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August 5, 2011

Rathdrum's Wonderful Chip and Lynne

Hello everyone!! How are you? I am doing very well - in fact I am giddy. Your asking why? Well first lets get into my work routine. I wake up Mon-Fri approx 3:30-4am and I am on the computer getting my company work files downloaded. And then from there I do research. And lots of it. I type up my facts with personal opinions and then send off to my editor who fixes my horrendous spelling and grammar errors and then off to the judge it goes. And then it's around 11am-1pm on a good day I get to call it quits....

Well because of my routine often enough I won't get to see or visit our customers that come through our gate and today is no different except Jorge my husband got to sneak off with his manager to cash his payroll check and pick up some groceries that where very much needed. So I was able to work outside while he was away.

And so while working away, a truck that had come up earlier in the morning was making it's way down the hill and very slowly (in which I so profoundly thank them for - dust is bad here) and stop to have a chat. Well the beautiful blond that sat beside the driver is one wonderful Lynne with a bundle of beautiful wild flowers - never in my life has another women ever been so kind to pick flowers for me. My husband does and hasn't in a while - ummmmm bad boy Jorge - bad boy!! And she even gave us some of her huckleberries they had gone up to pick (let me tell you I have no idea what they taste like but by the looks of the size of the berries people invest a lot of time picking them). They gave us a  whole bowl full...

What I liked about this women was that not once did she roll her eyes and had a smile on her face the entire time we spoke. Remember folks I can be scary lol... Chip her husband is someone Jorge looks forward seeing every time he makes his way up to our hill. Polite and really takes time to talk to you. I will say that anyone who takes the time to shut the engine off and step out of their vehicle has a lot of respect for man kind. There are some who'd rather scream over the roars of their engines...

They made my day - they really did... And I wanted to use my blog to share my thoughts about them. They happen to live in the very house we enjoy stalking due to their Barbados Blackbelly Sheep I had put a picture of their sheep on our pet blog but I will now post it here. We always always always stop at their property to admire their land and pets....

They have thought about doing our life style and I hope one day they do - they are wonderful people who have a lot of wonderful experience and already have a fan base in the RV world which is like 100 steps ahead of us prior to our start in this life.

So thank you Chip and Lynne for being who you are and we just adore our new friends.... Enjoy the photo's...

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  1. Meeting new people while on the road is the best part of RV'ing as far as I am concerned. Glad you were able to really get to chat with your new friends.

  2. They sound like great friends! I am glad that you have them :)


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