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August 8, 2011

Fun Trip

I love the emails I get from our bloggers... I am so sorry about blogging so much. It's not by choice it's the simple fact that our electricity source comes from a ginny which  of course requires gas and really trying to limit our budget this summer.
We are so enjoying our new job and we give the folks we work for 2-thumbs up. As long as you keep to yourself and do your job what else can you ask for????? We so love it here... The first picture was taken this morning while I was working. And all the rest are from last Tuesday when we rode our bikes to town for sight seeing and dropping off our charity crafts we had made the week prior. Enjoy and hope that all of our RV friends are doing well!!
About 20 feet from our RV

Sneaking up and let me tell you they are super QUIET

This was about 11am

Jorge taking in the view...
We do not support Bottled H2O - We love our EARTH..

And it's FREE...

They just finish getting this done - it's prettier in person

Hidden Main Street - very quiet and very pretty
No hours or advertising at all - kind of stinks...

We so wanted to see the inside but no hours or anything - and they where closed/locked

The train track above - kind of cool...

Yes it has sugar in it. But I am 95% good about not eating it - once a month maybe??

For those who think I starve Jorge - kiss my behind. We are active and that's why we are thin!!
This was so funny..
The horses would NOT come to Jorge at all

They are beautiful arn't they?
Growing up on a farm and I use to ride - well they sense that.

I could of stayed all day - but poor Jorge was pouting!!

The folks who own this property are so wonderful to us - thankyou!!
LOL so we don't get lost....

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  1. Great photos...you all sure do my kind of fun!

  2. I really enjoyed all your wonderful pics. That looks like a beautiful area.


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