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February 12, 2011

On the move..

So we have left California and we are heading to Oregon to visit some awesome friends... We left this morning at about 8am. However a dead battery. Oh gosh here we go. But heck I wasn't stressed I had just renewed our GoodSam club. But instead Jorge decided to purchase another battery instead (since we where getting solar any how we would of had to get a new one any ways). We where going to stay in Bridgeport but ummmm no way the town was a bit of  a ghost town. So continuing on we manage to make it to Carson City. So we are bedded here for the night and I am full of smiles.
We managed to squeeze in a trip to Best Buy in which I bought yet another computer. My other computer will be smashed to pieces for all the hell it caused me in the end. I can sleep nights knowing my boss is not going to give me that speech of "when am I to expect my files"?
Dearest hubby went and did laundry while I played (not really play but set-up) my new computer. He manage to bring dinner back - ugggg hot dogs.... But I don't dare say a word - I just eat and get back to work... We will leave here tomorrow about 10ish to give us some relax time before hitting the road. I did take pictures and I won't be able to post till the next blog. Due to the very fact I can't find the camera. We own 2 and well it's getting late and I just don't feel like it...
thank you dear friends for keeping contact with us and making sure we where OK and doing all the research on weather and our next stop. WE LOVE YOU....


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