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October 2, 2010

I am having a bad day...

I am a bit sad because I was told a whole bunch of gossip that was hurtful and about us.... So my husband and I had to ralley together and work this out for ourselves... My first thought was what? What did we do that was so bad... But then I had to step back and remind myself that sometime life will do this to you. You can do the best for people and it will never be enough or no matter what you do you are target for this kind of disrespect and disrespect is what this is... I am more senstive to this sort of thing while Jorge is an amazing person who just says well then I must be doing something right to begin with... But we rallied together and decided nope not going to play this game and said our prayers and asked for forgiveness for the ill we feel in our hearts and asked for help to do better in life.... And now I feel a little bit better....

Did I say this was about work? Or family? Or anything else? Nope and not going to either - so why blog about this? Well good question... Maybe the source will read this and get to feeling so bad because they "THEY" where caught and re-think this theory of there's and perhaps take it up with us and work out a solution and move on. It just breaks my heart because we look like fools for believing the falsehood of a friendship/SSSSSSSSSSSS.... I do wish THEM well no matter where life takes THEM.....

Other then that I've keeping busy with my work and have some more chapters down in my book and have to re-work the first couple. I am so blessed to have my job and love my boss. I will be renewing my contract this winter. I've decided it's too good of a situation for me not to continue. Working from my INET has made it easier to please and kept far from the office to have to deal with every day hardship of working with others - not that I can't. Jorge of course will continue to work his dream as this is also a dream for us to do the RV life. The thing with RV life is that nothing is for certain and that's ok. That's the joy of the adventure as long as we have each other. We've meet some great folks this year and you can always tell who likes you by the phone calls and emails you get - RIGHT? Already we have gotten emails from "some" host & campers from this year - today in fact I got a super friendly email from Jorge's host from Pine City... She still cracks me up - I had taken a picture a ways back well I'm still shocked she hasn't killed me - she has a good spirit that one.... If your reading this Pat - thank-you for your kind words..... They came at a good time,,,

My charity work is also taking a different direction.... We will be making blankets, caps, and booties for Inyo Hospital, Bishop, CA as private donation as well as our store sales will also help that same cause. We also signed up to help Handmade Especially for You owned by one Leslye Borden who is out of Rancho Palos Verdes, CA and what she does is collect all the scarves she can from knitters like me and hands them to abused women while they are being counciled and helped. Women lose their identities and a simple scarf can bring a little smile/comfort to them. And of course there is the MS charity work that we will continue to work with - Multiple Sclerosis Association of America
706 Haddonfield Road Cherry Hill, NJ. So yes we are excited about the changes.... This will be done 100% by us during the winter with the wonderful donation that have come in to help us support our work - a major thank-you!

Oh and there is my birthday. It was to be a party but it looks like a party for two - in which I am use to. As a child my b-day was often just a plain day because my father and brothers where always out of town. My grandmum and I would celebrate alone - so as an adult I've dreamt of big parties - not this year... I'm excited to see what Jorge gets me and so this will be the highlight and getting to talk to my family and friends.... The one day I use my phone the most - lol.... I am so terrible with phones. Oh well!! Thank gosh for emails for the rest of the 365 days....

Wow it's almost time for us to hit the road and start our 5 month vacation (well half of us) but it will be so nice.... Back to reading, hiking, riding bikes, fishing, visiting our friends and such.... I am feeling better already and oh yeassss shopping for a newer travel trailer - we'll see....

I'm sorry this blog was a bit negative - this day took me by complete shock but then it something that can help us grow. Right or wrong we will do better... Life is so short and people have all kinds of stories to why they are the way they are - Ours is simple just ask.....


  1. Oh honey there you go again. You can't worry about what people think. You need to keep doing your good works and help where your help is needed. You've always been a good girl and always thinking of others before yourself. I am so proud of you. You give that husband of yours a hug from all of us. We believe in you honey. Keep up the great work.

  2. Happy Birthday Evielynne We miss you so muchOctober 2, 2010 at 7:14 PM

    Mark Twain said it best
    “He gossips habitually; he lacks the common wisdom to keep still that deadly enemy of man, his own tongue”
    Your father is right. We've known you for um 42 years and you have always given the best to people. And we've only known Jorge for a little over 3 years and he a true gem. Listen to your father and continue to make everyone who knows and loves you proud.

    Veronica & Johnny
    By the way sweetie "Happy Birthday"

  3. Jimmy Fredmont - FredmontJ61@hotmail.comOctober 2, 2010 at 7:59 PM

    I am honored to be a past boss of Evie. After all these years she still makes me smile. When my wife died it was she who put all the crew to help me out and I can't thank her enough for that. I've enjoyed all your blogs guys and envy you two. You keep your chins up and know that you have a huge fan base. Evie you where one of the best employees I've ever had. Anyone would be so lucky to have you. Hey tell your old man I said hello we sure miss him around here too. One of the best officer to ever give me a ticket. Be good kids! Jimmy
    Kid your getting old so have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  4. The Lord is with you and I will be praying for you and Jorge. He cares about you both because you are a part of His family, He will take care of you. You have lots of people who care and I thank the Lord for bring both of you into my life last summer and again this summer - can't wait for Christmas break to come give you a big hug and go exploring with you. God Bless you both -- lol

  5. Hi Evie,
    There is always people like that about, just try not to let them get to you. You know you are doing good for lots of people and we all love you both. So cheer up and say "Its their loss not yours".
    Love Jill xxx

  6. Evie, so wise of you to not get dragged in to such unnecessary things. I know God honours people who bless those that persecute them so your blessing will be tenfold. Hold on to your faith and you will be rewarded.
    Have been here many times (((((hugs)))) from us here, love Carolxxx

  7. Aww thanks everyone... OMG my old boss follows my blog - now that's just crazy... And thanks Jimmy for the comment - that means a lot to me... Daddy I so miss everyone - love you. Marge my solid rock friend. Jill & Carol I so wish we live near each other!! Ver & John oh my I knew you followed my blog but you gave me a comment that made me feel real good - thank you all! I will listen to all of your advice and have made changes to ensure that I do what I must to make things easier now and in the future... I am doing a lot better today! Love you all so much!


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