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July 7, 2009

We sold our car BUT that's not the best news of the day!!


So this wonderful guy name Ron bought our car. I really hope it works out for him and that he tinkers all the bad out of it. It's a funny story about that car. Jorge had bought it from the car dealer he worked at and his wife at the time of 25 years coned him into signing it over to her because Jorge drove a company car. And so when it was time for a D.I.V.O.R.C.E she wanted him to buy it back for $5000. I told him to tell her to jump off a bridge. So anyways without going into to much details I told him to take the car and give her everything else if he truly wanted to be free of her. And it didn't take to much for him to realize it's just material and if he really wanted a another house he could get one he'd have to just work really hard but it would be his. So it was a no brainier and she got EVERYTHING. But in the end he really won..... But to get to the point it was the only thing left from the marriage and so it was sad to see the car go because boy that car really took us places we never dreamed a car could get too (trails people, trails, gosh get your mind out of the gutter LOL).

So after the car got towed out of here, I jumped on my emails and there was an email from an MS Patient and she was requested one of my blankets - and I become very emotional and honored. And then after responding to her email I jumped onto my group and another blessing was waiting for me there. 3 new members. I did it. I'm doing something good and it feels GREAT! My brother would be so proud of me right now and I can see him smiling down!! This is the start to his dream and I get to live it out for him. I keep hitting the in-box hoping she'll write back to me today to tell me what colors she'd like so I can get started.

I had to thank my two good friends who have heard me whine, cry, shout, and just get really emotional in the last 2 months and they even signed up as crafting volunteers. I wanted this to happen so bad but wasn't sure how to begin and who to reach out to. But with patients and the Internet we are starting to reach out and now it's starting to come together. And now that I am home full time my time will be used to do wonderful blankets for all my new friends who have MS.

I'm so happy and that has not been an easy thing to be these days. I took a lot of time and just spoke to God and ponder things out and asked for forgiveness for the ill I feel in my heart and asked for strength to let go. And my answer came today. It's my will to make some smiles and I've always been known to be funny and too be there for when anyone ever asked of me. I some how lost that and I'm getting that back. There are worse things out there that people deal with then what I have been whining about. OK so I beat myself up enough. Now I must go check my in-box for the email that will allow me to help. Imagine me make a Granny Square Blanket for someone? That in itself is a miracle. Right campground_crafters? LOL


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