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February 23, 2011


Stonehenge Memorial


•The town of Maryhill, Wash., is located in the central Columbia River Gorge. Activities include hiking, windsurfing, swimming and water-skiing. Fish for salmon, sturgeon, steelhead and walleye from boats or for bass from the shore. Visit the Maryhill Museum of Art, located on a bluff just above the town of Maryhill, the Maryhill Winery for a wine tasting, and a full-scale replica of England's Stonehenge. Shopping and restaurants are available in Goldendale, 12 miles to the north; there is also a restaurant and lounge in Biggs Junction, Oregon, one mile to the south across the U.S. 97 bridge.

RV Parks in Maryhill, Oregon

The Rufus Stone is a memorial to King William II, son of William the Conqueror, who was also known as Rufus. Rufus was killed by an arrow in the lungs in 1100 whilst hunting in the New Forest in Hampshire. Whilst this was reported as a hunting accident, the issue has never been resolved. His hunting compnion, Walter Tyrell, fled to France (the Sir Walter Tyrell inn just down the road is named after him). His brother, Harry, hurried to London to secure the treasury and the crown, and the nobles fled to secure their own estates. Rufus ruled with an iron fist, and whilst he was popular with the army, the people hated him. His body lay unattended for a few days and was then carried to Winchester Cathedral by a local charcoal-burner. Rufus was interred within Winchester Cathedral.

The Rufus Stone was erected by Earl De La Warr in 1745 and marks the approximate spot where King Rufus died. At the beginning of the nineteenth century the stone had become damaged and was encased in iron in 1841. The Rufus Stone is triangular with an inscription on each face. It stands in a glen in the new forest near to the A31.

One of the inscriptions on the Rufus Stone reads:

Here stood the oak tree, on which an arrow shot by Sir Walter Tyrell at a stag, glanced and struck King William the Second, surnamed Rufus, on the breast, of which he instantly died, on the second day of August, anno 1100. King William the Second, surnamed Rufus, being slain, as before related, was laid in a cart, belonging to one Purkis, and drawn from hence, to Winchester, and buried in the Cathedral Church, of that city

My friends Leila and Randy have some breath taking pictures in which I so wish I could post on this blog and so sorry world that you are stuck with my lame brain pictures. If you get a chance get here and see for yourself the beauty and power of the presence of this way cool land mark.....

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1 comment:

  1. You guys need to come over here one day and see the real thing some day. Its amazing and only an hour from us so we see it a lot. Its an amazing structure.
    Hope you are both well, much love


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