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August 15, 2011

Horse, Child and Great Lady

Today has been a down day for me - last night I did not sleep at all. And so this morning my husband says "Stay in bed-read-knit do what every you want because I'm taking over the RV today - lol" how great is he? He cooked, cleaned and sewed today. It was a very slow day today - I think we only had 3 people come in. It's about one of the 3 I'd like to share with you. You see our gate is so special because we are on State Land (which you can camp on for 14 days FREE - and if you buy a permit you can use IEP Land to pick berries, hunt, ride atv, ride your horse and pick mushrooms) and we are also so close to private property and have meet all of the local home area within our area. Here is one of them...
What we learned about them is that they live very close to us and don't ride up here very often because Moose and Horse do not mix - she was telling Jorge that a group of horses tied to a tree (hunters where the riders) and when they came back the horse where is terrible shape because the moose took beating action all over them. She was so cute that she was going to turn around right by the sign and head back home when Jorge said "oh my you can walk another 2 miles if you want" and so they did - maybe about a 1/2 mile - it was great joy to meet these two and to watch them. I hope they come back real soon. They thanked Jorge for taking this job and how impressed they are to have him - it use to be a very bad area with drug deals and trash and just a lot of trouble... I am always in awe of folks who take the time to thank us for what we do!! Your looking at 2 cutie angels...
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  1. I love it when you have nice visitors. And free? Gosh our state land cost $15 a night!


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