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July 15, 2009

June Lake Loop Campground - the best workers EVER

I am breathing a sigh of relief. I am breathing in the wonderful scents of sage bush. I am so thankful of for the new company Jorge will be working for. I’ll explain in details as I move along in this blog.

July 11, 2009 we left Milford, CA freshly showered and fully fed and a couple of bundles of joy knowing we made the right decision. We get to Carson City where I have my list in hand and we head into Wal-Mart for our very large shopping trip. It’s very funny to see Jorge cringe a bit. So I have budget for 3 months of food and all of our supplies we will need for Lee Vining Campground for the next 3 months. The bill at Wal-Mart totals $437 and some change and Jorge’s face turns white. Now I on the other hand am super excited because it you divide that into 3 (for the 3 months) that’s only $164.00 per month that I’ve spent and that’s a huge savings on my part – something like $600 savings. It was so cute we had a beautiful young cashier who should not be working at Wal-Mart but as a model was a trooper during the whole process, after all we had 2 large carts full and the crowd behind us where not so nice. Jorge was a little upset with them for 1 cart was full of material supplies in which is used for my charity work for MS.
And then we load the RV and stand there shocked at the fact that it even fit to begin with. After that moment passes we head for the road once again. It’s then that Jorge suggest we stop at the nearest campground so that we can rest and enjoy what’s left of the day. So 4 hours pass and we passed nearly 10 campgrounds and we didn’t get that I have to stay here for the night feeling. And then we find the campground called Mono Vista RV Park located in Lee Vining. I know, I know this was our destination. It’s a beautiful little campground in which they take the best care of their grounds. Everything was so green and full of beautiful flowers. If any of my friends ever come to this area, it’s a great place to park for the night or couple of nights. Now when we got there they had no open spots but they offered us an overflow spot for just $20.
So we park and play for the afternoon. We head into town by foot and visit the visitor center to see how many campgrounds are in the area in which Jorge will be in working in. And to our surprise a lot of camps are near by. But because California is in a financial crisis they have started to close some of the campgrounds down – 2 in our area for sure. And then of course we head for ice cream our $6.00 apiece ice cream. And then by the time we head back after our walk through town it’s time to call it a night. Jorge and I are trying to get to bed a bit earlier and awake earlier to help curve the use of our power in the RV. Seems to be working like a charm.

July 12, 2009

Now this day is full of adventure to a tee. We awake very early and head back into town for coffee. And then we head down to the local park where they are getting ready for a money tournament in softball and there are about 14 teams present. The one thing I did notice a lot with the locals is that they are not friendly. We encounter strange face expressions whenever I said hello or good-morning. It’s very sad to say the least to see this type of attitude in such a beautiful town. We head back and take our morning shower and then head off. Its only 10 miles to Jorge’s will be working. And OMG we have to climb 8% grade, which is the worst we’ve ever climbed. And the stress began. We make it to the top and decide to stay at the campground Jorge will be working at. The location spot that I choice to stay at was way to difficult to get the RV into. So we decided to head to 2 campgrounds below.

I sure wish I could remember the camp host name but I can tell you he reminded me of Uncle Jesse of the Dukes of Hazards show. The bluest eyes you’d ever seen. And so friendly too and told us since Jorge will be working that we get to stay for as long as we want for FREE. Now of course your thinking wow CLM is cool but this is nothing. I decided not to unpack a thing because I just had a funny feeling. So I manage to cook lunch of chili and re-fried beans on rolls. Yes we both paid the price much later in the day but I won’t go into those details for our followers of this blog. Wouldn’t want to embarrass us.
So about 2 hours later a simple man in a State Forest Truck pulls up and come to find out it’s Jorge’s boss. Jim is his name and he chats up a storm and offers us a place in June Loop at a campground called Oh Ridge. It has electric and water. I say oh yes when can we go? We left within 5 minutes. So back down this monstrous hill that scared us more coming down then coming up. We were so stress that we did not enjoy the spectacular view as we did coming up. I could vision our brakes burning and then going over the cliff and that my friends was FEAR. We do make it down and now we each have more gray hairs after that adventure. And we make it to the campground. And the very first person we meet is a sweet sassy gal Bonnie who I will love for life. And then we also meet Chris the wife of Jorge’s boss and you can tell that they are a team not only in marriage but in work also. Super great people who could teach Mount Shasta Campground employees a thing or two. So we chat up a storm and then within 10 minutes we are invited to a party. I was so shocked that there are really truly good people out there in this world. Mount Shasta you should be ashamed of yourselves.

This is all I had time to write and post but well update Friday!!

We are so flipping happy and know in our hearts we made the right choice. The employees are WONDERFUL and full of respect and even made time to get to know us!! We couldn't pick a better place to work for!!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Evie & Jorge

    Glad you have arrived safely at your new place, great to hear you are happy once again.

    We wish you well

    Love Jill & Harry


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