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October 15, 2011

Happy Fall

Wow this was one fast summer I tell ya.... It's done and almost behind us and soon I'll be back to blogging again fulltime - gosh I miss you and the blogging words... How have you been is my first concern??? Have you miss us??? I doubt it - I am sure your summer fun was not put on hold for the lack of our blogs lol - one can wish!
I will add more pictures later but here is one from the other day taken in the back woods of our place!! Sure is a lot of fun up here in Idaho!!

And in a week - dear hubby will be out of work and so we are depending on the store for his winter income - so do check the stores out - we've added over 200+ items since last blogging and we aim to keep him busy this winter... Click the box below.... He is a gem at custom orders now and has over 30 customers under his belt for custom work!!

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  1. Will definitely check out your products. How long have you been RV'ers?

  2. I think I just need to go back to the idea of sending you stuff. Let me know when you are moved and ready. I have 3 huge crates full of stuff.


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