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October 26, 2011

CrossWord Craziness

Oh LW Jorge's winter boss is something else I tell ya... We are still laughing about it...
If you all remember I had blog a ways back about Jorge and his crosswords puzzles. The man lives for them... And so our wonderful LW saved 122 of them while we were away.... Did I mention 122 of them... See for yourself!!

Cross-Blog Article of the day:
Rules to clue of the crossword world. Awesome blog and if you are a avid crossword freak like my husband then this is one blog you should read (however you can only read past articles because they no longer blog but there is a ton of old articles well worth reading)

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  1. Too funny, I guess that will keep Jorge busy for a while. I don't crosswords but I do like Sudoku.

    Kevin and Ruth

  2. So funny!!!
    He'll have plenty to keep him busy on his day off then :)


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