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July 1, 2009

It's offical.... We are leaving Mount Shasta

Today is the start to a new beginning. Jorge had FINALLY had a chance to sit down with the General Manager and Facility Manager to hand in his 2 week notice (well week and 1/2 notice).

I can now say out loud that we will be heading to our new job location - where Jorge will be in charge of 2 campgrounds in the Lee Vining area. We love the new boss a lot and has EXCELLENT communication skills and has said to Jorge already a number of times that he (Jorge) does not work for him but with him. And the amount of respect that he has for Jorge puts a huge smile on my face which has been missing for some time now.

I have alopecia which is a hair loss due stress and I have been losing a great deal of hair and my sugar level have been going stir crazy. Being a diabetic type 1 I normally run on the high side but when in stressed it can be 43 one minute and shoot sky high. Safety zones for levels are 70-120 and I haven't been in this safety zone for awhile. Well my husband has decided enough is enough.

I'm excited about leaving but I am also very sad - sad because I had hope to make a difference in working there but we are walking away beaten but more knowledgeable of the do's and don'ts. There are a couple of people I will really miss. Like Linda and Ray locals who have been the sweetest people of all time. I will miss just a handful of people from the campground like Shirley, Van, Lenard, Rodney and Yvette. The rest I wish them farewell and best of luck with their life long decision to be who they are. They are true STARS (personal pun).

Where we are going is beautiful and more in my old stomping ground (I use to live in Oakhurst). It's a more reserve area and less attractions but the great news for us is we'll save more money for we were always heading the restaurant and the store located on the campground at Siskiyou spending money that we so had worked hard for.

I've started a couple of on-line business ventures to make some extra cash seeing I won't be working with Jorge. And I am proud of Jorge he thought of the whole Tupperware thing on his own - and has a already wish list of Tupperware he wants. Too funny.

So long as it doesn't cost a whole lot of money getting to Lee Vining I should have my new camera so I can snap pictures like crazy and post on the blog. We really haven't taken much pictures here - I think because it's been so full of drama we just don't want the memories. Although I am putting Jorge's picture of his big catch of the day from the other day - lol.... So what do you think? A family of 5 could share this fish....

Well Mount Shasta employee's if your reading this blog I might of sparked a sour face from you - but know that you did teach us something and that is to cherish the good which is in everyone and we do hold that dear to our hearts. And what goes around does come around. We do not wish harm but hope that all find peace within themselves and are able to look in the mirror and say to themselves I am a good person and who shall I smile to first today. And maybe one day it could be us!! What a blessing that would be.... Best of luck!! And best luck to the new managers that will replace us. Go get them STAR - YOU WIN!! And thank you so very much for the finger that was held up to wish us luck - such class!!


1 comment:

  1. Hi Evie, sounds like you are moving on to much greener pastures- good luck with it all.

    I LOVE tupperware so much :o)


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