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October 13, 2010


Well, I'm another year older now - UGGGGG UGGGGG.... This year was a quiet but very exciting Birthday. My husband pulled off some great surprises for me.

My day started off with opening my first present which was from Sue (Florida - awesome friend - a spicy Texan LADY) in which is a hat (I know I make them but not a single one is for me) and I love it! And then I have to watch my husband escort a host from one campground to another because those set of host left early. I so loved it because it's George 2 1/2 who is the funniest sweet guy in the world - next to my husband of course. He was my first well wisher for my b-day.... Made me smile!
Then we went to breakfast and then my husband was getting sick on the side of the road and felt awful until about 4ish (we almost had to call the night off).
Bumped into the Site Area Manager from Reds Meadow (I so love this couple they are the kindest sweetest people in this business) Bob & Carol... And so Carol and I where chatting up a storm and to come find out it was her birthday too.... I mean OMG how cool is that.... I don't have permission to state her age but she SOOOOOOO does not look it at all - way too much energy... Later in the evening she'll make me cry - I get to that in a bit. We tell her where we plan on going for my b-day dinner, which is Whiskey Creek and she so gives us 2-thumbs up. I had never been there so this is good news to my ears. And so we now we are at Whiskey Creek and I am eating a Iron Steak Cesar Salad and Jorge is eating ribs - I get to finally open my presents... Jorge gave me a gift certificate to KnitPicks and some knitting needles and coffee and a super fancy loom. I also got a necklace from my very very good friend Leila with the most beautiful card. I got a Boarders Gift Card from my GrandMum and Gift Card to Jo-Ann's from my Dad and hand knitted socks from my baby brother and his wonderful wife (I so loved them) and crocheting needles & yarn from my dear friend Bethany (College Pal - Miss goody two shoes - lol shhhhhhhh). After we ate we then went to the movies and seen Life as We Know it - I RECOMMEND SEEING THIS, IT WAS SO FUNNY)... oh let me back track just a little.... When we where on our way to the movies Carol called to recommend a dessert for me - I was taken by that I got all choked up. See I told you they are the sweetest people...
Then off to home for coffee and cake (just a sliver of a piece because it's not a sugar free cake).... I had jumped on my INET to check my emails and the following people wished me a happy birthday: Art & Joan (a beautiful email - I miss them terribly), Pennie, MrsP (awwwww such sweet words Pal, Pat (way to cute of an email - this one made me grin ear to ear). Jackie (Jorge's beautiful niece in which I want to yank all of her beautiful hair and glue it to mine - lol). Jill & Harry (it's not truly a birthday till I hear it from them - Happy Birthday Harry), my family of course, Bethany & Terry, my INET friends and of course the most wonderful group in the world campground_crafters (the reason I survive most things) and I know I am forgetting some but I am still so thank full... It's been a hard week and you all made it easier for me. Thank you Kenny and Marylou for seeing me before you left to wish me a happy day....

And so that was my day and wish to thank everyone who made it so!!

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  1. I can't believe I missed your birthday!! My wireless internet has been acting up again...sigh..

    Sounds like you had a wonderful day...you deserved it!!


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