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February 16, 2011

RV Security System

RV Security System

RV Security System FaceBook Fan Page

Prior to our RV full timing life style we lived in Miami, FL where my in-laws had like 20 locks on their doors and was beyond paranoid about every little noise or human being near their home. Being a country girl myself thought "how does one allow their lives to be such filled with fear"? I guess this is a common thing in Miami and to confirm this just turn on the news and see for yourself the horrors of city life. The main factor of moving was refusing to live in fear.

Having been on the road for almost 2 years not once have we ever encounter any form of danger. But upon the Internet research I came across a ton of unlucky RV full timers who can share the same joys.




So one day I was on FaceBook and a fan page caught my attention. http://www.rvsecurity.net/ and I thought ummm something worth checking out. So I went to their web site and started reading. The system detects and sends a video of intruders to your cell phone, allowing you to take appropriate action. The system is simple, and it works. Now how cool is that? We are almost a full time solar panel users for our 24 ft motorhome that won't be ours much longer due to us upgrading to a pull trailer with a pop out. And my questions about that was directed to the company. Matthew got back to us and has become a huge part of our lives. He urges us to ask more questions and is a super great communicator - SOMETHING I just don't see in companies because customers are a dime a dozen. Not this company. LOL I have a file folder with Matthews name so that I can save all of his emails.

Here is a copy of an email Matthew sent me:

Thanks for getting back with me.

Our system does not rely on any external power sources, period, which is on of the reasons it is perfect for RV's. Each portion of the system uses its own batteries (special lithium batteries). The cameras are designed to send up to 3,000 10 second clips or last 4 years, whichever comes first. Since the only reason an alert should ever be sent to the RV owner is when there is an intrusion, we get great life. Some folks leave their cameras on all the time, and get less battery life.

This also plays out very nicely for people who want to store their RV. Since it doesn't use power from the vehicle, if you park it for a year, you're protected, and the system will still alert to intrusions as well as perform weekly tests to make sure everything is working. If our system doesn't receive self-test information from your system, it alerts you to the problem!

And of course, the difference between our system and other systems is the video verification. With our system, you receive a video of what is happening. This is what allows our system to actually protect, vs. just "feel good." In many jurisdictions, police won't just respond to a blind alarm - someone has to visually verify there has been an intrusion. If there is an intrusion, old systems put that person at risk. Our system gives you that visual confirmation without placing someone in danger. The system does this whether you're in a restaurant, at a family reunion, or 1500 miles away from your RV.

We would love to answer your questions - please call us at 901-922-9600!


"Protect your RV from anywhere!"

We are getting this system for so many reasons... The growing number on violence on RV full timers and for also for our own protection comfort. Matthew thank you for working with us and helping us making our life style even more rewarding....

This is a picture of the remote

This is a picture of the base unit

This is a picture of one of the Cameras

when you submit your emails make sure you mention Evielynne Sanchez and you may get a discount on your order....



  1. Found this on Twitter. Good review and wanted to let you know this blog caught my attention, as I am also a rv fulltimer too.

  2. One thing your readers might be interested in is that The RV Security System was designed for multiple applications. Just like your readers want alerts on their cell phones for intrusions into their RV's, many want the same thing for their "permanent" home, vacation home, or business. No home or business system has the alerting capabilities of our system - the Video Verification.

    To give you an idea of how easy the system is to use, we loaned a demo system to an employee who lives in an apartment earlier this week. His apartment management was doing maintenance on his unit. He decided he wanted to know if they would dig through his other areas past the point the maintenance would occur in. In other words, whether they would go places they had no business going.

    His install was simple:
    1. He opened up the case we keep the unit in.
    2. He pulled out two cameras.
    3. He placed them in two bedrooms on the ground, facing the closed doors (upside down, since he didn't do any mounting at all) of the rooms.

    He was at our offices when he got a phone alert to an intrusion, and then about 2 minutes later he had the video alert verifying it - the maintenance man had gone in his room! Within minutes of the intrusion, he was on the phone with the apartment management demanding an explanation.


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