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February 15, 2011


Police and our encounter....

We left Carson City with our tums filled with coffee and our RV full of gas. Our goal for that day was Susanville (which is funny because we had a dear friend warn us about the police in this area - about just loving to pull people over). We left the Silver City RV Park   which I have to say was clean. Service was so so and the people who where staying their FLIPPING SNOBS. I am sorry to say this but money is not everything in this world - PERIOD.
We plan on over nigh ting it in Walmart parking lot (with their permission that is - we always ask and never assume we can over night at any business parking lots). So we where about 20 miles from Susanville when I noticed a parade of cars behind us and I say to Jorge "pull over so they can get by or we'll get pulled over" he says "no they can pass me" so an officer goes by and I'm thinking "Crap we where just tagged" sure enough we hear sirens and noticed it was us he was pulling over. Nothing feels worse then a officer hand on his gun inching his way up to us. And so I roll my window down and notice how Jorge is shaking (serves him right). I'm expecting attitude after heeding the warning from our friends. NOPE super polite officer. All he does is educated us on the laws of the road for RV folks. Rule of thumb people more then 4 cars behind you - pull over. He said if your not doing the 65 mph (in which he clocked us at 58) then your a danger to the road with more then 4 cars behind you. So pull over. So he checks our license and insurance and then proceeds to tell us again the rules of the road and good luck. So you think that's it to the story? Heck NOOO....
Jorge goes to start the RV and it won't start - lol... OK so now we have to deal with the same officer yet AGAIN. He gives us a tag to put on the RV and he states if we need a police service just take the tag down and an officer who is doing a drive by will stop. And so we sit it out for 20 minutes and start the RV. And to our relief it starts (common with older RV to do this - the solenoid over heats causing the starter to not work). Jorge knows whats to come.... I TOLD YOU SO... and lots of it....
So we get to Susanville and ate some dinner and watch some new movies we had bought from Walmart - 27 Dresses - War Wagon - Open Range and Wyatt Earp (we love Westerns). Of course I am playing on my new computer and see that a Winter Warning is in store for us for the next couple of days. Holly smoke we need to get to an RV park asap.
And that brings us to now.... We are parked at the "Days End RV Park" in which I will praise, praise, praise. I have never seen an RV park as clean or as friendly as here. I am very big into customer service and hate hate hate snobby people. Well these folks are anything but that. About $30 a night free wifi - super super super clean shower/laundry room. They have a gated fence just for the pets. Our puppy dogs give it some major A+. 
We may stay for one more night because of the major winter storm we are stuck in. We may get a break in the weather and head out tomorrow but most likely we'll stay one more night. I can't say much for the town because we've been stuck in doors due to the weather. And so we'll see.

so if your new to the road while driving an RV check out this site and hope that you won't make the same mistakes my dear husband did - we are blessed and very thankful that the officer was kind, respectful and even helpful and not an inch of ego that so often bestows on a lot of our finest...
 And we'll leave with just one more last thing to say and that would be to Jorge's Brother Felix and his wife Alina. Happy celebration on your many many years of marriage (Feb 14, 1976)


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