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September 4, 2010


Before I start this blog entry I am to tell you that this particular store owner want to state to all the readers how grateful she is of my service (now I am blushing). I will say she is my biggest donation giver and I'd like to say thank you very much!!


By now you've seen FLASH1214's pictures and I have to brag for just a second and tell you I personally bought 4 of her HELLO KITTY PURSES. I have a set a twin nieces (from my husband side) and a great niece (also on my husband side) who are just going to love these and the 4th HELLO KITTY PURSE will go to my baby to my baby brothers new baby Mae Christmas - who of course is too young yet but I didn't care I had to get them.... Now most people say to me all the time why do you buy from ETSY when you are a crafter yourself? And I tell them that crafters make the best buyers and that how we learn to expand our arts of sorts.... Also there are a lot of crafters that work full-time from their home because of physical problems and such... Which brings us back to FLASH1214.


ROSE ANN had back surgery some time ago and of course with the economy the way it is had issues with her insurance as we all do - HOW THE HELL TO PAY FOR IT...? Well she did what most hard working people do "FIND A WAY" and that way was through ETSY.... So on May 26, 2009 she started her ETSY store and place some items up for sale and prayed a lot... See ETSY is still a bit new to the world and if your a new shop it's hard to get immediate sales (I know this first hand as well - I'm only at 9 sales) and you often think to yourself "Was this all worth it"? In this case yes but as time went on and her sales started picking up a little of her medical bills where starting to get paid. And as you have it her husband now has some medical issues.... So it's back to the drawing board again - and instead of whining about it she got to making more items for her shop and then back to praying..... So here we are modern time (Sept 5th) and she has 159 sales and a rating of 279 (that's 100% positive comments). I'll share some of her comments here in a second....


Here's some fun facts about ROSE ANN. Of course she's married but she has 10 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. They all beg to her to make items for them and of course as you know grandchildren don't know the word no. So what I am saying here is that this women is not lazy by any means and provides a secondary job to help support her family and to uses her talent to entertain her grandchildren.... I'm in total ahhhhh over her. And then to find me and hire me so that all of you wonderful people can see for yourself how great her items are... I can't make half the stuff in her store... ROSE ANN states: Etsy is my therapy. I think it's more then that and for that she gets my 5-stars of top service. It took her 2 days to make my items and I got them so fast. She is about top service and means business with her shop....

aliciag1800 says:
Thanks so much and the earrings are really cute. Very fast shipping.

necosjewelry says:
I had a great experience with this seller, lovely to talk to ^.^ + loved the earrings they look great, and I LOVE THE BONUS GIFTS ^.^ Your awesome Flash thank you

niftysupplies says:
This is so adorable I love it. I thought I could even wear it as an anklet. Love the charm and stretchiness. Perfect for this summer time wear! Great seller, super friendly, and fabulous to deal with. Thank you for the nice card and mini gift! Will definitely do business with again!


I could go on and on but you can go directly to her shop and see for your self over the tons and tons of comments.... you won't get that far because once you see her store products you'll see that a picture speaks a thousand words... So get to leaving a comment on her then head off to see her wonderful store. She's hard working gal and will work with you as she had with me!!


  1. Rebecca Johnson (Manchester, NH)September 6, 2010 at 8:05 AM

    I so love this store. And the others too. I am adding Flash1214 to my Christmas on-line stores to shop at. I love the lamps and glad she has a lot of them, Cool blog. your pictures are so cool. And your new puppy is cute. What is it?

  2. I love Flash1214's shop! She is a great lady, and her items are well made and very reasonably priced! I have bought things from her many times, and I highly recommend her shop!


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