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December 26, 2010

BLM Party

Our day started out simple... My husband sneaking some picture of me reading... yikes (LOL).... We always have our individual readings and then we share scripture reading after breakfast. On this day I read Luke and Matthew as fitting for Christmas! And we where so filled with for our Lord Jesus Christ and filled our hearts with thanks.... We kept all modern things off such as cells, inet, TV and such and it was nice.... REAL nice.....
Christmas night our neighbor had a small display of fireworks so we headed outside and started a fire and watched. As our fire died out, we decided to go for a walk into the beautiful night with open skies full of stars. Hand and hand and enjoying the cold night air and just being thankful to be able to share this together "just Jorge and I"... One of the best Christmas Day/Night ever in both of our books!

I'd like to share with you all our pictures of a BLM Campground party that the host here put together. It was so much fun! We wish to thank Bryon for doing this and for our neighbors entertainment. I can't believe we'll be leaving here in just 20 days... We leave on my husbands birthday and may never see this part of the country again but if we do we know where we always be welcomed... Our adventure list keeps growing and so does our friends list... We are grateful for that!! Enjoy...

Just a few fun pictures...


  1. Evielynne you look like you've lost some weight. You look great. Keep posting pictures.

    Love yaaaaaaaaaaaaa Girl

  2. Nice photo's Evie. I am so glad to see you leave this cold place. It is beautiful, but oh, so cold. Keep warm this coming week.
    Love ya...


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