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December 29, 2010

Hairless Cats

Ok so Jorge and I rode to town the other day and we where walking our bikes downtown (because I am sorry to report most Bishop drivers are not so nice to the bikers) and so I decided to window shop. When Lord and behold here was this thing in the doorway that to me looked like an "Alien". But noooooo it was Sphynx. I so had to take a picture. My husband was laughing so hard I thought for sure he'd pee himself. You see folks back in Mammoth Lakes when Jorge worked for CLM we came across a camper that had a hairless dog "Chinese Crested" so the odds of this is the funny part. I got to thinking about this breed of cats. Is there a difference in their behavior, eating, you know cat things outside the fact they have no fur. So I got to asking question to my friend who is a major cat freak and knows more about cats then anyone I know... She sent me this email this morning on the history..

Hairless cats have spontaneously occurred in many places including the United States, Canada, Australia, and France. In 1902, Mr. Shinick in Albuquerque, New Mexico, acquired two hairless cats from local Pueblo Indians. These two cats were brother and sister, Nellie and Dick, and were never bred. In 1950, two hairless kittens were reportedly born of Siamese parents in Paris, France. On January 30, 1966, in Ontario, Canada, a normally coated domestic black and white female, Elizabeth, produced a hairless black male kitten named Prune.

She says you use baby wipes on them to clean them and that often breeder will tell you this. They are not to have cows milk and such but can drink goats milk - weird but ok...

Ok so how much can you expect to pay for such a pet? $500 without papers and up to $1500.00 ouch.... But if your a fan then expect to pay but then if your a fan you know all this already...

Sphynx Cat Clothes can be found here..

And here is the cat we came across while window shopping in Bishop,CA....


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