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July 10, 2011

How RV Folks Get Splinters Out

OUCH.... Gosh Dang it!! Yesterday I went and got myself a splinter and of course a million different ways of getting such a pain out of me and yes it was stuck in there pretty good.

There are so many way to get splinters out... Some use Elmer'sGlue and what they do is pour some on the area infected and let dry and pull. I have tried this and well maybe 40% of the time it works.... And then some people take clear nail polish and paint the splinter, let it dry and you can easily pull the splinter out with the tweezers eek not for me I try to be chemical free as much as possible.

What I like to do and have had the best luck with is - LOL BAKING SODA...

- Wash the area with soap and warm water
- Pat dry (make sure you don't rub but pat)
- Make a paste with the baking soda about teaspoon amount
- Put paste on the entire area of the location of the splinter
- And put a big bandaid on it and wait 24 hours.
And when you take bandaid off take a good look at your splinter less area and if hanging out just tweezer it out and say "Gosh I Love Evielynne" LOL hey a girl has to try to get some luvin where she can. Just a note - I am not a doctor and just giving advice on how I handle ALL of my splinters - I hate needles and the stress that goes with taking a LITTLE splinter out...
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  1. Nothing makes me pull out a knife and start carving on myself faster than a splinter, next time I'll try your idea and save myself a little trauma!

  2. Sounds like sound advise to me. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Love these two related posts on the LInky party. You are so fun!

  4. Thanks for linking up and the back link in the sidebar! Love having you are party of the Minutes for Me Party!


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