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July 6, 2009

Four Days Left!!

July 6th, 2009

I’ve been beyond frustrated in regards to the Internet and find it funny that just days before heading out we are not getting signal.

Yesterday I kept my shades down and turn the company radio off and wow crashed and slept most of the day. When Jorge came home he knew something was wrong and went straight to cooking dinner and then we headed out for a walk. And it was nice and sad all in the same breath. It’s beautiful here and we’ll miss the beauty of the land but not the ugliness of the people. I know it's harsh and yet I grieve. Only 1 person from the staff gave me the biggest hug and stated that this company has no idea what they will miss. It was not sweet music to my ears but sweet knowledge that I made a true friend and so everyone, this trip was worth it. Jorge and I are doing this for a life experience and so we got it and we can go our own ways.

As Jorge was making coffee I was watching the stress develop in his face and knew what the reason was. He still has to work until we are off. And he prepares himself for battle is the best way I can explain it. Everyday he asks if the new boss has sent an email (his way of getting support) in hopes that will give him some hope to get through the day. And the boss does send an email and the day is bearable for a little while.

I on the other hand got to chat with Gwen who has become a huge importance in my life with her beautiful words filled with God and beauty. I truly couldn’t imagine life with out her. My other dear friends are Jill and Sue both too many miles away but yet are so close with love. Sue would be my butt kicker and gives me my motivation to be productive and Jill is my family across the seas (I so envy her she has a wonderful family of every character) that will always be on my side. Don’t get me wrong I have other great friends that I get to talk to from time to time but during this time of my life these women stick out like a sore thumb and I can’t thank them enough. I hope they know when there time of need comes that I will be honored to return the favor.

I am writing this while watching the icon on my computer trying to connect and I have my shade down again that is facing our neighbor who works here and I just don’t want to be reminded so I hide yet again. But we only have four more days. I wish for the days to hurry so that I can be with my best friend and we get to hang out and have a good time. I hope tonight we end of playing cards – it’s been awhile since Jorge had a good butt kicking but hey tonight might be his night to win. Either way it will be fun.

I don’t know if I’ll get any computer time today so I apologize for the delay of however long it takes me to post this on my blog.

I noticed that every time someone clicks on my ad listing I get paid for. And the last time I was on-line I got a notice of payment put in my paypal. So thank you everyone for clicking on the links to help support us. Now we are a one-paycheck family so I depend on the Internet world to help make up the lost income we are losing. That’s why Tupperware and Pet Walking are so important. Cross your fingers for us. Ok long enough blog and I will chat you all soon – this I am sure of!! Thinking of you and hoping you’re all doing well? Drop us a line to let us know you read this. Often I wonder just who reads this blog lol….

Oh here are some pics from the 4th!!


  1. Hi Evie & Jorge

    Of course we read your blog....and we are counting down the days with you.

    Love Jill & Harry

  2. Hi Its Carol, Jill's daughter. I read sporadically; I tend to miss loads then have a mammouth catch up. My husband, Graham, said he pops by when he gets time too.
    Counting the days down with you. :o)


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