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August 12, 2011

How Loggers Work

How we just love Idaho folks. Truly a friendly state. While I was working today - I kept hearing this noise. And it just got louder and louder and louder. I yelled at Jorge that someone is squealing their brakes from some where - "NO" he says, "Its just the ginny".... Then Lord and behold this huge monster of a something is coming up our hill. I ran for my camera and by the time I came outside I was filming....

Well our gate is now a working gate and Jorge and I welcomed them with open arms... These two gents with STRONG Idaho accents where the coolest ever. Polite and helpful in teaching us what it takes to do this sort of thing. Yes a huge heart and strong arms.... This little toy cost $200,000.00 and goes about 3 mph if they are lucky. The gent was saying this one is one of the fastest in the state.

I had to look up LINK BELT and yes they are the best in the woods for these forestry workers. It takes some major education and a special license to run one of these little guys. So our hats off to these guys for doing what they do - and they love their job... Proud men they are!! The pictures are from last to start because as you can see from the first picture they where eager to meet Jorge. I have always been in awe of men who shake hands - shows respect! And no matter how bad Jorge's RA hurts he is one of those polite guys true and true. Something his Military Dad taught him....

From what I understand is that these guys work for Inland Paper but for this project it's for a private contractor for state land sale. They are going to use these tree they take down for telephone poles... Don't worry there is a lot of re-growing that goes on up here - they use the natural way of re planting instead of tree farm methods... The whole process is amazing!! Enjoy the pictures...

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  1. Wow!! What a machine. It's not everyday that you get to see that type of equipment going down the road. Thanks for sharing with us.


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