation. So this speaks a lot for his up bringing.

Well Dakota had a goal set  and has done so much preparing in the form of hiking (with the help of his Dad and brother) and scouting through the course of the season - and with that came set up and hours and hours of determination of getting his first bear. We do 100% support hunting within the ground rules of the letter of the law. To just simply kill for the fun is not our way of thinking. And we are happy to report the success of Dakota's first bear. Here is a video but I must warn everyone this is a hunter doing his job and so if you do not support such things then "DO NOT WATCH THE VIDEO" and also we do need to warn young viewers the language content so again if you do not like this "DO NOT WATCH THE VIDEO".

Dakota congrats on your first bear - I have been were you where that day oh so many years ago - that feeling will never leave you. I cried so hard that day while standing next to my father who beamed with pride  not only because of being his daughter (only) but I too also provided food for my family - my rug lives in Germany with my family.

Also rude comments will not be published - this way of life is not for everyone and this story is about a young man providing for his family and there is NO shame in that!!

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  1. We have a friend in Red Lodge MT that bow hunts to feed his family too. He is a school teacher and his wife just had their 3rd child. He makes his own bows! He has been very successful that hunting deer, elk, bear, goose, and even moose. He made moose ribs for a potluck and fed his family a whole year on it. I used to tell him, don't tell me what it is until I taste it :) It is the only way his family would survive in that very expensive resort town!!

  2. We have no big game around here but my son hunts too. I have no problem with it as long as he eats what he shoots.

  3. Evielynne that was a really interesting post, especially with the video showing what he actually did. I have never hunted in my life, yet I understand the need to hunt to supply your family with necessary food.

    I was also surprised that you killed a bear as well. Your description of that day was marvelous.

    Great post!

  4. If anyone wants to knock hunting to put food on the table they should watch the dvd Food,Inc. ...all about the growing and processing meat from the slaughter houses so that it can end up in those shiny white styrofoam packages in your super market...they might change their minds.


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