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July 24, 2011

The Wylers on Wheels and Church


As a family, the Lord is using the Wylers on Wheels to spread the Gospel in churches and other ministries across North America. Since 1992, Evangelist Doug Wyler and his family have traveled full-time in evangelistic ministry in all 48 continental United States and Canada. Although the main focus of the Wyler's outreach is preaching the Gospel, the entire family is involved in many aspects. Every member is active in several areas of the ministry including: music, dramas, "Kids 4 Christ" program, and various other areas. Over the years, the Lord has worked mightily through their evangelistic ministry. They are ready to serve in a variety of meetings including:

I've got to tell you... this was a super great find. I have never crossed a traveling RV Church before. We have however crossed a man and his bike crossing the country to preach/share the gospel. It was an honor to have meet Warren. Due to his knee's he is currently in conversion van which makes us very happy knowing he will be safer traveling this way.

Being a day of rest and a day for some major Bible reading let me also share with you my most favorite women's Bible Blog - I sure hope all you women out there check it out and perhaps even follow!!
I hope that your all having a great summer and that you able to hit all of your Bucket List places. And for all of my RV friends - do travel safe and know that Jorge and I pray for all of you...

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  1. Hubby and I dream of a ministry such as this! It is wonderful to see the whole family working together for the Lord!

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