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October 25, 2011

Winter RV Work

Boy it's nice to have a lot of friends who care!! Waking up this morning and doing my normal things was a complete pleasure because I had a ton of welcome back emails... YES-YES-YES we are back to having electricity...

First we want to say this summer was a complete blast... The boss in Idaho is a true example of what a boss should be like. What a great experience we had this summer. Some bumps along the way but more on the personal end then anything - but with God's gift of patience and teaching we were on the road of where we wanted to be heading... We miss so many people already that are still back in Idaho. And we thank the neighbors who came the last couple of days to say "Hey can't wait to see you next year".... That truly meant a great deal to us!! And thank goodness for email/facebook that's all I can say...

The trip back was an easy one and we talked about the things we learned and the things we need to change for ourselves before heading back for next season. The thing we value the most is the change that we put ourselves through to be better people. By doing right and being true the blessings come pouring through and it was nice to be able to give back too!!

So OMG I get to start follow/read my fellow bloggers friends blogs and we are changing the way we blog to help spread the support towards other bloggers. Give back - give back!! We want to help in any way we can in the networking world... So welcome Cross Blogs Articles.... We hope that you'll take the time to read them and perhaps even follow their blogs - learn/spread/laugh/help you just never know what type of support you yourself can do by just clicking...

We are so excited too - we are almost at 100 followers... Wow a year ago I begged and pleaded for followers and here we are today!! Wonderful isn't it?
Here we are!! love my yahoo maps

So it's back to work for Jorge tomorrow - and don't feel sorry for him. He is jazzed to do it. His winter boss is a like his summer boss... We love that!! Easy work and aways a praise for him on how well he does. Great view and just a short walk to the hot house.... Oh yeah right now it's about the hot house for us.... The beard is gone and so is the dead skin... With a little help from Nivea (check out their web site) http://www.niveausa.com/ ...

So we are back in full force and back to blogging - we hope that you will check out the "Cross-Blog" Article well be doing daily in order to help support our fellow bloggers - you never know you just may find yourself on here...
                            welcome today's
 "Cross-Blog" Article
I was telling Jorge yesterday about how East Coast Women back in the early 1900's would bathe themselves in lemon and salt - to rid the smell of sea and to scrub off the dead skin... Really works!! This article was read and made the wheels circle - and looking at my husband who has shaved his beard and scrub the day lights of a dickens on his body is looking very refreshed a wee bit younger...
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  1. You guys are very very giving! Hugs and glad you are back!!


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