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November 16, 2011

Boycott Reality TV starting with the Kardashians

First I want to say that Ms Kardashians along with the rest of the female clan are very beautiful on the outside.... But today ladies you need more then that to shine... I've followed stars lives and read a lot of bios from afar just to keep up with the In's and outs of the younger generations. And wow the idols of today are more about being on the front pages then the idols of yesterday. And what gets me is that is does nothing for human kind to worship and wish to be like these sorts of idols. At least the idols of yesterday were about the characters they played like Indiana Jone saving the world mission. Today it's about SEX and how to use it...

As I sit here knowing I have gray hair and wrinkles I can almost hear the laughter of some women saying aw it's a jealousy thing going on... A twinge yes but in reality "NO" it's about know what's right and what wrong with the simple fact that a bride would be soooo  selfish to spend 10+ million dollars on a wedding - on a flipping wedding. I understand with her status it could get expensive but the act was not with God but with the public - the contract she sign forever and for-always was for the public not to her husband or to God. That money could of helped thousand of poor people in her town.

We as a society are as much to blame as she - because she would not of been so pron to such selfish behavior if we didn't watch her show, buy her products, or give a damn on what brand of clothes she fills out. We need to get back to what's important in life - life value - human compassion, doing good for others... Of course some would say but heck now your making her more famous by trying to make her un-famous. It's not my wanting... It's seeing a young lady who has acne scars and can't afford to have it fixed and seeing that men/women/society would look down on her and look up to shallow beauty. The term beauty is the word I hope to see change in our future. Beauty being an act and not a look.

We don't watch TV any more because it has NO value - we watch hulu because we can watch all the old shows that didn't have the smut and language of today - were men wore their pants correctly (I can't tell you how often my husband want to walk up to men and pull their pants up) and women didn't have the I am better then a man get the heck out of my way because my world is about me period. I know I am being a dork with my whining - it's just wow have we become so blind to the fact that we are allowing our world to change and to put up with such lack of respect for one another for 5 minutes of fame.... What a price tag to pay?

Each of us can make a difference, we can turn off everything Kardashian on TV. Stop buying all there cheap stuff from China with a Kardashian label glued on it, and tell your friends and family to do the same.

It's not funny anymore whats going on with society nowadays. It's time to wake up and stop idolizing this family. They really only care about money and have proven this time and time again....

Head over to any of the Kardashian pages on Facebook, you will see posts that are just sad. Some of these kids are infatuated with the Kardashians. They think that family has descended from heaven or something it's just weird how the fans are over there. They post there real phone numbers and email addresses, ON THE WEB, for everyone to see in hopes that they get a call. This is the stuff that is so upsetting to see.

Boycott The Kardashians!
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  1. Well said Evie! I dont know who this person is as I dont watch TV but there are plenty of people in the UK who idolise fame, and worse, money!!!
    Here there is a culture of buy buy buy, me me me. Its so sad :(
    Thanks for this post.

  2. We pretty much stopped watching tv close to 7 years ago. There just wasn't anything on worth watching. When we lived a "regular" life I worked in a office full of woman who constantly talked about reality tv and celebrities. Drove me nuts. They finally stopped talking to me about celebrities when they realized I only watched PBS. The RV crowd is nice since you can find a majority of folks who don't worship the flashing box.

    Still don't own a real tv, just a tv tunner for our computer. Most of the time we don't even hook it up due to lack of tv reception. Hulu is the way to go.

  3. I don't watch tv much either, so I don't this either, but you are right. This type of tv is ridiculous and I feel like it ruins their lives, such as that couple with all the babies. What a mess!


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