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July 29, 2011

Domino's Pizza Here?

The Scenic Lodge Gate is kind of a hidden location and does not offer it's own street address. And so I had Jorge call Domino's Pizza to see if they would deliever all the way out here... And OMG (Chrissy this is just for you - OMG) they worked with us.

It was cute the young lady who came out took a male along with her for safty reason and I am so thankfull for that because it show that Domino's is a caring company. And so we had our very first pizza here. And it was sooooooo flipping good - Chicken, Bacon Ranch pizza is what we had and loved every part of it... Try it - get it - order it!!

The picture is the second time we ordered (a blogger fan sent us money to thank us for a certain blog we wrote a while ago and so we soooooo mega mega mega thank-you for the surprise request)... The entire order came up to $25.00 (that included a tip) - 1 large pizza, a order of cheesy bread and 1 liter of diet coke) and no there where no left overs - my husband can pound it away!!

This sweet lady was so sweet -
she took time to chat with Jorge
and poor Jorge was just dying to get to eating!!
We so thankyou for the donation and giving us a great memory...

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  1. Oh no! Now you will be ordering pizza all of the time!!!!!! I like Domino's cracker crust. MMMMM

  2. Glad to see that Jorge isn't suffering too much in your remote digs!


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