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November 15, 2011

Public Transportation - RV folks it's Worth it

We own a 24 ft motorhome. And we don't have a toad car. And boy do we get the rudest remarks about it. But here's the thing. That's one less bill we have to worry about all together. We count our pennies unlike a lot of RV folks. Are we embarrassed by that? No because quality of life means more to us then being tied down by more bills.

*We have mountain bikes that get used alot - and so the benefit from that is, we are not over weight  - and it's a lot of fun to do...
*We enjoy the adventures that come along without having a car - like walking... No walks anymore except for when it's a hiking trail...
*We enjoy getting to meet strangers from riding the public transportation - and I am so sick of people saying "but buses are dirty" so not true and we yet to see one.

Being far from the city it can get pretty hard at times - for us it's about the fabric store... eeek thankful most of it I can order on-line if need be. But there are times when you need something on a drop of dime. And so the bus system is our answer... Where we are wintering where my husband cleans for spot it's about a 40 minute ride to the big town of "The Dalles" and so the local postal guy looked up the number for us and we made the call. The call was simple and wonderful - a spunky VERY friendly lady more then set us up. She gave us hints and locations to what we could do... Hang on it gets better!

We set up our ride (they only ride out of here twice a week Mondays & Thursdays) for a Monday.

Monday morning comes and here comes our bus (yes we have backpacks on and ready for school lol) and off we go.... OMG what an adventure - we not only got to meet some of the locals of our surronding areas but made fast friends too. No hobo's or scum sucking people - but real down to earth people who just happen to support such service because hell yes we are not the only ones counting pennies....

I think what got to my heart was watching the bus driver Larry go to town on customer service - he really did a supreme job talking to each of us on the bus and for every pick-up or drop off he either escorted the ladies down or helped load the amount of items people were buying. I was shocked!! I've had friendly bus drivers "YES" but never a mircle worker for one. From Larry's way of handling everything it was more then just a job - it was him being human in which we could all use a lesson from. He made you want to be a better person. And it's been sitting on mind ever since....

But back to the point... The public transportation supports town and it's job security too. It's way cheap - $5.00 per person each way... The more people ride the better the roads are for traveling - and sorry having someone else drive is freedom in my book. And the best yet - you find out about the area (the hidden secrets) about the best stores to go to - the best prices - food - events - even what areas need charity work done....

Take a day and just try out the bus system... It's not bad!!

I am not smiling because I get car sick easy... I need to get patches for sure!!

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  1. Evie - we travelled without a toad as well, and absolutely loved using public transit. Also, it makes so much more sense than everyone contributing to the pollution problem by each driving their own vehicle.

  2. I also travel without a toad and yes I have used public transportation just like you whenever possible. Right now I am working for Amazon in Fernley, NV and was able to get a ride from a neighbor in the park who also works there.

    It can be trying sometime when you have to unhook just to go to the grocery store, but you just learn how to stock up better.


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