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July 31, 2011

Would you believe I am wearing a jacket right now?

It was a warm warm day today but then for weird reasons - I got chilly... And I am now wearing a spring hoodie jacket.

It's been a quiet couple of days and a lot of reading has be going on. Jorge is reading Trace by Patricia Cornwell (which I read first - an OK book but I was not happy with the way the last couple of chapters where written - to me it seemed like she was in a rush to meet a deadline). And I am reading Partner by John Grisham also a good book but the storyline is easy to figure out but still a good book.

Tomorrow we head to town about 10am (I am off because my boss is off back east - yippee)... And so I will do some work from 4am till about 7am and then off we go on our bikes... I need a good ride!! We've been kind of lacking in that department and well it's time to fly. hummmmm I am not sure if I pictures to share this go around lets see...
This was posted on our other blog - but well not everyone reads it so here we are.... This was a wonderful hike (over 10 miles that day). Our furry babies loved it... soon it will be hunting season and then it gets tricky about where we can hike. I will have to make bright scarfs for the pups so no one shoots them. And of course the bright vest gets put on us. gotta be safe when others have guns in hands....

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  1. It is so good to hear that you put bright colors on the dogs. SOmeone shot at our own dog once in our own woods. The tip of her tail was white and she was deer colored. We called the cops for them hunting illegally in our woods...but if they had gotten my baby...I just dont' even want to think of it.


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