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August 9, 2013

Keepsake Boxes, Stained Glass and Japanese by Boxes and Beyond

BoxesandBeyond's Shop Announcement

Offering Heirloom quality Keepsake Boxes; Quality Stained Glass; and Japanese Temari Koma Ornaments.
Stained Glass Butterfly Window Leaded Glass
Ruthan Shelly's Profile


Working with my hands has always been a very important part of my life. My husband and I spent 8 years building our first house. Since then, we have always believed in doing or making whatever we needed whenever possible.

I have been blessed with a supportive husband who has always joined in whenever I have needed him; and who has never complained about the mess or lack of dinner. And the joys of raising 3 sons are now bearing fruit as they are helping me in many ways as well.
Comment from a Customer:
Wow! What a beautiful box! More than met my expectations! Ruthan personalized it, bubble wrapped it, and it arrived within days of my ordering it! A personalized note from her was greatly appreciated. Perfect packaging. 5 star company!!!!

Stained glass history began when Roman historian Pliny the Elder (23 AD-79 AD) spun a tale of Phoenician sailors discovering glass. After being shipwrecked, the sailors cooked a meal in pots stacked on blocks of natron, part of their cargo, on the beach. Natron contains soda, an important component of glass. With the heat of cooking, the soda fused with the sand, and when the sailors woke up the next morning, they found glass. Today, historians consider the origins of glass to be much earlier. The earliest known glass was discovered in the form of beads in Egypt, dating to 2750 to 2625 BC

Personal Note from US:
I wish to high heavens we do all of our RV windows with stained glass. This store is just so full of life and colors. It has been an honor having Boxes and Beyond as our FREE Friday Etsy

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