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July 9, 2011

RV Pallet Made Chair

My husband butt is so famous for breaking chairs.... His butt cost us so much money every year... LOL so one day after he made this table for the outside - I made the joke about making temp lawn furniture and his wheels in his head starting turning fast.... And so here is his chair... Again nothing fancy but I will say it's very comfy... Well in the picture you will see my husband sitting in the paid chair and the joke of the blog today is that his butt just broke the very chair he is sitting in. And NOOOOOOO my husband is not fat/heavy or anything like that. 6 ft tall and 175lbs and we just don't get it lol....

And don't mind the dishes on the table - I should had them put away first. Since we eat outside so much it just made sense to wash them outside. It works for us!! 

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  1. I love your camp furniture. Very nice.

  2. Cool! love the chair. That butt is too skinny to break chairs . . . are you sure you and the dogs aren't sitting on top of him when they break? No? Just made of lead? Gives a whole new meaning to getting the lead out!

  3. Nice chair. I love your camp setting. We love eating outside too. I think food just tastes better.

  4. I am heavy. And I broke a chair recently. In a crowd at an airshow. And got stuck down inside. So embarrassing!

    This post made me smile. :)


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