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November 30, 2011

RVers Christmas Wish

Email came in for me yesterday from a family in Kentucky. The email was about my Christmas Wish List. Every year I write one for the public in which I've always done with just a fun spirit. Well last year I received some cute wonderful gifts just from my blogs. And so when the request came asking when in the world am I going to publish my Christmas Wish List - I kinda went OMG really? I am honored and now excited and couldn't sleep last night because I was thinking.

I am told all the time I am hard to buy for. SO SO SO SO not true. I am the most simple person you'll ever encounter. Every year I have a theme (Jorge and I haven't exchange gifts in over 4 years and this year we are and so we are both like children and excited - don't worry Charity is still in our hearts and we've been doing our part - and we don't exchange gift for Christmas on Christmas for we reserve that day for our Lord. We exchange gifts on New Years)

So my theme this year is anything handmade.... My husband is loving this idea because I am his biggest fan and really as much as we craft we never craft for ourselves - you got it we always put ourselves last. My husband has a talent and I want it all around me and want everything handmade for me by him. But for my fans/friends/family who are looking to the blog for some help - here we go...

- Yarn (you can never go wrong there)
- Coffee (thank you so much Kentucky family for the bag you sent last year)
- Bumper Stickers (remember the faster I fill the back our rig the quicker I get a upgrade)
- Clothes Pins (lol for crafting)

that's it for me....

- Fabric (all this summer it's about Barbie Clothes)
- Patterns (he has like 6 so not much to work on)
- Sewing Machine Needles
- CANDY (men love food and this one takes the cake lol)

And there you have it... Oooops

- Treats
- Toys

It's always fun to see what will come - (I just got 2 packages from a Ornament exchange and a I am not sure why gift - but they were beautiful and handmade - I will talk about the Ornament Exchange at a later date - I have 15 of them I am sending out this week - took me longer to make but it was so much fun to be a part of)....

Address to be sent (so far we have 2 Christmas Cards - We love that)
Jorge & Evielynne Sanchez
110 E Center Street #1117
Madison, SD 57042

Grab Bag Crayon Roll (includes 1 crayon roll and crayons

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