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October 27, 2011

RV Ladybugs

I am such a girl. Anything to do with Ladybugs and I am in love... This year my birthday was so noticed - many well wishers and lots of gifts... And very well thoughtout ones too. Still I wear my slippers and smile every time I put them on - a major thanks Debbie. And would you believe I still haven't watched "The Green Lantern" yet (our movie player had broke and we have to wait till we get a new player) - but I love love love comicbook movies. And then there are my ladybugs - awwwww I just adore and whorship them... See?

So a big thank you to the darling people of my life for a wonderful October!! I love everything and took it all into my heart...

Well it's a love of mine - and a great little write-up (amazing people I tell ya)

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